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  • Reply to: An unexpected, unwarranted $200 golf cart fee   1 day 20 hours ago

    The Peoples Republic of California is trying to institute a milage tax because so many folks have hybrids, electric cars and low mpg vehicles that it has impacted the revenues fro the gas tax.

  • Reply to: Dual enrollment’ to take new direction in Fayette   1 day 20 hours ago

    barndad-Engineering and shop
    I agree "culinary arts" is almost like the "movie" careers that they are pushing with Pinewood. You might get a job but only a few will really succeed. Electricians, Plumbers, HVAC, Carpentry. I know my HVAC guy is just a kid and started his own business and has hired a vet and is giving him on the job training. Sometimes it is hard because the business ebbs and flows but it is his own business. I would rather give my business to the little start up than the BIG corporations. We can't off-source things like these.

  • Reply to: Questions about at-large voting   1 day 23 hours ago

    Dawn go away, you're too good for us. Yea, I know those aren't the exact words, but I sure don't want to offend anyone.


    Dawn, you may be wrong about the points the other lady raised and your questions being interesting, but there sure are a lot of them.  You seem very frightened about something and grasping at straws to justify district voting. #23 is intriguing and not just because you used the words "recalled" and "Steve Brown" in the same sentence. So, along those lines, here are 2 questions for you. You get to be the judge. Name of the  game is what would you do. Judges don't get to play what if with 23 questions they have to make a decicision. And in this case, there are only 2 decisions - three if the popular legal manuever of kick the can down the road is used.


    So Judge Dawn, here are your choices:
    #1 Have a district only election among district #5 candidates in September.
    #2 Have the entire county vote on district #5 candidates in September
    #3 Delay a decision until Judge Batten has his bench trial and then have an election under those rules.
    If you pick #1 and a black Democrat is elected and Judge Batten upholds his own ruling (Duh) then everybody is happy and no more lawsuit.


    If you pick #2 and get a black Democrat, same result.
    But if you pick #2 and get a conservative person of color like Bonnie Willis (I know she can't run, but as an example) what will you do? Sue for a do-over because of idealology? Makes the NAACP look pretty stupid suing to replace a black person, don't you think?


    And what happens if you pick #2 (using the factual argument that this is current law until it is changed) and Judge Batten upholds himself. Does the white equivilent of the NAACP then sue and clamor for a new election? Answer no, that would not be a classy move.


    Tough being a judge, isn't it?

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