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  • Reply to: Here’s how to register a no-confidence vote in Mike King   1 hour 23 min ago

    Shut up John D                      Mike King is my hero. He needs to get back in so he can herd the ladies - assuming one will be elected to replace Erica.                Can you imagine that? Lady Mayor, lady Kim, lady Shawna and Terry and Mike in the gender minority. Could do worse, we could get more macho white guys onto council and that's not good.                     
    Maybe we could rally the radical woman's group - NOW or NAGS or something like that and get them to sue the city ti ensure we get a woman on city council. The fact that we have already done that doesn't seem to matter to the NAACP in their silly little (but expensive) attack.              
           Yea baby, let's bring district voting to PTC. Don't know how to gerrrymander that, except to just say no guys need to appl in designated districts - women only. Make sense? Well yes, if the NAACP thing makes sense. 

  • Reply to: FreeSpeech for 10-06-10   1 hour 51 min ago

    I heard someone failed their driving test today.
    Hey moe,
    We need to get our best reporter on that story.

  • Reply to: Here’s how to register a no-confidence vote in Mike King   2 hours 43 min ago

    Seems to be a puppet of the mayor?  How generous of you. 
    If King were to get less than 50% of the vote, who does he run off against?   Oh, I get it, the loser of the other post? 

  • Reply to: Here’s how to register a no-confidence vote in Mike King   3 hours 2 min ago
    Husband and Father of 2

    Good thought, but Shayne also was in favor of GW and seems to be a puppet of the mayor, who has a similar voting record.  Look around for another write in or simply refuse to vote for him.  That's what I plan to do.

  • Reply to: Alleged MP is charged with assaulting woman, and chasing off her rescuer   5 hours 11 min ago

    If you condemn church as a whole - then that is all the evidence that is required.

  • Reply to: Alleged MP is charged with assaulting woman, and chasing off her rescuer   5 hours 16 min ago

    Brewster, you should not assume things not in evidence, I condemn church, NOT individuals that pick up the Cross (as instructed) and DO what they can.
    Jesus if nothing else, has shown YES, 1 person CAN make a difference,,all ya have to do is   DO

  • Reply to: Alleged MP is charged with assaulting woman, and chasing off her rescuer   5 hours 26 min ago

    Sounds like you know how HARD it can be, so don't use the tired old example of "the church" turning away an old lady so you can turn you back on people who need help during the HARD times. 

  • Reply to: Alleged MP is charged with assaulting woman, and chasing off her rescuer   5 hours 33 min ago

    Christian = Follower of Christ, (Books of Mathew Mark Luke and John)
    Church = Entity in Opposition to the INDIVIDUAL relationship with Christ (all the other books)
    Christian is HARD, ,,It's HARD to Love your enemies, It's HARD to give God your ALL, It's HARD to forgive, and then Love those you don't like, It's HARD to not be entertained constantly and Pray instead
    Church is EASY, It's 1 hour 1 day a week and all ya hve to do is be a Good Person, and hand over a little spare change, They will even entertain ya during that hour with singing and positive motivational speakers.
    Much like our Constitution, and relationship with Liberty, people have become dependent on FEELING GOOD, rather than WORKING HARD to achieve the Blessings God, and This Country can offer

  • Reply to: Alleged MP is charged with assaulting woman, and chasing off her rescuer   5 hours 38 min ago

    If you use this story to justify your view on "them folks", your selling your self short and taken the cowards way out.

  • Reply to: Alleged MP is charged with assaulting woman, and chasing off her rescuer   5 hours 46 min ago

    2014 Good Friday , I was THERE
    A Medum size church in Fayetteville, One that proudly claims and advertises all of it's good works all over the world, One that takes members to Exotic places so they can help build (for a couple of days) ONE family a House,  Turned away an 80 year old Grandmother whom was just been handed her grand kids (1.5 and 3 years old) the day before by Fayette Sheriff department because they had just locked mom up.
    Granny did NOT have enough food for the new House members, living solely on SS her self, and didn;t have Food Stamps or any other options, She went to this church because the Fayette Samaritans are On the property,, But it was Good Friday, so this Grandmother was told, THE CHUCH IS CLOSED, no offer to call an Elder, or a member,,no nothing.. THIS is what passes for Church today, NO THANKS I'm not interested,
    (as I said I was there, I HEARD the Grandmother being Told The Church was Closed, I had Granny follow me to the Kroger on Banks road,, she got what she needed, Happy to report as well as I remained in contact with her, Kids are doing well, Mom dealt wth her trouble and is getting back on her feet , and things are looking up for this family,,,)
    "The Church is Close"  If the way I hear the Bible,,,you couldn't PAY me to sit in that church,,God's pretty accurate with them Lightening Bolts ,,,

