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  • Reply to: Most ‘unverified’ students: FCHS, SCHS   2 min 8 sec ago

    Don't sweat it folks.  Once we have plenty of low cost government subsidized housing this issue will go away by itself.  Any remanents of the prblem will dissapear with the introduction of public transportation.

  • Reply to: It's almost over!   11 min 55 sec ago

    Your attempt to relate my discriptor to 100% of you postings, then follow up with words like "supposed" , "simplistic" and "scared" to accuse others of being prejudice to their tenants, confirms what I said.  I guess this is the season for trickery to be exposed and displayed - and treats.

  • Reply to: Peachtree City's Hwys. 54-74 intersection to be reconstructed in 2020   1 hour 5 min ago

    Your support not needed                                     snowbunny. Sadly the scenario I outlined elsewhere was a 2- step process. Step #1 - we the voters and our so-called leaders do absolutely nothing about the obvious problem of a lack of major roadways that accomodate east/west traffic in the county - 54 being the only one, unless you count 16 past Starr's  Mill and into Fayetteville on 85. During step #1, Macduff Parkway extension to 74 north is completed and traffic gets worse (1200 new homes will do that) and many will be surprised. Minix, Poplar, Canongate and Lower Fayetteville service the Cowetians going to the interstate, Fayette has only 74. 
                                Step #2 - Back-ups on 54 gradually increase until it takes an hour to drive 3 miles and since local leaders have no solutions other than oppose TDK extension for silly political reasons or fear of Cowetians building houses and shopping at our stores, DOT will come in and take the land by eminent domain and build the TDK extension into Coweta which will dramatically increase traffic on Crosstwon, Ebeneezer, Goza and Robindon - and no, you or I didn't get to vote on that or have any input into the design. DOT may also marvel that no one in local government considered Minix as such an obvious outlet for the west village (and maybe Kedron). And they may build that too.
                                 Solution - Local counties and cities work together to solve the problem before the state DOT forces a solution upon us. The 2 most affected bodies are Fayette County Commission and PTC City Council currently led by Oddo and Fleisch. There's the starting point, then when those folks cooperate, Tyrone, Fayetteville and Coweta County get involved. A cautionary warning here - the actual solution will not occur within the timeframe of any one commissioner or councilperson's term of office, so the elected leaders that pull this off have to be more concerned about solving the problem than getting reelected or enhancing their ego.

  • Reply to: It's almost over!   7 hours 26 min ago
    Stranger than Fiction

    Brewster, you're improving posts by the month. I'm impressed!

    What you reference as trickery actually consists of careful study of systematic theology and analysis of the inherent contradictions of holy writ. It seems embarrassing that few religious devotees bother to understand the tenets of their supposed faith, insisting on swallowing simplistic eisegesis to confirm their beliefs rather than exegeting what their scared texts really say. Indeed, that might require actual devotion to their deity rather than proof texting for their prejudices.

    If careful study and elucidating contradictions constitutes trickery, I plead guilty.

  • Reply to: Peachtree City's Hwys. 54-74 intersection to be reconstructed in 2020   7 hours 40 min ago
    dar thompson

    Snow Bunny- Obviously you do not understand how traffic works. People would not be traveling through school zones, especially at peak times. Currently you have 2 schools off of hwy 74 and 2 schools off of hwy 54. This doesn't seem to cause any issues. Traffic will always take the least path of resisitance.

  • Reply to: Most ‘unverified’ students: FCHS, SCHS   8 hours 56 min ago
    Stranger than Fiction

    All tongue in cheek, I can assure you. The conservative bloggers on this site has the most simplistic answers to any question. They live in Sarah Palin's world.

