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  • Reply to: Fayetteville to hike city tax 3.4%   14 min 42 sec ago
    Husband and Father of 2

    According to the sell job provided by the FCDA, the industry standard is 30% of a film budget is spent on taxable items, such as building materials.  This means in FC that for every $100 M movie budget, $30M of that is spent on taxable items.  That would provide both the schools and the county $300,000 each.
    The state gets their own portion of the sales tax and it is from this kitty, that they provide the credits.
    I wonder who paid for the wonderful new U-turn thingys on Hwy 74?  I am told those death traps were constructed for Pineywood for peak traffic times.  How much other infrastructure is the city of Fayetteville, or the county paying to account for Pineywood issues?
    It would be great to see a true cost accounting to see if this is starting to pay dividends.  

  • Reply to: What is public safety worth?   1 hour 14 min ago

    I have a solution that actually accomplishes what the stated goal is - to allow/encourage/support emergency workers to live in the community in which they serve. Before that, 2 things 1. My example will be for PTC Police officers, but it could easily be applied to firefighters, EMT's, county sherrif deputies, schoolteachers and more. 2. Having emergency workers living and sleeping in their neighbood (with all their equipment including car) minimizes response time should there be an all hands on deck emergency and it makes us all safer in the event of one of these dopey mass shooters - if the armed off-duty cop is next to me in our Home Depot when the guy with the AR-15 comes through the door, I feel better than if he were shopping in the Newnan Home Depot.
    So, here's the solution without any discussion of "affordable housing" and all the baggage that Ben almost described. It is totally within the power of 6 people - the police chief and city council to implement a housing allowance for officers who meet certain criteria such as time in service, good performance and a reccomendation from a supervisor. Very simple to do. Come up with a monthly number that bridges the gap between an officer's salary and the salary needed to qualify for a mortgage on an appropriate house in PTC. We are probably talking about a $280,000 house and $400 per month. You simply give the officer a $400/month housing allowance contingent upon a requirement to use it on a house (for sale or rent) and of course continued employment with the PD. $4800/yr. and let the officer drive his car home. Of course the officer has to apply for this allowance and actually want to live here and the allowance has to be awarded on merit and stability of the officer. That's it.
    This dovetails nicely with Chief Moon's concept of community policing. If you had 20 officers living here at a total cost of $96,000 per year ($2.67 annually for each resident), it would take a very cold hearted and cynical councilperson to vote against that. Maybe when we are done paying for the bridge to nowhere land in a couple of years ($850,000 at 8% over 20 years) we could redirect that money to housing allowances, which seems a better use of our tax dollars. And as stated, not just for police, but EMT's and firefighters as well.
    So, what's wrong with that idea? You can probably quibble about the specific numbers if you are the type of person that likes to do that, but the basic idea is what I'm proposing. My numbers are a quick estimate, that's all. So, isn't that easier than working through the tangled jungle of "affordable housing" and all the real and imagined problems that go along with that?
    BTW, shouldn't we have refinaced that 8% $850,000 loan or bond or whatever it is. 8% seems like an awfully high rate. Wonder what the monthly payments are. Hey Ben, maybe you should interview the mayor about the housing allownce idea as a follow up to your very fine opinion piece.. While you are there ask her about the $850,000 boondoggle  and if we are still making payments on it - she was probably in high school when that all happened, so she's not to blame.

  • Reply to: Traffic accident claims life of Fayetteville woman   7 hours 16 min ago

    And someone will say there was no left turn signal on and blame it on the company truck brakes and probably was on the phone and on and on and on.  So unnecessary and tragic. 
    Are you left coasting right now or come back already?

