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  • Reply to: Peachtree City's Hwys. 54-74 intersection to be reconstructed in 2020   1 day 27 min ago

    We also need to widen TDK Boulevard with a bridge to Coweta, plus open other road connections to east Coweta County, that way we would avoid the heavy concentration of traffic flowing to and from that area on Hwy 54. We need some thinking power in our County commission and city hall.

  • Reply to: 2 days, 2 Waffle House robberies   1 day 32 min ago

    We need to build a wall in the county line at Clayton County

  • Reply to: Most ‘unverified’ students: FCHS, SCHS   1 day 48 min ago

    Being a graduate of SMHS c/o 2000 (charter class), I can testify that this has been going on since my freshman year at McIntosh.  Before that, I saw out of county tags when I was attending WMS.  I moved back to Peachtree City to raise a family and have loved every minute of being here.  My daughter loves Peeple's and so do I.  I hope that she will graduate from SMHS like I did.  If things don't change, as I fear they will not, I will be forced to look elsewhere or put my daughter in private school.  Her education is too important for me to sit idly by and let others compromise it.  If it takes expelling illegal students from our schools, let's not wait until mid-December to do it.

  • Reply to: Most ‘unverified’ students: FCHS, SCHS   1 day 50 min ago

    Agreed.  I'm very much in favor of the tax dollars following the child.  It would put school choice in the hands of the parents.  And as far as  being fortunate, I am.  I'm also fortunate to have an awesome wife who will move, if need be, to a school district or private school that will provide my daughter with an exceptional education.

  • Reply to: Most ‘unverified’ students: FCHS, SCHS   1 day 1 hour ago

    The failure of the education establishment, a system that subjugates children to the selfish interest of the education industry, is criminal.  More so than a parent sending a child across the county line.
    Vote for Amendment 1. 

  • Reply to: Most ‘unverified’ students: FCHS, SCHS   1 day 1 hour ago

    "I will be forced to look elsewhere or put my daughter in private school.  Her education is too important..."

    Poolshark, you are fortunate to have the option to choose the school your daughter attends.  Some parents aren't.  Perhaps the parents of the "unverified" are taking the same action as you, albeit, somewhat illegally, by crossing over the (county) line.

    School choice is the answer.  Give the education tax dollars directly to the parents, and let the parent spend those dollars on their choice of schools.

    Vote for Amendment 1.  If it fails then maybe, as Henry David Thoreau  espoused in regard to slavery, now is the time for resistance to civil government, e.g., more unverifies marching to the schools of their choice.  The failure of the education establishment, a system that subjugates children to the selfish interest of the education industry, is criminal.  More so than a parent sending a child across the county line.

  • Reply to: Fayette Chamber, local leaders tour sites in South Carolina   1 day 1 hour ago
    Husband and Father of 2

    Dar, you run a successful business.  Did anyone try to recruit you to join the Vision group?  I am betting that they did not, because I don't think they would want someone outspoken or would question their motives.
    Do we need to grow.?  Absolutely.  Can we live with pockets of higher density.  Yes.  Do we need to sacrifice our standards like the costs for sprinklers to do this? No.  Do we need to have the infrastructure and a plan, YES.  We're just flying on a wing and prayer.
    I have yet to hear anything from Vision with an out of the box thought.  I see a lot of copy and paste from other cities.  Where is our originality that will compliment our existing elements and way of life.  

  • Reply to: Fayette Chamber, local leaders tour sites in South Carolina   1 day 2 hours ago
    dar thompson

    H&F- You make very valid points!!! And, I agree with you. There is a fine line between too high density and too low density...there is a sweet spot in their somewhere. If you are not growing you are dying, but there has to be the right kind of growth and controlled growth to maintain the "protecting the past while looking to the future" mentality. In hope to write some srticles in the upcoming months that IMO offer "out of the box" thinking and prosperity for our citizens and our community without compromising our assets and quality of life. 

  • Reply to: Slow down Redwine Road Speedway before tragedy hits   1 day 2 hours ago

    You don't have to worry about one thing.  The 9 members of the WWC hoa board have decided that it's their responsibility to "eradicate" the deer population for Fayette County.  They want to give Wildlife Services permission to use "high powered" rifles with "surpressors" (silencers) to hunt deer in people's back yard.

