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  • Reply to: Rebekah Yates Anders, M.D., 90, of Peachtree City   5 hours 31 min ago

    A life well lived comes to mind.  I met Mr. Anders years ago only a couple of times, and as with so many people I meet, I forget who they are over the years.  I read this obituary, saw the video tribute link in it, and decided to watch.  It is about 40 minutes long, but as we all lose loved ones, this is a really beautiful tribute.  I did not even realize what I was watching had the man whom I had met years ago in it.  He was Dr. Anders husband.  Thank you to the family and The Citizen for sharing it with us.  RIP to both Mr. and Mrs. A. and my sympathies to the family.   Hint: if you watch the tribute, read her obituary first, it will fill you in about much of what you will see.

  • Reply to: An unexpected, unwarranted $200 golf cart fee   8 hours 24 min ago

    I believe the $200 is essentially a "Failure to pay gasoline tax" fee.  At least it's not assessed on your electric bill, per kWh. Most LSVs are signifigantly heavier than golf carts.  My Club Car golf cart weighs about 650lb, while the Club Car LSV weighs about 400lb more, 1069 lb, and I believe LSVs can weigh up to 2000lb.  All things considered - path maintenance cost, safety, etc. - I think Peachtree City has done the right thing by restricting the paths. But I imagine a lot of folks find out about the restrictions only after purchasing an LSV.  ** arrgh! why are my paragraphs being collapsed **

  • Reply to: An historic catastrophe   11 hours 11 min ago

    Obama led a coalition with President Vladimir Putin, Prime Minister David Cameron, President François Hollande,  Chancellor Angela Merkel and Premier Li Keqiang which negotiated a Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action that was approved and incorporated into international law by unanimous vote of the United Nations Security Council. The agreement has also been unanimously approved by the European Union.

    Former ambassadors to Israel James Cunningham, William Harrop, Daniel Kurtzer, Thomas Pickering and Edward Walker Jr. signed a letter to the leaders in Congress this morning stating: "No agreement between multiple parties can be perfect or without risks," "We believe that without this agreement, however, the risks will be much higher for the United States and Israel. We see no fatal flaws that should call for the rejection of this agreement and have not heard any viable alternatives from those who oppose the implementation" of the deal.

    R. Nicholas Burns, former undersecretary of state for political affairs and ambassador to NATO, and Frank Wisner, former undersecretary of state for international security affairs and undersecretary of defense for policy also signed the letter.

    Efraim Halevy, who was appointed director of Mossad by Netanyahu, wrote an editorial for Ynetnews in which he stated that the accord contains “components that are crucial for Israel’s security” that resulted from Iran making “concessions in a series of critical matters,” among them accepting “serious restrictions” on its nuclear program and an “invasive and unique” monitoring regime.

    Ami Ayalon, former director of Israel’s Shin Bet says  he believes the accord “is the best possible alternative from Israel’s point of view".

    General Amos Yadlin, former head of Israeli military intelligence said, "there is a chance to set Iran back by many years."

    You characterize that as somehow weakening this country by Obama and dismiss supporters of the deal including all of America's European allies and the former heads of the Mossad, military intelligence in Israel, and Shin Bet as engaging in a sellout, all the while neutering America's power in the world.  And your solution now would be  for Congress to undercut the President and reject the agreement?

    It ain't me that's been smoking that Barry weed

  • Reply to: Gibbs to coordinate new dual enrollment program   12 hours 53 min ago

    Another worthless position created at the FCBOE.  $70,553!?

  • Reply to: Sharpsburg readies for first park   16 hours 23 min ago

    Almost nobody lives here.....

  • Reply to: Hearing this week on injunction to halt at-large voting in special election   16 hours 28 min ago

    They can all go and vote in Clayton County

  • Reply to: Chattanooga Muslims speak out   16 hours 29 min ago

    Why is it that we have mosques everywhere and Saudi Arabia does not allow Christian churches in their country?