  • Reply to: Alleged MP is charged with assaulting woman, and chasing off her rescuer   6 hours 9 sec ago

    God resists the proud but gives grace to the humble.  The churchs today, especially here in the Magic Kingdom, have flopped this around and give grace to the proud but resist the humble. I think for every out of county mission, a person should take three in-country missions, with at least one in urban warfare. You speak of monies, most churches would love to support the ones who support their operations, but there are too few to seek out. If folk would support their church like they should, and get involved like they should, then who knows what could be done for others. Unfortunately, the God of Recreation is held to too high esteem around here.

  • Reply to: Alleged MP is charged with assaulting woman, and chasing off her rescuer   6 hours 29 min ago
    Husband and Father of 2

    I would suggest that instead of far off missions to do good and the  propagation of whichever faith one follows, churches should concentrate on their own neighbors that need help.  

  • Reply to: Alleged MP is charged with assaulting woman, and chasing off her rescuer   6 hours 53 min ago

    I always thought one of the "missions" of the local churches was to help the people in most need?  ( . . "sometimes people need someone to help them get on their footing. .. ")  I agree with your suggestion, however it seems the churches no longer freely help their fellow man as was intended............  Are the churches only reaching out to those who support their operations with the monies? Did you know all across the nation you will now see the mid size and mega churches now have ATM machines to greet you at the front door?  Did you know you can now down load aps on your smart phones to pay tithes with just one click?  May one day soon "abundance for all" greet us at the front door!!!       

  • Reply to: FreeSpeech for 10-06-10   7 hours 21 min ago

    When you outscore your opponents by 73 points in 4 games, tell us, you really think that gauge is a factor?  Come on. 
    How about we look for a Super Bowl with Pats and Falcons in the next few years?  I say it will happen.  That's my sports fantasy, right there.  And you know what?  I would not give a hoot which one wins, either would be great, imho.

  • Reply to: FreeSpeech for 10-06-10   7 hours 32 min ago

    Just hope the Falcons know how to read a Ball Air Pressure Gage ,,,,

  • Reply to: FreeSpeech for 10-06-10   7 hours 46 min ago

    Being a big Pats fan for years, I see similarities in what the Falcons are doing this year. Here is a little of what goes on in a 4 and O after game locker room....hope the Falcons can continue to improve, too.


  • Reply to: Next Speaker ... Westmoreland?   8 hours 3 min ago

    Westmoreland has no fight in him. He goes along to get along regardless of how much debt is heaped upon many generations to come. He pried himself of Boehner's leg just long enough to write me a note saying his "hands were tied" when he voted to keep the RINO cry-baby Boehner as speaker last time. I have no reason to doubt that he will keep licking the boots of his RINO leadership to make sure he doesn't lose his committee seats and those sweet-sweet perks that come with the office. The last thing Westmoreland is concerned about is what us voters want. He knows that as long as he keeps glued onto the GOP-e/RINO's leg, they will keep buying his elections for him -AND- he knows that most of us voters are idiots who can be counted on to vote just like the TV tells us to vote.
    Westmoreland's and the GOP-e/RINO's legacy will be that the nation fell apart on their watch and they couldn't be bothered to look up from the canapé tray on the D.C. cocktail-party circuit long enough to do anything, nor could they dig deep enough to find any patriotic sense of "Duty" to intervene in the liberal's desire to grow govt exponentially.
    Westmoreland, due to his lack of  spine, grit and aversion to "rocking the boat to do the right thing" will not get any support from me. I stopped supporting the GOP entirely because of guys like Westmoreland. Now, I support candidates directly - not through any PAC or party appparatus that skims their cut off the top of my donation. I urge everyone else to do the same and let's clean the "Westmorelands" out of our house!

  • Reply to: Local candidates to face voters in several forums   8 hours 44 min ago

    More proof the NAACP has infected our county.  Yes, an infection that just keeps oozing political pus to insert itself.  Yes, that is graphic but everyone needs to wake up to this cancer that is trying to take hold here. 
    There was a candidate forum last Thursday in Fayetteville.  Read the "other" newspaper to see how candidates are allowing this racist group to define their election in Fayetteville.  And, according to one candidate, no one filmed the forum.  Which, in this day, is a shame. 
    Did anyone go to the forum last night in Tyrone?  I hope The Citizen has coverage of both in tomorrow's edition.

