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  • Reply to: Fayette Visioning selects branding partner   1 hour 28 min ago

    New York, OF COURSE!
    Surely little old Fayette County can afford it, surely.  We do want those who swarm the largest city in the country to descend upon our rural utopia and muck it up.  Surely. 
    Who's flashing the cash for this?  Sounds like the chicken man better pony up big time.  Is this to soothe the libertard feathers for the chicken company's reputation in gay old NY?   To boost the company profits and  yet claim it is to bring his son's millennial friends into our little world? 
    Here's a brand and a bold idea:  Fayette, we love the peace and quiet away from the rest of the Atl metro mess.  Keep movin', enjoy our view as you pass through.

  • Reply to: We are electing the Supreme Court this November   5 hours 24 min ago
    Stranger than Fiction

    Congratulations Mr. Velsmid.  After three unsuccessful letters, you finally made a cogent argument based on some facts and principles instead of ad hominem attacks and grocery store experiences.  Now didn't that feel a lot better?

  • Reply to: Newnan cops searching for bank robber   8 hours 27 min ago

    Suggest cops call around detailing shops in local area.  Douchy car like that will have an owener who spends money on detailling services.  Silver/gray Toyota with gold rims is going to be rare (because that is an ugly combination).  Oh and it will be a Toyota Celica. 

  • Reply to: Newnan cops searching for bank robber   8 hours 38 min ago

    Another reason that I never go to The Walmarts....riff raff.

  • Reply to: Traffic accident claims life of Fayetteville woman   8 hours 55 min ago

    Cy, this Wallace is using
    federal dollars to fund his company, too!  There is a you tube of him talking about it.  His partner, the La. parish constable, also an (R), will deny, deny, deny, too. 
    Another example of career politicians that Trump is griping about, and it does not end with the (R) or (D), it has infected our whole country.  Heck, see how many spouses of elected and at least one county management in goold old Fayette are raking in the cash due to shall we say, marital relations...SCUM it is. 

  • Reply to: Traffic accident claims life of Fayetteville woman   9 hours 28 min ago

    Hey moe, .........
    Arkansas State Representative Dave Wallace (R) hasl denied any knowledge. (SCUM)


  • Reply to: Stinky fertilizer vs. mega-hog farm — Trump vs. Hillary   9 hours 48 min ago

    Hey Gym,
    Sorry about the delay.  Use Google News and search "Obamacare" and pick your story.  USA today, Forbes, WSJ,.......
    Here's Forbes:

  • Reply to: Traffic accident claims life of Fayetteville woman   13 hours 23 min ago


    An updated story from the New Orleans Advocate on why this party bus full of illegals was on the road.

    Who hired them and why.

    Five prior citations for the same illegal driver.......

    Fed ICE, State Troopers, local Parrish elected, you name it, all in.

    And now, the ambulance chasing attorneys have already been hired by the illegals to collect the lawsuit cash.

    Lost in all of this, is the efforts of the FD who were out there at the crack of dawn on a Sunday morning just trying to help other accident victims.

  • Reply to: Traffic accident claims life of Fayetteville woman   18 hours 47 min ago

    Article 4 Section 4
    The United States shall guarantee to every State in this Union a Republican Form of Government, and shall protect each of them against Invasion; and on Application of the Legislature, or of the Executive (when the Legislature cannot be convened) against domestic Violence.
    WHEN Washington fails to uphold this Constitutional Law it falls to the States, Jan Brewer (R Az) stood up for  5 seconds to defend her state from Invasion, Right up an until Obama walked off Air Force One and reminded her about all of that Stringy Federal Money Arizona takes. I find it laughable that Rick Perry complains about illegals (now) just as I do ever other state Government. but what is most laughable is that folks actually believe Donald Trump is gonna build a Mexico Paid for Wall. but then I also understand WHY Nigerians are so successful in getting Americans to cash checks for them

  • Reply to: Stinky fertilizer vs. mega-hog farm — Trump vs. Hillary   19 hours 8 min ago

    To each his own, I USE TO agree with that, but then I realized just how woefully unprepared Americans are to be Voting, Then I realized just how easy my fellow countrymen find it to remove My liberties while at the Ballot Box. Now I look at Hillary and Trump and for the first time in my life have an Honest sense of dread because of To Each his Own.

  • Reply to: Traffic accident claims life of Fayetteville woman   1 day 1 hour ago

    Cy, The New Orleans Advocate

    article below. Not only was the PARTY bus driver (2002 model...illegals drive any vehicle that is over 10 years old or older, right) an illegal, he had been pulled over by La. state police on Aug. 5th on I-10 and ticketed for driving without a license. That was three weeks before this horrendous crash.

    ICE comment, "We are aware of the incident and are looking into it."