  • Reply to: PTC burglars caught on camera in Kedron apartment   16 hours 33 min ago

    The thug on the right looks like Obama's son. Oiling my Smith & Wesson in case these beauties come my way.

  • Reply to: Chattanooga Muslims speak out   20 hours 55 min ago

    You described folks joining the religion club perfectly. Explains why those in the same club can have such diverse definition of the rules. Those who joined the club of Christianity have long been known for their hypocrisy, changing moral standards and being luke warm with a house built on sand.  Most with that background assume that Arabs and Indians are automatically pious and well versed in the rules of the Muslim and Hindu club. I was surprised to find out that many of those foriegners who professed association with other clubs were just as superficial. 

  • Reply to: Hearing this week on injunction to halt at-large voting in special election   23 hours 33 min ago

    Wiltdcat, I saw your recent posts about moving. Seems like most people we know are choosing to move out of Fayette Co once their youngest graduates.  Where are you now?  How are the kids doing?

  • Reply to: An historic catastrophe   1 day 4 hours ago

    just a little too long, JeffC.  If you are serious with your comments, that is.  I'm not talking about the shah or the hostages and you darn well know it.  I'd like to think you are just taking this Barry WWYD b.s. way too far.  He has been doing this as his excuse for every decision he has made to weaken this country.  Kind of like the "what difference at this point would it make" dodge that...well, I digress now, don't I. 
    Why would they wait for Congress to act?  Could it be that China and Russia are beyond jubilant in getting this approved?  Duh.. Could it be that the Barry who has so weakened the standing of this country that the leadership those European countries have counted on from across their pond is nowhere to be found?  Please don't give the "we are revered around the 3rd and 4th world countries now more than ever", as if that is something to hang our flag on and our military to lay their lives on the line for.
    I welcome the fact that you don't see my point on Rouhani.  His presidency will be a tiny pinprick in the history of Iran.  The efficacy of the details of the agreement will never be seen.  I would say to ask someone close who might know what I am talking about, but guess your apple has fallen too close to the tree to get any answer that 'splains things to you.  And that is my whole point.  To have you come on here and hooray this sellout is another in a long line of proverbial and one actual Operation Eagle Claws that so many know have contributed to the neutering of this country's power in this world.  By design or ineptness? Both, I say.  Mostly ineptness.

  • Reply to: Hearing this week on injunction to halt at-large voting in special election   1 day 4 hours ago

    OF COURSE it has moved to Atlanta.  OF COURSE!  Get them busses gazzed up and rolling to duh promised land!  Could it be Coweta wouldn't let them in???  Say it ain't so!  Hey, Johnny and Alice doesn't live here anymore...be sure to wear those I Heart Fayette black and grey t-shirts to the courthouse.  And smile real purty for the cameras!

  • Reply to: Now that's a tomato   1 day 4 hours ago

    obviously no petty beauty contest.  Well done, Mr. C.!

  • Reply to: An historic catastrophe   1 day 5 hours ago

    do stand in virtual isolation in the world community.  The rarity of their presence in this world dictates that.  Something no Democrat president in the last 40 years has accomplished. I do feel that coming on a half century of history bears that out.  We will disagree and that is fine with me. 
    And for the VP who experienced 9/11 from his and only his perspective, your callous comparison could be considered a compliment to both flawed men.  I'd take two of each of them any day over four of......hmmmm, fill in the blank. 