  • Reply to: Fayetteville to hike city tax 3.4%   7 hours 21 min ago

    Production expenses in Georgia.
    Remember, it is the production company, not Pinewood who files for and may receive the up to 30% tax credit if they are a Georgia taxpayer or corporation.  The production company can use that break to offset Georgia taxes or sell the credit and take the cash. 
    I did a quick google search on pinewood studio economic impact in Georgia and came up with a pdf form #GEIIA (10-11) which the production company fills out and faxes to the Georgia Film, Music & Digital Entertainment office.  Their phone #404-962-4050.  The categories listed are production information, vendors, cast & crew, space, and other fees.  Expense amounts have to be listed for each category.  I would love to see a sample GEIIA of a production that used Pinewood and wonder if it is public record.  Then, the state DOR audits the credits.  I wonder how they verify the expenses listed?  Has to be a production over $500,000 to apply. 
    I wonder if a public record exists of who buys any movie production tax credits.  Bet that would be interesting reading. 
    Which all really has nothing to do with why is Fayetteville in a position to raise taxes if the studio is running productions?  Are they playing catch up from the recession, too?  Probably.  The governor, Mr. Big Deal, has said the benefit is in economic development value to the state.  No one seems to want to address the cost of all that economic development at the local level. 
    If cities and counties with studios are not upping the fees they charge for new development (homes, apartments, retail, etc.) to offset the tax burden to pay for the infrastructure needed to support that development (roads, law enforcement, utility expansion, schools, etc.) then it will require higher property taxes at the city or county level to pay for it. 
    Sounds like Fayetteville and yes, PTC, have not hit the proper balance (yet).  Either that, or there is some wasteful spending going on.  Can you say water fountain in a reservoir, I can think of one.  Of course, we have not heard the reasoning for the fountain.  It will be explained as money left over from all that has been saved by doing things in house and the fountain will keep the geese and ducks wet and they will pack their soggy feathers and move down to the south side of the lake.  Or over to McIntosh. 
    Maybe it was a gift from the Lake Peachtree HOA for all the extra work done at all of our expense on their waterfronts.  Regardless, off track here again, I am just flummoxed as to the need for ANY tax increases in FC with what should have been a windfall from the studio production monies. 

  • Reply to: Traffic accident claims life of Fayetteville woman   7 hours 39 min ago

    was not paying attention to the road ahead.

  • Reply to: Who should pay for college?   10 hours 29 min ago

    The presence of federal dollars disrupts the system.  Once federal government money comes into play system system evolves to milk the cash cow.  And so it goes with higher education. 

  • Reply to: Stinky fertilizer vs. mega-hog farm — Trump vs. Hillary   10 hours 39 min ago

    Donald Trump thinks that the office of the presidency is a marketing opportunity for his ties and his wifes dresses.
    He seems like a flim flam man.   Willing to say anything as long as it gets you worked up.  (so you do not  think too much). Mainstream republicans do nto want o back him.  I do not know why.  Usless it is him calling Ted Cruz Canadain and saying Cruzes Dad was in on the assasination of JFK.  The trumpster is definitely an equal opportunity insulter.   Any body any time. Any where. No one is immume.
    Maybe he is a large print candidate.  But in his case,  you may want to read the fine print.
    May try this one.  Fast forward 4 years. Trump was elected.   What did he do for you in the last 4 years?  My guess is he cashes in for Trump Inc. That is what he does most.
    Got a lot of mileage talking aobut follks from Mexico.  None of it good.  Now his plan is to do what Obama is doing only more of it. Wow.
    The Clintons on the other hand seem to have been beat over the head politically since at least the 1990s.
    That stick breaks, just get another.
    And still they are there. What does it mean when they take the beating over and over and over.  And still they persist ?

  • Reply to: Fayetteville to hike city tax 3.4%   10 hours 46 min ago
    Husband and Father of 2

    Could pinewood not be bringing in all the sales tax and motel tax revenue everyone imagined.  I thought they estimated  the county and schools would each get $300,000  for every $100m movie. So the big question is how many million has been spent on productions?