  • Reply to: Alleged MP is charged with assaulting woman, and chasing off her rescuer   8 hours 49 min ago

    These posts always amuse me. The people posting have little concern for people that are struggling to live. Have any of the people calling for more taxes every taken a minute to help people in the community. Fayette County has been blessed that is true. However, there are people in need around you every day. Take a minute and think about helping someone else.
    I am not asking you to give them anything. I asking that you provide them a way to pull their selves out of a bad situation. Sometimes people need someone to help them get their footing.

  • Reply to: Next Speaker ... Westmoreland?   11 hours 30 min ago

    I worked with this guy and his staff when I was in charge of a job fair and it was the worst experience ever. He lies, his staff lies. He is all about himself and has never been good for Georgia.
    Surely, we can do better than this for a speaker.

  • Reply to: Alleged MP is charged with assaulting woman, and chasing off her rescuer   20 hours 9 min ago

    I tend to agree with the thoughts expressed so far. But I would say there are differences in mobile home parks, and differences in apartment complexes. I usually scan the crime reports as published in the Citizen, and though the mobile home parks near the county line on Milam Road are mentioned regularly, others, such as Fayette Mobile Home Park and Long's Mobile Home Park on River's Road (Milam Road changes its name to River's Road as it crosses Lee's Lake Road) are virtually never mentioned. I think management and the type of tenants determine the quality of any mobile home park. As a disclaimer, I have no connection to any mobile home park or person involved with running them. 

  • Reply to: District voting still a big topic   23 hours 18 min ago

    Jessie, I've seen Fayette citizens rally and "UNITE" around many issues, over the years.  Whether it was supporting the family of a fallen member of the military, a sick child, or a citizen who had been treated with disrespect by an elected official, Fayette citizens have always loved their neighbors.  We've continually embraced our population's diversity.  We've always been able to "walk a mile" in our neighbors' shoes.  And, we've always been on the side of what's right.  Manipulating district lines to achieve a particular goal isn't right.  Disinfranchising voters isn't right.  Taking away 4/5 of the entire county's voting rights certainly isn't right.   Spending a million dollars to defend our county and school system, and then caving to pressure from a national organization without having our day in court would be just plain stupid.  To my way of thinking, even if the judge doesn't rule in favor of at-large voting, we've still done "the right thing"  by seeing the process through to the end.  We've still done "the right thing" by fighting for the voting rights of all Fayette citizens.   

  • Reply to: Next Speaker ... Westmoreland?   1 day 1 hour ago

    Freckles on my chest, Elvis?                                         Evil Elvis is a good name for you. When I hung out in the sun in the '80's (and at end of the '70's) my tatas were mostly covered and chest freckles were not a problem either. I'm thinking you served your teenage time in Florida with too many fantasies available to you.                                                    
    Sounds like Westmoreland wasn't one of those fantasies any more than he was one of mine. Speaker? HA! But then again, who else would be dumb enough to talke that job just to get dumped in 2016? Of course that is exactly the current Steve Brown fantasy - Westmoreland out or weakened in 2016 and he (the brown clown) can run against him  or his empty seat and - choke, choke, go to Washington.              
                             Doubt the real wage earner in the Planterra Tammany Hall house,  Dr. (yes Doctor) Brown will pay for Steve's Georgetown pad, so he may have to bunk with other Rhinos in the questionable area - where Saxby did and I think where Lndsey Graham still has his "pad".           

  • Reply to: PTC cops searching for stolen Camaro   1 day 1 hour ago

    Hey leadboot: Paragraph thingy
    Viewing paragraphs is always available in the "MORE" link which is in the "Recent comments...." column.
    Occasionally, when posting if there is a title block available along with a main script field/block then you'll have paragraphs.  At least this is how it's happen on a iMac.  

  • Reply to: PTC cops searching for stolen Camaro   1 day 2 hours ago

    Enquring minds want to know:
    1.  Did the owner leave his keys in the car?
    2.  Why do a disproportionate number of serious / violent crimes committed here in the Bubble have "black males" as the prime suspect?  Is it time to start a "White People's Property Matters" movement?
    3.  How do you make this paragraph thing work on here?  

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More than half of the time during a relatively brief Fayette County Board of Commissioners meeting last week was taken up by more comments regarding the district voting issue.

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