  • Reply to: Chattanooga Muslims speak out   1 day 6 hours ago
    E Pluribus Unum

    I think folowers of Christianity and Islam are somewhat similiar:  They are part of the faith due to their parents and grandparents, families gather for weddings and cookouts, community service and really do not have a deep/ historical foundational  understanding of their own religion. Humans use religion for trying to understand humanitys relationship to a higher power which we do not understand.
    However, there are about 1billion Muslim in the world and about 10% of those are radical, which is an army of 100 million.  The thing about Christianity I don't have to be afraid if it is the major religion in an area.  If Islam becomes the dominant religion in an area, I need to start worrying about my head being cut off for drawing their prophet, woman having to cover up, and  rights being taken away. I'm sure the majority of Muslims would not go out and cut someones head off if they drew their prophet.  But I also think many do agree by staying silent and say, Oh well, they were warned.
    One one side you have a warrior man who was a killer of men, a pedophile, who said an eye for an eye and that his followers must shed their blood for him and the religion.
    On the other side you have a man of peace, who would never kill, who said turn the other cheek and HE shed his blood for his followers.
    If I was having to choose a relgion, I think I would choose the later.  But I would not have to be afraid if I did not either....

  • Reply to: Mr. Obama, you’re no Ronald Reagan   1 day 8 hours ago

    I doubt you'll find many in FC who share your opinions!

  • Reply to: Mr. Obama, you’re no Ronald Reagan   1 day 10 hours ago

    No he's not. And thank the Universe for that.
    Thanks to President Obama the US is a more prosperous, healthier, and far safer contry.

  • Reply to: An historic catastrophe   1 day 13 hours ago

    I kind of think Pak's nuke program was funded to some extent by Saudi money and can be made deliverable to the kingdom for the asking.  

    The Saudi's are concerned about Iran's proxies specifically Hezbollah and the Houthi rebels in Yemen.  They are also very mindful of the influence that Iran has on the Shiite population in the kingdom. There are many complexities at play here.  Now that Iran will, in a few years, have more money to pump into its friends abroad I wonder how stable the region will become.  The Saudis were also not the least bit happy when Obama drew a few lines in sand regarding Assad.  Obama was seen by many in the region as an inept leader.

    Thought experiment; you're right about that.  

    Now about Iraq coming under Iran's influence, will Iran deal with ISIS?   

  • Reply to: An historic catastrophe   1 day 15 hours ago

    Netanyahu, the Dick Cheney of Israel.
    Fearless, yes; but I don't know how smart it was for him to attempt regime change against an American President.
    His leadership has led Israel into virtual isolation in the world community.

  • Reply to: An historic catastrophe   1 day 15 hours ago

    Saudi Arabia accepted the deal because they think it will work; the alternative being that the Saudi's develop their own bomb (or buys them from Sunni Pakistan) in a Middle East arms race, something they assiduously want to avoid. Iran got to the point where they were just months before they could make a bomb and they decided not to develop nuclear weapons. Ironically, Iran has infuriated the Republicans by accepting a deal for the exact reasons that many Republicans accuse them of pursuing. They are afraid of Islamic terrorist.  Both Iran and Saudi Arabia know that the odds of getting nuked by the United States or Israel are virtually zero. They are terrified of each other getting the bomb not us.
    A thought experiment: If the United States, Israel, Saudi Arabia and Iran all had nuclear weapons and you were Saudi Arabia and you rubbed a lamp you found in the desert and the resulting genie gave you the power to take the weapons from one country, which country would you take them from? How about if you were Iran? Yep, me too.
    Iran decided developing nuclear weapons was too much of a burden and unnecessary since the US overthrew Saddam and installed a Shia government for them there. Now they have billions of dollars to focus on incorporating their trandtional enemy Iraq into their sphere of influence. They don't need nukes for that. They need money and access to markets for their oil. Exactly what they got.

  • Reply to: An historic catastrophe   1 day 16 hours ago

    Just curious. The hostages were taken after the US allowed the Shah into the country for medical treatment. Would you have refused his entry?
    As for the end run around Congress, you do realize that the agreement was negotiated by China, France, Russia, the United Kingdom, the United States and Germany under the auspices of the United Nations Security Council and was codified into international law when they voted to accept the deal on June 15, 2015 along with the endorsement of the EU. Why would they wait for Congress to act?
    I agree Rhouhani has very little clout but I don't see the point you were making.

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