  • Reply to: Who’s manipulating climate change data?   10 hours 48 min ago

    In 1776 Adma Smith published the Wealth of Nations.  There were 800 million people on earth.. The industrial revolution kicked off. There were vast expanses of undeveloped wilderness globally.  The Amazon.  The Congo.  Indonesia. Old growth forest stretched almost unbroken in North America from the Artic circle to the Gulf of Mexico From the Atlantic coast tothe Misissippi River.   That old growth forest is gone. The Amazon wilderness and the Congo wilderness are shadows of their former glory.
    At the dawn of the industrial revolution, man began to burn coal to boil water to make steam to drive the engines that drove the machines inthe facotries.  Arouund 1900, the coal burned to biol water to mak steam to turn turbine to make electrictiy. In the 1930s through the 1950 they electrified America to a large extent using coal to fire the power plants.
    When I was born in the late 50s,  There were 3 billion people on earth. The global human population tripled fromthe time of Adam Smith through my birth. Basically 200 years. Since my birthday, the human population of the earth double again and is now tracking to 8 billion people.  It will go above 9 billion in my lifetime. That is 9 billion mouths to feed.  Daily.  Forever.  Feeding those mouths is not free and takes energy.
    The vast wilderness of the past is gone.  And those people, they are not created equal.   The USA middle class are the most enregy consuming on the planet.   In the next 25 years - China and India will put another billion or so into that standard of living.
    The earth is the same one that Adam Smith walked over 200 years ago.
    You do not need to be a rocket scientist to understand that something is going to need to give.
    What the professor left out is it is the injeciton of CO2 into the atmosphere causing the heat gain.  It is the smae principle that makes greenhoues work.  Let the sun in and keep the heat. That is what Co2 does in the atmosphere using the same principle that makes microwave ovens work. Co2 absorbs the heat.  There is no scientifc quesiton about the concentration of CO2 in the atmosphere. It has essentially doubled in my lifetime.
    The climate of the earth is the same as steering a battleship.  You turn the wheel and a mile later, we start feeling it turn.   Well they started turn up the heat 250 years ago.  Now the ship is turning.   it is not turning on our favor.  
    Oil company profits aside.  The earth is going to get hotter.

  • Reply to: Business occupancy rate improves in Fayetteville   11 hours 23 min ago

    Again, why the tax rate increase?  Anyone know? 

  • Reply to: Fayetteville to hike city tax 3.4%   11 hours 31 min ago

    I don't get it.  Fayetteville has Pinewood and the hospital and it STILL needs to increase property taxes?  What gives? 

  • Reply to: New loft living is coming to PTC   14 hours 25 min ago
    dar thompson

    I was smiling a second before and a second after...bad photo timing.

  • Reply to: New loft living is coming to PTC   14 hours 57 min ago
    Husband and Father of 2

    Dar, you live a charmed life.  Have good businesses, a lovely wife and kids,  Smile once in a while.

  • Reply to: Rezoning requester changes mind, will seek annexation   15 hours 20 sec ago
    Husband and Father of 2

    Unless something has changed, Oddo in July 2015 stated that he has not seen a large number of employees leaving.
    According to this article in July 2016, both Barlow and Oddo have been against a compensation study.
    What is going on with lame duck Bar low?

  • Reply to: FreeSpeech for 10-06-10   15 hours 8 min ago

    This rain front is the worst I have ever been in in years.  Flooding down at Rockaway/SR 74S Holly Grove Rd. area.  So bad you cannot see the road in front of you and it is ponding quickly.  NWS Warnings are right about this one.  Be careful and put your headlights ON if you have to go out!

  • Reply to: Aventure Aviation receives Global Impact Award   16 hours 28 min ago

    Please Support Our Local Business!

    The Citizen article above is from April, (old) but there is a new tweet on The Citizen today that I just looked at and if you want to support Aventure Aviation so they can be eligible to win a $25,000 export grant, click on the link below and just enter your email address and place your vote for Aventure Aviation. FYI, I am a fan of Mr. Faruqi and all he does here in this county.

  • Reply to: Jumping up and down about Darwinian Theory   17 hours 46 min ago
    Stranger than Fiction

    Tnosam - In the spirit of fairness, might you submit some empirical evidence for your Creator theory.