    THIS Is what Trump is talking about. We do not hear a word from Hillary or Obummer on this lack of enforcement of our EXISTING laws. Silence and ignorance.

  • Reply to: Stinky fertilizer vs. mega-hog farm — Trump vs. Hillary   1 day 1 hour ago

    Then I stand corrected about your position.  People who come out and say they just will not vote in protest over the choices, well, I take issue with that.  Big issue.   Our privilege to vote should, to me, be held up on a pedestal right there with freedoms so many so easily take for granted or totally abuse.  I predict a huge turnout in November, record breaking, and yet there will voter fraud the likes we have never seen before.  Or, should I say, the likes we have never known about before. 
    Jesse Jackson yaps about 618,000 unregistered black voters in Georgia?  And his comment, "Each Sunday in our churches, schools and various social organizations we should prioritize registration and turnout."  Is that what our churches are for?  Our schools are for?  To register to vote for TRUMP, Jesse?   Massive voter fraud in Fulton County alone is common knowledge.  It is a cesspool of fakery and has been for years. 
    Trump is a delegator.   The upper echelon military leaders who actually knew how to lead have retired or left the military as fast as they could over the last 8 years.  What is left are a pathetic bunch who kowtow to Obama.  Trump will empower leadership, true leadership, again in the military and bring the culture back of what a military is for.  To fight. To win.  To defend, protect and kill our enemies.  Simple concept that Obummer has twisted and skewed. 
    There has been no worse CINC than Obummer, execpt one other one term prezbo I will not mention...yet.  As for the choice of Hills or Trump for CINC, Wolf Man will never convince anyone that Hills would be the better choice. 
    You, along with most, are choosing to dismiss the Trump support.  My guess, Hills has just about begun to implode with her past, her lies, her husband's actions (not to mention how sick she really is..obvious looking at her when not all dolled up for an event) and if those in the know can stay alive and not be found shot or mugged on a dark road or at night before they open up, her and her husband's actions will be exposed before November.

  • Reply to: Stinky fertilizer vs. mega-hog farm — Trump vs. Hillary   1 day 3 hours ago

    Moelarrycurly ya got me all wrong
    You have attributed to me a position that I do not hold and then criticized me for having the position that you assigned to me. Let me assure you that I am not in any way, shape or form advocating not voting. I haven’t seen Jason in a month or so and didn’t even know he was out campaigning for Hill. I am not involved with nor do I have any contact with any campaign except casual bumping into friends and acquaintances who might be working in campaigns.
    Hillary’s people are not stupid. They know that Georgia is a red state and they most certainly know that there is absolutely not a thing on Earth that Hillary could do to get Fayette county’s vote.  Getting Georgia to vote for Hillary is a much different animal than getting Georgia to not vote for Trump. If Georgia comes into play, you will be seeing advertising of Republican leaders, conservative think tankers and retired military and intelligence officers asking you not to vote for Trump because he is a danger and is unfit to command the military of the United States of America. He has given Clinton a lot of video saying dangerous stuff like he knows more about ISIS than our Generals. I can’t imagine them not using it hard. It could be a very effective argument when Paul Wolfowitz and fifty like him are saying it.

  • Reply to: 3-to-2 majority sees no need for zoning moratorium   1 day 5 hours ago

    Criswell, do you understand "Domestic Tranquility"? If you do, then you will understand a large part of  Brown's relationship with the NAACP.--Just my  personal belief.

  • Reply to: 3-to-2 majority sees no need for zoning moratorium   1 day 5 hours ago

    Steve Brown double bummer. Now Brown has to run in "his" district which is made up of the same folks in Peachtree City that he did such a poor job leading as Mayor.  Guess his Commission race in 4 years will be up for grabs. Perhaps his talents or lack there of could be better appreciated at the State Level. I would give the first $5.00 for his campaign expenses if he would run for a state office. I live in the north end of the county and would be willing to gett him at least 4 votes on my street. Now that is a start all be it a small start.  probably would not want a Brown sign in my yard as I am a closet Democrat just like Brown.  Could Brown be supporting Hilary just like he supported Oboma ?   Republicans take note Brown is a Democrat and he openly is supporting the Democrat for County Commission. Brown is working against his fellow republican Maxwell. Brown also support Pota Coston against his buddy Allen McCarty. McCarty the guy that supported Brown during the Frady years. So much for loyality as Brown can not spell loyal.  Got to go. Aunt Bee ain't happy and this ain't Mayberry.