  • Reply to: Most ‘unverified’ students: FCHS, SCHS   10 hours 28 min ago

    What I am saying is clear, and not having been made to suffer a Government School Education, I was taught the reason to Learn History.  Ya see, education has been going on for Eons before folks handed that POWER over to government. oh and it was NOT just the rich folk that "got an education"  Ma and Pa Kettle saw to it their kids went to school, these kids learned to Read Write and do their Sums, and if a kid showed promise then that child would work extra hard and EARN his or her way to Higher Education. ALL without making the neighbors pay the bill. You should look up College's and Universities here in the USofA and pay attention to WHEN they were founded, and just how many of them there are, Schools like UGA Established in 1784 then look through the ensuing years and take at look at the "schools" which opened inside the University, the ONLY reason schools do this is because there is a DEMAND (plenty of Students) now while you're educating yourself on all of this try to remember there were no "Federal Student Loans" , and until 1932 High School WAS "optional" and paid for individually. back in the day (ya know the days that America went from 13 States to 48, when American innovation was phenomenal (ever hear of Tesla or A.G Bell or a Guy named Henry Ford?) The people in Fayette County DID pool their money to hire a School Marm, they built a school house, if ya didn't pay into this your kid didn't go (oh and for the record "The Colored People"  did the same thing for THEIR kids) The deal then was FAYETTE COUNTY CITIZENS OWNED they school(s) THEY PAID FOR, in a sense they were PRIVATE SCHOOLS ,,it wasn't until parents became lazy and surrendered this enormous POWER to the government that the word "Public" was used (Falsely I might add), as they are NOT "Public" they are GOVERNMENT Schools, staffed by GOVERNMENT employees, Regulated by other GOVERNMENT employees, and under COMPLETE GOVERNMENT Control.
    While you're learning all of this (if ya study the FACTS) take a Look at the Georgia Constitution (all 10 of them) what you will NOT see until 1934 is "Schools" and the state taking control of them this take over was subtle an Amendment 1 here, and Amendment 1 there, and wham-o next thing ya know NONE of the 159 Counties in Ga has a Single thing to say about HOW "their" schools are funded, operate or Teach.,,
    To Summarize YES schools should ONLY be funded by those utilizing the school and those who pay the bills get THE say about THEIR school

  • Reply to: Most ‘unverified’ students: FCHS, SCHS   11 hours 25 min ago

    Hey JJ are you suggesting that tax should not be collected, then used for education up to the 12th grade?  Interesting.  So only "rich" folks will have educated kids?  What about the kids of the not so rich?  Government induced abortion?  

  • Reply to: Most ‘unverified’ students: FCHS, SCHS   11 hours 31 min ago

    No I'm not saying that Amendment 1 will enable school choice or legalize crossing county lines.  Reread what I wrote.  
    Vote for Amendment 1

  • Reply to: Fayetteville adopts downtown study, but canal talk persists   12 hours 13 min ago

    Just a probe, Jessie                                                                      They are just testing us. In war one force probes an area to see what the enemy response will be. Then they can adjust their battle plan accordingly. That's what this is. The Regionalists with state of the art liberal ideas that might appeal to the Millennials with no actual merit or anything. Silly, but so was Great Wolf. It seems as if these folks pay a local pol just to get a whacko idea on the agenda. Hope that's not true, but what else can you conclude from some of the ideas?

  • Reply to: Peachtree City's Hwys. 54-74 intersection to be reconstructed in 2020   12 hours 22 min ago
    Snow Bunny

    Let us also not forget there is an elementary school at Crosstown and Loghouse and another one just down the way on Robinson.  Doing anything to add additional traffic to Crosstown is a potentially dangerous and terrible idea.
    The only way i could support this was if they installed a toll plaza and charged $2 per axle to out of county residents EACH WAY..   

  • Reply to: Most ‘unverified’ students: FCHS, SCHS   12 hours 40 min ago

    Amendent 1, zerpsed?                                                                           Are you trying to say that voting for Amendment 1 and if it passes will enable parents school choice across county lines? Methinks you are representing a wrong fact. 

  • Reply to: Most ‘unverified’ students: FCHS, SCHS   12 hours 40 min ago

    Amendent 1, zerpsed?                                                                           Are you trying to say that voting for Amendment 1 and if it passes will enable parents school choice across county lines? Methinks you are representing a wrong fact. 