  • Reply to: Big paving project next spring   1 day 3 hours ago

    when will west 54 get landscapping like the rest of the city?

  • Reply to: Peachtree City's Hwys. 54-74 intersection to be reconstructed in 2020   1 day 3 hours ago

    I have suggested to the city that they widen Huddleston and Dividend drive to 4 lanes with a center island. There is plenty of room to have turn lanes and an added golf cart path. Plus it should help alleviate a large amount of rush hour traffic going to the industrial village.  They would have to rework the intersection with Pachal with a round-a-bout to keep the flow moving.  Once upon a time fulton court was to go through to Planterra where another round-a-bout could be accessed. Time for PTC to be forward thinking and prepare...

  • Reply to: Most ‘unverified’ students: FCHS, SCHS   1 day 5 hours ago

    As a county school tax payer, they should be out of our schools.  Period. I see zero need for further delay.  And yes, a bill should go with them prorated for the days they were in school illegally. 

  • Reply to: Where deer meet people — at highway speeds   1 day 6 hours ago
    Husband and Father of 2

    I don't think there is anything to worry about, Love Fayette.  It does not appear that the BOC or law enforcement will be standing behind the elite, who think they call the shots.  (pun intended).  It all probably started at a house party with a few inebriated housewives complaining about the deer nibbling on their bushes, and escalated to the big shot whpped husbands who told them we will pay to take care of it and save your BMW's from being hit, while you are talking on the phone about your tennis game while driving back from the club.

  • Reply to: Dirty tricks, then and now   1 day 9 hours ago

    Jeff C
    First thanks for that list you did supply, Second, I keep reffering to A2S1C2 as there's some questionable names on the list. Now this is where this came from,,,,I was talking to a friend about this election, and we were talking about the EC, and what possibilites could occur, in the middle of the conversation it dawned on me (and the person I was talking to at the same instant) We don't know WHO these EC folks are, we didn't  even know HOW they got to be EC, which was terribly embarrassing to someone who thinks he is a well informed Citizen, and tries to stay on top of things,,,So if I came off "hastey" sorry about that, For me it was a matter of urgency (I don't like not knowing something that IS this important) ,,Anyway, Thanks Again for your help. I'm thinking the EC "hidden information" in Ga needs to be addressed YESTERDAY as it were   

  • Reply to: Fayette Chamber, local leaders tour sites in South Carolina   1 day 12 hours ago
    Husband and Father of 2

    Dar, you make a smart analysis.  Good leaders hire or seek advise from people who are smarter or more successful.   Being a good leader means surrounding yourself with better people, who challenge you. What we've seen from this vision group though is a group without a vision.  They've done nothing but throw things at a wall, hoping it sticks.  Ideas like an art center that have been done before with limited success.  How many art centers can an area support?  What would make ours stand out and gain market share?  They never even had a business plan before they tried to push the failed agenda.  Everyone saw this, but no one challenged whoever was pushing this agenda, and it failed, miserably.  Our city leaders didn't even question this.  
    We have so many smart, successful people that travel every day outside the county to work.  Why is no one who doesn't work in the county in this group.  Why is the group limited to the local COC and civic groups?  Why does the BOC and city leaders help finance this insecular group?  This could have been advertised and interviews held to supplement the local yokels who pat each other on the back instead of challenging one another?  
    Why are they pushing high density like every other failed community?   Did the people in the county move here because they liked what Atlanta, Cobb, or DeKalb have to offer?  Why can't we be unique?   There's just no one thinking outside the box,  all we've done is copy other cities, who actually started trends.  We're just 15 years behind.  Leverage something from one of our strengths and develop something unique.  Redevelop or add infrastructure for more corporate business and industry to enhance our tax base and job choices.
    This vision group is a huge disappointment compared to the last one that brought us a hospital that has grown, provided good jobs, and permitted people to get good healthcare locally.  Why don't we have people with that type of vision?