  • Reply to: Rezoning requester changes mind, will seek annexation   1 day 5 hours ago

    Steve Brown bummer. Barlow is trying to do right by the employees and asking for the pay study is a good thing especially if you want to take care of your employees that provide services and make the Commission look good. Employees that I talk with dislike Brown so much that they are reluctant to talk. Employees talk of being continually being put down and many feel treated less than human and taken for granted. I hope Brown's daughters work for someone just like their dad someday. The pay study will let management know if our employees are being paid competitively for the region. How could that be bad? Hope it will be completed in time for funds to be budgeted for adjustments next year.  Barlow's replacement should support this and you can bet the Big Ognio won't and Big Brown won't.  Hope the employees remember that at the next election. Hope they tell their family and friends. Aunt Bee ain't happy cause it ain't Mayberry anymore.

  • Reply to: Stinky fertilizer vs. mega-hog farm — Trump vs. Hillary   1 day 5 hours ago

    Cy & Obamacare.   Source pls or you just "funnin"?  Or playing the role of the lady with the Turban on?

  • Reply to: Stinky fertilizer vs. mega-hog farm — Trump vs. Hillary   1 day 6 hours ago

    Obamacare is collapsing!!!!
    Gee, who didn't see this coming. 

  • Reply to: Stinky fertilizer vs. mega-hog farm — Trump vs. Hillary   1 day 6 hours ago

    jj & Voting
    to each his own---we just all have to be capable of dealing with the results without needless and useless pissing & moaning.

  • Reply to: Traffic accident claims life of Fayetteville woman   1 day 6 hours ago

    Hey Gym, 
    Allen West's column.....that was an excellent read!!!!!

  • Reply to: Traffic accident claims life of Fayetteville woman   1 day 6 hours ago

    Can ya Imagine
    If Jeff Gordon had pulled the not standing up stunt?

  • Reply to: Stinky fertilizer vs. mega-hog farm — Trump vs. Hillary   1 day 6 hours ago

    Except for Reagan in 84 I have never Voted for a D or R President, see absolutely NO reason this time to do so in 16, If folks stayed home over Romney, fine, THEY "voted" their values, which I would far more respect than this constant Lesser of two evils that will ONLY lead to the likes of Hitler, Hillary or Trump leaders,,, In 92 had people voted their Values rather than following the other sheep we NEVER have a Clinton in the White House, but with the High School like mind set "popularity" took top billing

  • Reply to: Traffic accident claims life of Fayetteville woman   1 day 6 hours ago

    Cy, Kaepernick, & Allen West
    Former Fla Representative and Former  US Army Lieutenant Colonel Allen West wrote a  very pointed column addressed to Kaepernick concerning respect for our Country, our Flag, and our National Anthem.  A normal person would shrivel up and go away;  I doubt that--even if he understands it--Kaepernick will react in a favorable manner.

  • Reply to: How about cute dogs?   1 day 6 hours ago

    Kaepernick, football and common sense                                                         Sure enough the little spoiled football brat has the right to free speech just like I do. I remember using that right of free speech decades ago and felt good about it - untill ine day I decided that all the employees and managers of the company where i worked needed to hear my message about the illegal war in viet nam loud and clear. Passed out flyers in the lunchroom at 12 noon, was fired by 2pm. Lost on me was the fact that I worked in an office that had a contract with a shipyard building vessels for the very same war. OK, I was young. But I learned.
                                                                                                                  Now it is Kaepernick's turn to learn. He's on a team and has a contract with that team, which in turn has a contract with the NFL. He's required to wear a uniform, show up for games and practice, also some press events and he certainly has a code of conduct which excludes heinous acts unless you play for Baltimore. I'm sure his agent told him - sure you can sit out the national anthem and you might get by with it and stll get paid, but it is a stupid PR move. Mighty fine. His call. His agent might (or should of) added that there are plenty of NFL fans who salute the flag, stand up when appropriate and genuinely love the country. Of course that depend upon who his agent is.
                                                                                                                    The team being in San Fransisco probably celebrates gay pride more tha American Pride, but if I had an NFL team my contract with the players would have a personal conduct clause that required standing up and respecting the country. Sad that it needs contractural help, but that's where we are. Can you even begin to imagine Jim Brown or Ed too tall Jones or even O J Simpson or Kenny Stabler or Terry Bradshaw or Jeff Van Note sitting down during the national anthem? 
                                                                                                                Maybe after a year on the bench Kaepernick can volunteer for active duty Army like that Cardnial DB did. Don't want him to get killed, but maybe he can learn some respect. Stupid spoiled brat.

  • Reply to: Traffic accident claims life of Fayetteville woman   1 day 6 hours ago

    Typically, the NTSB will review road accidents involving commercial vehicles.  This report will be interesting.  
    You're right regarding those medical costs.
    BTW, you posting something about Colin Kaepernick.  Have to wonder if this country is so oppressive for blacks and people of color as he stated then why the ______ do we have over 11 million illegals here and more on the way if Hillary wins??

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