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  • Reply to: Illinois couple charged in their child's drowning death in PTC   1 day 9 hours ago

    Water doesn't kill children JJ - cracked up parents kill children.

  • Reply to: A commissioner struggles just to add an agenda item   1 day 10 hours ago

    Picking on Mudcat
    (only because I KNOW you can take it and respond with reason rather than personal attacks)
    What I'm hearing you say, is EXACTLY what a HUGE NUMBER of people do. We judge others by our first impressions, of how we thought about someone YEARS ago, we tend to believe "I" changed for the better, "I'm" not the person "I" was 30 years ago, but Carl Luke and Debbie, their just _________ and "we" base that not on recent examples form Carl Luke and Debbie, but from what we remember them being YEARS ago (when in fact "we"  30. years ago were JUST LIKE THEM. Think about John, ya know the one you graduated high school with,, I'd bet my saddle he is NOT the guy you thought about and remembered, yet if asked about him, the teenager is what someone would hear "you" (third person)  say HE IS
    I gotta tell Mudcat, I didn't know Steve Brown back in his PTC days, I've only come to KNOW Steve Brown in the last 6 or 7 years, and from what I've seen is exactly as stated above, Grand Slam or Pantsuit, The Steve Brown you and BJcriswell yap about is NOT the person I know

  • Reply to: Illinois couple charged in their child's drowning death in PTC   1 day 10 hours ago

    Condition 55
    I suppose we can now expect you to enlighten us on why Water should be Banned, as it turns out Water Deaths far out number Gun deaths for Children

  • Reply to: A commissioner struggles just to add an agenda item   1 day 13 hours ago

    Grow and develop ?                                                     into what? Normal human beings who modestly help others without seeking fame or power over others to feed their enormous egos? I don't think either Brown or Oddo will grow into that definition. Brown already realizes he's destined to be an outsider forever, Oddo not so much, so my plan for him is to realize he is in over his head and to fade away Accounting is more suited to his personality. 
                                                                                  Of course the best possible outcome is having a majority on county commission who can work together to get things done for the good of the county. Might be that the solution is to just let Fayetteville annex everything of value and just preside over the cornfields. I know working together is harder than being divisive and that the NAACP attack on Fayette County (to feed the NAACP's own egos) sets up automatic divisiveness with district voting, but it would be good if the commissioners could rise above that and just pretend to be adults for a couple of hours each meeting.

  • Reply to: The American right to be stupid   1 day 14 hours ago

    Terry Garlock
    Welcome Home, and yup sometimes your columns are a might heavy, BUT I have enjoyed each and everyone, as sometimes ya offer "another way to see things", then again I'm a weirdo, I accept people aren't gonna think the way I want them too, and actually celebrate that they don't. anyway, I enjoy your thoughts even when you're dead wrong (lol) looking forward to your next one.

  • Reply to: A commissioner struggles just to add an agenda item   1 day 14 hours ago

    I just love how you WANT Oddo to grow and develop himself , yet accept the personal idea that this is an impossible task. Which it appears is what you truly believe based on you endless complaints of Steve Brown's personality nearly 30 years ago

  • Reply to: The American right to be stupid   1 day 15 hours ago

    . . . strays far from the mark. Suggest you make your own points instead of assuming you know what motivates me to make mine.

  • Reply to: A commissioner struggles just to add an agenda item   1 day 16 hours ago

    Yep, Brown is right                                                     Oddo is acting like a little weenie who enjoys power a bit too much. Helpful hint for Mr. Oddo - hire an image professional like political campaigns do and have them review some tapes of your meetings. You ain't gonna like their report. For those of you who were here in the 1990's, I really enjoyed the way Mayor Bob Lenox conducted meetings in PTC. He ran them with a firm hand, but was casual and friendly in his approach to solving problems - always looking for a way TO DO something instead of being an obstructionsist looking for ways to NOT DO something. That's what a real leader does.
                                                                                 Maxwell or possibly Ognio are the closest county commission will come to having an effective leader as chair next year. Just because Brown identified the problem and offered a solution doesn't mean he's the one to pull it ofr. After all, he was the weenie when Lenox was the ruler of PTC.

  • Reply to: The American right to be stupid   1 day 22 hours ago

    Speaking of Ads
    Bishop Septic has one on 92.5 the Bear,,, Star Trek inspired,, including mentioning how Klingons don't do well with septic tanks, and it ends with "Live Long and Prosper",,, Good job

  • Reply to: The American right to be stupid   1 day 22 hours ago

    Patti Aires
    I stopped laughing just long enough to Complement your Ad in this Paper
    Moving to Canada ?  ABSOLUTELY HILLARYIOUS or is it TRUMPS other real estate ads? either way BRILLIANT !! While it won;t either of these two idiots that make me leave, It could very well be some closer to home REAL idgits ,,if that day comes, I WILL remember your add...

  • Reply to: The American right to be stupid   1 day 23 hours ago
    Nathan Zahora

    I can't believe this guy is still being published after that horrific article he wrote with Terry Ernst called "allow police to shoot looters".  I really feel sorry for this guy and all his pent up rage and angst, its really disturbing.  You might find this suprising, but beyond all the silly name calling, it's this sentence that disturbs me the most: "Even among those who went to war, most didn’t want to go, many didn’t even believe in the war, but they were doing their duty for their country."   I feel so sorry for those pawns that were drafted, manipulated and used for the purpose of weak little men in Washington who should have either gone themselves or sent their own sons, they did nothing good for the country, nothing was accomplished but death and horror.  Duty is not an excuse.  How many Nazi's used this same weak line, following orders? Some of us, a few of us, are willing to stand and just say no, to unconstitutional, undeclared, aggressive wars based on lies, propaganda and corruption.  I've got a shirt made in Vietnam and I think a bathroom sink.  Amazing what happens when commercial trade crosses borders instead of army boots.

  • Reply to: The American right to be stupid   1 day 23 hours ago
    Stranger than Fiction

    Mr. Garlock’s compelling tributes to these Vietnam War heroes inspires honor and appreciation for their sacrifices. He is honest enough to concede that most were doing their duties rather than aspiring to be heroes. Sadly, these sacrifices achieved few liberties for either Americans or Vietnamese because our misguided political leaders prosecuted the war incorporating a strategy that was destined to be unsuccessful.

    Mr. Garlock finds it imperative to castigate current Americans (mostly of color) for exercising their freedom to question domestic policy. I have no argument with arresting protesters involved in criminal behavior, and I am personally repulsed by disrespectful treatment of symbols of our nation. However, without the freedom to dissent, there is no value in saluting a flag – one might as well be in North Korea.

    I lament that Mr. Garlock was not honored when he returned from his service in Vietnam with a parade. Perhaps he could gain enough closure to get on with his life and excise some of the resentment that permeates his columns.

  • Reply to: It’s time for Trump   1 day 23 hours ago
    Stranger than Fiction

    Cal Thomas seems to misunderstand Jesus' actions at the temple.  The billionaire who became rich off the backs of the less fortunate is the money changer in need of disruption.  Thomas apparently wrote this column with a straight face.
    Truth is stranger than fiction.

  • Reply to: Two injured as pit bulls go wild in PTC   1 day 23 hours ago
    Husband and Father of 2

    Nathan, if the person is a renter, they most likely don't have homeowners insurance and possibly not even  renters insurance.

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