  • Reply to: Fayette Chamber, local leaders tour sites in South Carolina   1 day 13 hours ago
    dar thompson

    It is good to know that leaders in our community undertand how important it is to visit other successful communities and ask ALL the imporatnat questions such as; why are you so successful and what changes were made to accomplish such goals. This is the component which has vastly been missed by our leaders over the past 16 years. The inherit problem here is that those at the top actually think we are a are not a bubble, there is no bubble, and if someone doesn't grasp that concept we are in big trouble over the long-term. The number one complaint I've always had with our local government is that they do not seek council from those who have been successful and from those who have a wealth of knowledge. We bury our heads in the sand and think we know-it-all. There will be many here who do not agree with me, but we are lacking in our vision, and assuming there is a vision, there is no follow-through. The "Arts" are important, "Recreation" is important, "Sports" infrastructure is important, and the list goes on. Someone needs to explain to me why we do not have a top-notch aquatic center. There is no excuse why the "County" the "Board of Education", and PTC cannot make this happen. It's inexcusable. When you have a group willing to donate 4 MM (four-million dollars) to propose a sports structure and cannot even get a conversation, that is inexcusable. I have no problem with such a venture being declined but to not even investigate the merits and have an understanding to the dynamics of such a venture is simply inexcusable. PTC should be knocking it out of the park but we cannot even get out of the batters-box. What will we lcreate for our citizens and what will we endure for the benefit to all of our citizens, both present and future?  

  • Reply to: Dirty tricks, then and now   1 day 14 hours ago

    I still don’t get what is the myth. Nor do I get why you keep posting Article 2? Yes, that is the process established by the Constitution.  What is the question you are answering by posting Article 2? If you are asking why Georgia’s list is not readily available, I believe I have said quite plainly that I don’t know.  For every other state, I gave you a source listing the names of every elector named by each political party.  My curiosity was aroused when I found out that Georgia is the only state not in the national list I cited.

    If trump wins, Electors selected at the Rs convention will vote in the Electoral College. If Hillary wins, Electors selected at the Ds convention will vote The Secretary of State and the political party bigwigs obviously know who their state electors are. Ask them.

  • Reply to: Dirty tricks, then and now   1 day 14 hours ago

    I gave a source that lists every Elector in the United States for every party in every state except Georgia. The SecState in every state is responsible for managing and certifying the elections. I just meant for some reason that I don’t know, the Republican SecState of Ga is not giving out that information, making Ga the only state for which the list is not available. Why? I don’t know.
    I am baffled as to how that could be interpreted to imply that I think that there is a bias in the Ga. electoral process or that it could invoke sympathy for Ga’s hapless Dems but I assure you that neither motive was considered.
    As it happens, I did see Megyn and Newt. I looked it up after all my MSM sources wrote about Megyn tearing Newt a new one. And she did. You described her comments as “her off the rails sniping at dear Newt”. Off the rails because she wasn’t buying Newt’s crap? Why, the gall of that nasty women! She should know her place, right?
    I was most interested in your characterization of Bill Clinton as the “true sexual predator's wife candidate”, implying, of course, that Trump is not a sexual predator. He now has 14 different accusers, six of which have at least four witnesses each corroborating that they were told the story about Trump’s assaults at the time. Four more accusers have two witnesses each saying they were told about Trump’s assaults at the time. The woman from People Magazine wrote about it. Several of the Miss Teen America pageant girls complained when Trump kept coming into their dressing room between skits when he knew they would be undressed and changing clothes. Trump is calling them liars now but when he was on Howard Stern’s show he told Stern how he could just stop by the dressing rooms whenever he wanted and he would walk in and say “Don’t worry about it ladies, I’ve seen it all before.” You heard him on bus. And that wasn’t locker room talk. I’ve never heard anybody talk like that in a locker room and I bet you never have either. And I might also note that they were not in a locker room. They were at work. So let’s be real about who is a “true sexual predator”. Trump is. Don’t believe me just because I’m saying it. Believe yourself. You know when Trump calls those women liars that he is lying through his teeth and you know that Trump did all of the things those women are accusing him of and more. Don’t you? Sure you do. Yeah. It is what it is.
    And that is why the Bill Clinton as sexual predator attack doesn’t work. The actual candidate’s actions now have much more gravitas than 20 and 30 year ago stuff about Bill and every time Bill is brought up it leads the conversational thread back to Trump. Trump’s predations and attitude towards women probably does bias Megyn against Trump but that is not necessarily the same as Megyn having a bias toward Clinton.
    Sorry to be so long and meandering but as a reward, I’ll give you a factoid about the infamous Trump on the bus video that you can use to never have to hear Trump on that video again in that you can either legitimately shout over and thereby drown out the TV or mute it so that you can tell anyone around you this interesting thing. Okay, after the bus enters the studio parking lot and just after Trump says his grabbing comments, the bus turns the corner and parks. As the bus turns, in the background, is this beautiful old car. That is one of Jay Leno’s antique cars parked in Jay Leno’s actual parking place right beside the studio door. Jay parked a different one of his cars there every day each year.