  • Reply to: Most ‘unverified’ students: FCHS, SCHS   14 hours 25 min ago

    STF you seem to have missed the point.  The crimmals are not the kids.  The real crime is denying a kid a good education.  The criminals are those that put the concerns of the education establishment ahead of the kids.  Sounds like your support Hillary.  She's against the kids.  Are you? 

  • Reply to: 2 days, 2 Waffle House robberies   14 hours 29 min ago

    Ginga 2
    Ya know, we could have this growth and still have our Rural characteristics, but that requires a DA and Judges that will NOT plea bargin away our Securities, Fayette used to be known as THE County in Ga to NOT get sideways with the law in, sadly when that new "Justice Center" was built they installed a revolving Door, Ya ought to go over there sometime and just sit in a court room and "watch the justice"  Shoplifting? No Jail Time, just 1 year probation, Breaking into cars, no jail time,, 1 or maybe 5 Years of Probation. It's kinda sad actually knowing crooks have NO FEAR of Fayette anymore

  • Reply to: 2 days, 2 Waffle House robberies   14 hours 37 min ago

    Pike Co, Merriwhether Co, Heard Co, Tennessee, Clay County Alabama (well, not yet but fairly soon) .
    Oh and it appears to still be alive and well, In Brooks

  • Reply to: Most ‘unverified’ students: FCHS, SCHS   14 hours 41 min ago

    back in 2011 (or 10) I had to go to Superior Court as a potential witness, while waiting they went through the Jail birds, The guy/case that stood out in my mind was an Indian fellow in Jail house Orange, the charges were Felony False Swearing, He lived in Clayton Co and had one child in Fayette Co Schools, He plead guilty, The Judge told him he understood the desire to have his son attend a Fayette Co School, but in doing so he had stolen from the Citizens of Fayette County, he was sentenced 5 years suspended, and ordered to pay $7,500.00 in restitution +Court Cost , So yeah I saw a man prosecuted for Lying about his address and charged and convicted with a Felony for doing so 

  • Reply to: 2 days, 2 Waffle House robberies   15 hours 30 min ago

    Crime comes with what some folks call "progress."  Where did our good old Rural characteristics go

  • Reply to: It's almost over!   15 hours 47 min ago

    Only obvious deceivers using trickery to move the ball down the field get my flag for illegal procedure. 

  • Reply to: Most ‘unverified’ students: FCHS, SCHS   15 hours 56 min ago

    JJ, Arrests & Fines
    I don't recall seeing a history or record of either!  You got details?

  • Reply to: It's almost over!   16 hours 30 min ago
    Stranger than Fiction

    With this deity-challenged talk, you'll have Brewster calling you names soon.

  • Reply to: Dirty tricks, then and now   16 hours 47 min ago

    An Elderly couple sitting in church one morning, when the husband gently leaned over to whisper in his wifes ear, "whew" he said, I'm sorry but them beans just made a silent but deadly one, His wife reached in her purse and handed him his hearing aides "It's wasn't SILENT"... Thank you Thank you I'll be here all week,,,,, : )

  • Reply to: Most ‘unverified’ students: FCHS, SCHS   16 hours 53 min ago

    I don't think that would even work at UGA.. I'll tell ya straight up, IF these parents aren't arrested as has been the policy in the past, Then I truly hope the past arrestees and fine payers Sue the heck out of this County as it would be obvious there's a discrimination of Law here

  • Reply to: Fayetteville adopts downtown study, but canal talk persists   17 hours 11 min ago

    Fayetteville Canal.
    Ummm, waaa,,,uummmm eeerrr,,, Fayetteville Canal? a CANAL? please tell me I'm not the only person in this County that had to read this idea TWICE to make sure some IDIOT in government is even THINKING about a Canal in Downtown Fayetteville,,,OMGosh we have our very own Guam Will tip Over Hank Johnson
    I have  better Idea, Let's build a Sky Tram (like Six Flags used to have) say from Riverdale to Downtown Fayetteville with a Stop at the Pavilion

  • Reply to: Most ‘unverified’ students: FCHS, SCHS   17 hours 15 min ago
    Husband and Father of 2

    Hey JJ:  Do you think GT would let me go a whole semester without paying and then still give me a passing grade?

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