  • Reply to: Jumping up and down about Darwinian Theory   17 hours 49 min ago
    Stranger than Fiction

    Rev. JJ - I don't disagree with your assessment. Pepper has written 2 letters and several blog-posts discrediting Darwinist evolution for lack of empirical evidence. Fairness would suggest that Adams present an alternative explanation that might be examined under the same microscope. Your analogy to the presidential candidates is also appropriate. Merely discrediting one candidate without regard for the foibles of the other accomplishes little more than catharsis.

  • Reply to: Loft living is coming to PTC   19 hours 7 min ago

    Dar I 20 South
    I have an idea,not sure HOW ya do this BUT,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
    Offer on site or golf cart accesible "garden area".........................................................................................
    Offer an OFF site critter "useage" (cows,Horses,goats,chickens, etc.......) (this one I CAN help ya with)

  • Reply to: Loft living is coming to PTC   19 hours 18 min ago

    "Oh never mind"                                                                      Emily litella  AKA Gilda Radner

  • Reply to: What is public safety worth?   19 hours 54 min ago
    Husband and Father of 2

    I never gave it any thought that I could afford to live in the community I grew up in.  I knew I had to work hard for advancement in order to do this.  Nobody owes me anything.  Its all up to me.

  • Reply to: Loft living is coming to PTC   19 hours 57 min ago

    One good idea, Dar                                                                        is to use some of the 36,000 people that live here to help you refine the product you are offering. Some things like square footage, # of units and possibly even price are predetermined, but other things like kitchen and bathroom fixtures, textures and colors and even the scope of concierge services and possibly the types of businesses located on the ground floor and nearby. Just take a page out of Bob Adams book and do what he did so very well 30 years ago - about 10 focus groups of appropriate age and income folks from PTC and Fayette County. He even had some out of state parents and in-laws of younger PTC residents. His architect and market research guy showed slides, storyboards and had some valuable narrative. I think each group met 3 times and was exposed to input from the other groups as much as possible. It really helped him and his lenders and many from the focus groups bought a Bob Adams Home.
                                                                                                          Of course he had more variables than you as he had housing type, location, size - almost a blank canvas, but it worked for him and I think you would benefit as well. Very important you avoid the pitfall of letting a regular old real estate company dictate major product decisions. You have to keep control of that part of the process.
                                                                                                      In any event, good luck with it and you'll see my name on a deposit someday soon. Don't delay as me and my neighbors know we can sell our house quickly thanks to an improving market and schools that are tops in the area.

  • Reply to: Jumping up and down about Darwinian Theory   21 hours 14 min ago

    If the word Theory is mentioned, it does not mean fact nor truth. Only approximations. AKA professionally reasoned speculation. 

  • Reply to: Jumping up and down about Darwinian Theory   21 hours 29 min ago

    Darwinism presents as fact everything which exists came from nothing. Starting with a “Big Bang” things progressed forward and upward. That's the mathematical equivalent of zero + zero = quadrillion. And no one has yet explained what blew up or where it came from. For something to be considered a scientific fact it must be reproducible. But no aspect of Darwinism has ever been reproduced. There is absolutely nothing in our natural world or the larger universe that presents an example of complex order coming out of chaotic disorder without intervention. Just as everything made must have a maker to exist, everything created must have a Creator. Fortunately our Creator (I AM) is also our Sustainer. Darwinism is just another failed attempt by man to exalt himself and diminish (or deny) God.

  • Reply to: Loft living is coming to PTC   21 hours 30 min ago
    dar thompson

    Mudcat- Thank you for the kind words. I will now have a lot of pressure on me to do something special. I truly want to create something that doesn't exist south of I-20 and I hope that we can achieve a product that will make PTC proud. We as a city must start moving in a more linear progression. Thanks again for your support through this process, as it was definately much more complicated than it needed to be. Without trying to sound bias...the council did a great job in their due-diligence and researching this project. More importantly, they did what was best for the city as a whole...which is exactly what you want as a citizen. Just my opinion.

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