  • Reply to: Where deer meet people — at highway speeds   1 day 15 hours ago

    Some questions that need to be answered.

    When did it become WWC’s responsibility to manage Fayette County’s deer population?
    If the WWC hoa takes responsibility for managing deer, are they opening themselves to liability every time someone hits a dear in Fayette County.  This is not an hoa issue.
    Why does the WWC 9 board members not let the residents of WWC decide? Why did they conceal the vote so they could get the results they wanted?
    When did the 9 board members decide to spend over $5k per year of homeowners dues to pay for this issue is a good idea?  This should be part of the WWC planned budget item.
    Why does the 9 WWC board members feel I don’t have a right to watch and enjoy the deer?  Are your flowers more important than the enjoyment my family enjoys watching a deer family?
    Is the WWC hoa insurance company willing to accept liability for any accidents that may occur when Wildlife Services uses high powered rifles in people’s back yards?
    Why does WWC board continue to say they can do this when the Fayette County Marshall says he will not approve an exemption of Fayette’s firearm restrictions?
    Why won’t the WWC board release the voting results to homeowners?
    If the deer are gone what happens to the fox and coyote population?  Do these natural predators then look for cats and dogs?  Once that happens, does the WWC hoa now have to “eradicate” the fox and coyote population?  Once these animals are gone what will we do with the squirrel population?  And it goes on and on.  Bottom line, nature only supports what nature can support.  WWC board, get a life.  Listen to the people.

  • Reply to: Dirty tricks, then and now   1 day 15 hours ago

    I haven't forgotten my project or to call A.B. myself.  I'm in over-my-head until after mid- December.  It's everything I can do to occassionally see what's going on the blog.

  • Reply to: It's almost over!   1 day 15 hours ago

    It is historic becuase Trump and the GoP worked with Assange and Wkikleaks and Putin and Russan hacker to discredit their opponet with stolen e--mails.     Embarrassingly corrupt.    
    istoric in the Hillary Clinton,   life time of public service and advocacy that the GoP propoganda machine could dent but not destroy.   Even with Assange and Putin.  
    And let's face it,  if the Democrats are so bad and for 3 elections in a row you cannot find a formula t obeat them,  what does it say about your game.   Nothing good is what it says about your game.   Nothing good. 
    In 2016 I think of GoP loyal like lemmings going off the cliff.   Just following the butt in front of them,  right on over,  weeee. It is not the fall,  it is the landing. 
    No doubt Hillary will go down as one of the most important Presidents in the istory of America.   
    And let's face it after running the gauntlet of GoP porpoganda,   she earned it. 
    We all know Don Trump could not stand up to the beatings HIllary Clinton took atthe hands of the GoP.  And what godo did it do them.   
    They stand proud,  defiant,  impotent in the corner spouting biule and hate.   Crying,  Whining,  singing the blues,    not leading. 

  • Reply to: Simple Trump test: Release tax returns   1 day 16 hours ago

    Release the tax returns.  That is a pretty low bar t oget over for President of the USA.   Too high for Trump. It means the release ofte returns is more toxic that keeping  them hidden.    
    Trump is a large print candidate.    The tax returns are te fine print.   Read te fine print before you buy,  not after. 

  • Reply to: Vote Trump for the good of our country   1 day 16 hours ago

    Don trump is endorsed by the American Nazi Party.  You you are a woman,   and he thinks you are not ugly,  he wants to grab your crotch.    Sure -  go ahead  vote for Trump. . 

  • Reply to: For the left, the masses are their path to power   1 day 16 hours ago

    Don Trump is enthusiastically endorsed by the American Nazi Party

  • Reply to: Most ‘unverified’ students: FCHS, SCHS   1 day 16 hours ago

    You are right.  Grandparents are allowed to register children they care for in counties in which they live.  I think many of them think this is not allowed, so they think they are working around the system, but if they just come clean it is fine.

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