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  • Reply to: Imker wants new tax to fix PTC problems he helped create   1 day 4 hours ago

    He just won't go away

  • Reply to: Flag to wave for Wilksmoor bridge   1 day 5 hours ago

    They just fixed the curbs on the southern half of Macduff... it's not the residents destroying them... it's the lost semis going to Walmart and HomeDepot speeding though the neighborhood at 1 am busting the curbs on a regular basis.
    The city needs a no thru truck ordinance for MacDuff especially when it opens to GA74. These trucks are tearing up curbs and lawns on Macduff and the Centennial neighborhood.
    Also we need raised speed tables on the existing MacDuff Drive before this becomes a speedway... I see people blow through the stop signs everyday...

  • Reply to: Imker wants new tax to fix PTC problems he helped create   1 day 7 hours ago
    Husband and Father of 2

    Neil, smart people invest in the downturn.
    We unfortunetly, have politicians who make decisions based on if it will get them re-elected instead of what's best for the community.
     We could have gotten so much done on a dime.  

  • Reply to: Imker wants new tax to fix PTC problems he helped create   1 day 7 hours ago

    95% of Georgia or 152 out of 159 counties have ATLEAST a 1% SPLOST. To follow the arguement above, we should be are attracting businesses right and left and we are not. Why? I have posed it might have something to do with our substandard infrastructure, but to go further after Mr. Haddix and Mr. Imker have raised the idea of cost. Both in Fayette County and in PTC we have deferred maintenece, and failed to build a budget that covers cost without using reserves. We cannot expect to have a high end planned community and not pay for it. Does that mean we spend blindly? no. But the concept of deferring costs into the future waiting for "better times" does not work either.

  • Reply to: Imker wants new tax to fix PTC problems he helped create   1 day 7 hours ago

    Oh no,  not again...

  • Reply to: Remembering Pearl Harbor at 75   1 day 9 hours ago
    Stranger than Fiction

    Donald Stratton's story is an honorable one that I hope will be heard by many. The sacrifices made by our WWII soldiers and the civilians at home in the war effort was tremendous and deserves every accolade.

    While chiding our culture today, Mr. Thomas glosses over several realities that separate the U.S. now from that of 1941. As Mr. Stratton admits, he joined the navy to escape the dismal job prospects of the Great Depression rather than to save the world. Also, he had the good fortune to be involved in a just war with clear objectives agreed upon by everyone. Besides brief military actions like Desert Storm I, our generation of Americans has been sent on wars that were largely chasing our tails around in other countries' civil or religious conflicts. We have never been asked to stop our regular lives in order to join a total war effort. Instead, we wage unwinnable war after war while being told we can lower our taxes rather than sacrifice for our fighting military.

    Mr. Thomas may have some valid points about our culture, but he proves nothing here with his false equivalency.

  • Reply to: Grandchildren of the ’60s   1 day 9 hours ago
    Stranger than Fiction

    While touting conservative Christian colleges for their adherence to "rigor," Dr. Tilford conveniently omits much of the context for the student protests in the spring of 1968. Certainly Dr. King's assassination by a white supremacist enraged decent people everywhere, but the Tet offensive in early 1968 made it clear that the United States would never win the war in Vietnam. President Johnson understood this and dropped out of the presidential race in March, but he did not have the guts to remove our soldiers from the quagmire. The same cohort that was being killed needlessly in Southeast Asia had to speak out against the slaughter and insanity. The old men making policy acted with heartless impunity.

    Tilford can revise history and deceive his students today who attend substandard colleges, but he can't confuse the many who lived through the turbulent year of 1968.

  • Reply to: Grandchildren of the ’60s   1 day 13 hours ago

    I think you watch to much TV, sure on the TV news they'll be all too happy to show you a protest of angry young people, stomping their feet, holding their breathe, folding their arms and yelling NO ,,I HATE YOU. but what's funny is the TV news cameras re never on when a VAST LARGER NUMBER of their peers show up to bring them dogs to pet Hot Coco, and fluffy bunnies to play with. So that they might not stress out over just how ill prepared for life they just realized they are

  • Reply to: Grandchildren of the ’60s   1 day 21 hours ago

    The protests of the sixties changed America in many ways, mostly for the better.  We are a far more inclusive society now than we were back then, with more opportuity, though we still have a long way to go.
    I'm very impressed by the current crop of millenial activists.  If you think they'll drop out after inauguration day you are sadly mistaken.  I've worked with these kids and they are incredibly idealist and they want to build a better world and they know that it is possible if we have the courage and political will to make it so.

  • Reply to: Rescue the elites with Supervoter   1 day 21 hours ago

    Hmmmm..interesting idea..priveleging voters according to their academic pedigree.  There is ample precedent in our founders who priveleged race, gender, and economic class.
    But no, given the perverse egalitarian direction of our society for the past couple hundred years this probaly won't work..
    Far better to abolish the Electoral College since this directly addresses the issue that Hillary ACTUALLY WON THE ELECTION BY TWO AND A HALF MILLION VOTES...
    Yeah...there's that.

  • Reply to: Imker wants new tax to fix PTC problems he helped create   1 day 23 hours ago
    dar thompson

    Don- While I do agree on some of your points, I emphatically disagree with your position on a 2% increase in hotel/motel tax. I actually pushed this agenda over 10 years ago. This is an economic driver that does not effect our citizens or taxpayers. The hotel/motel tax generates added revenue for the city that would not otherwise exist. Another area that is imperative is a SPLOST (opposed to a large millage increase) will provide a much greeater avenue of comfort for businesses and those who own commercial property. One must realize that the amount of money...taxes collected by homeowners is barely a blimp as it relates to the overall taxes/money collected by the local government. Commercial property, Retail, and Industrial property, and the business within provide the majority share of the tax base we receive. If we are comparing a SPLOST with an actually millage increase...apples to apples...a SPLOST will create a larger benefit and will cost the taxpayers less. Businesses and corporations don't pick up and move for a SPLOST but a millage increase may cause them to look elsewhere. One (not referring to you) must have a true grasp of economics to see the long-term linear picture. There is, or can be, a huge cause and effect here.   

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