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  • Reply to: FreeSpeech for 10-06-10   1 hour 15 min ago

    December 15,1791
    A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Bibles (religious text), shall not be infringed. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
    Yet in Georgia a citizen MUST buy permission to be in posession of a Concealed or Open Carried Bible, Bibles are not allowed in,on,or near certain areas through-out the State. .......................................................
    Thank You Governor Deal from protecting us from all those Bibles, and the Stress of having to worry about what the United Constitution Actually say's

  • Reply to: PTC man dies in motorcycle accident   1 hour 22 min ago

    I suggest keeping an open mind on this.  Reports on social media by witnesses have the bike weaving in and out of traffic just before this happened.  His facebook shows he was involved in some sort of bike racing, also.  Yes, on the face of it, looks like another case of elderly driver error.  And yes, from what I read he was a wonderful young man.  This is so tragic.  However, let's see how the investigation comes out.  My prayers to all family and friends. 

  • Reply to: ‘The dark side’ and ‘specialness’   2 hours 42 min ago
    Husband and Father of 2

    Two of 3 on commission
    2 on BOE

  • Reply to: Westside traffic mess is PTC Council’s fault, not DOT’s   3 hours 45 min ago

    Eric needs to be called out early and often....way too much bluster for my taste in a sensible leader. 

  • Reply to: Westside traffic mess is PTC Council’s fault, not DOT’s   4 hours 34 min ago
    dar thompson

    No true...Eric...don't mislead people. There is absolutely no truth to your statement that council broke GDOT rules. GDOT has to approve and the only entity that approves all traffic signals on state routes.
    GDOT sets the rules...not the council.

  • Reply to: PTC man dies in motorcycle accident   4 hours 41 min ago

    Hey Roadrunner...
    I hear you.  You got to weight the risks against the enjoyment of riding any two wheeler - powered or pedaled.
    As for the driver of the vehicle, I chalk it up to human factors.  She might have looked both ways but did not perceive an imminent colison or perhaps see thought she looked both ways but didn't.  The other human factor issue is fitness to drive.  Did she have proper rest and was medication a factor.  When all these elements are combined it could have affected her ability to safely drive.  
    Now let's add in the element of "external" distractions.  These are all the devices which interferes with the brain's abilty to process information.
    Unfortnatly, in this sad event, we may never know what happened other than the vechicle failed to yeild to the cyclist and as a result this young man is no longer with us.  It hurts to think about it.
    I suspect, if the incident occured as reported in the Newnan paper, the DA will seek a lesser manslaughter charge.  After that comes the civil court case.
    Be careful out there.  We sometimes take driving for granted but a lot bad things can happen.  Very scary.  

  • Reply to: Vote for veterans for seats in Congress   4 hours 51 min ago

    Pooler; Vote for Veterans
    Veterans, Past, Present and Future THANK YOU for your Honorable Service, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
    Now to Pooler, Just being a Vet is NOT good enough to get my vote, may I remind you General Mark Clark is a Veteran, John Kerry is a Veteran, General Benedict Arnold;  need I say more? As THANKFUL as I am for the service (Honorable) of men and women (and their families) for the Oath they have all sworn too, some it seems don't place all that high of a priority to that Oath. Therefore I can not and WILL NOT blindly Vote for a person simply because they at one time wore a Military Uniform , but I can promise, they DO get my respect and gratitude or that Honorable at one time Action

  • Reply to: PTC man dies in motorcycle accident   6 hours 17 min ago

    Thanks for the link Cyclist, very sad.  I sold both my bikes last Saturday the day before this occurred and my family couldn't be happier.  I was ready to stop riding, never having the time to ride like I wanted to, but as a guy in my 50's the idea of going down on the pavement due to the inattention of another driver made less & less sense to me.  I DO NOT blame the rider for his decision to ride, I blame people doing everything behind the wheel of their car besides the one thing they're supposed to be doing, driving!  This lady due to her age could very well be past her prime as a driver, and having been through this with my own mother, many elderly are very resistant to giving up their keys and freedom.  Luckily my mother never killed anyone, this lady and her family aren't as lucky.  I feel for both parties but believe the law needs to be followed when someone's actions result in another's death.  Very sad.

  • Reply to: Vote for veterans for seats in Congress   6 hours 41 min ago

    Vote for Veterans!!!  Consider em as a "write in when not on a ballot!"  Best idea presented in quite some time.  
    1.  Vote for Veterans
    2.  Return Civics, Social Science to the education arena so The People are informed of their rights and duties as A People!     

  • Reply to: Candidates for superior court judge, commission report campaign funds   8 hours 21 min ago
    yada yada yada

    There is only one commissioner who thinks he is above the others - Steve Brown

  • Reply to: Local 9-year-old fights hunger   12 hours 18 min ago

    At 9 years old, my biggest decision of the day came at sundown when my mother would stand at the front door and yell my and my sister's names to come inside and get ready for our bath and bed.  Sometimes, on a really great evening, I would risk the dreaded second or third yell, each shortening my name to an even more curt better get in here now or else mom voice level.  You know what I am talking about. 
     Nice to read when a future generation outdoes older ones by a mile.  Way to go Andrew Fleming. 

  • Reply to: Headstones desecrated at PTC cemetery   12 hours 43 min ago

    Secret Squirrel,
    I've spent most of the morning digging through my hand written papers, including one written in 2005 by yours truly, that I used to address some Boy Scouts, in the hand written version I DID give the author foot note credit, but in putting in a Word Document I failed to do so, Now this doesn't excuse me, but I think if you look back on my post here you will see I DO give credit when I cut and Paste (Like one of my favorite quotes about government education from Allan Keyes, I thin you will also see where I have gone to _____ website and given them credit, Ya see I actually DO believe in Personal Property Rights and one's thoughts are the most pure property right there is,, On this one I Failed miserably and would like to aplogize to YOU and anyone else that is following this thread and will redouble my efforts not not repeat this error
    Can't promise a thing about my Grammar, but hey you ought to see my spelling BEFORE I click on Spell Checker , I'm telling you English gives me fits, it's never been logical to my brain IE Fonetics but it's Phonetics ,,,so much for sounding a word out.....

  • Reply to: Headstones desecrated at PTC cemetery   16 hours 2 min ago
    secret squirrel

    Colonel Taylor is the man who wrote the words you're passing off as your own.
    "Franciscan monks replaced the Jesuits and converted Indians through 1597 when a war, ignited by an argument between a cleric and an aspiring chief destroyed much of the Franciscans' work."
    " in 1670, the battle for the coast between it and Florida began. Dr. Henry Woodward is credited as being the first English explorer of Georgia, although the term explorer is hardly accurate. By that time the Spanish and French had explored almost all of the places Woodward would visit."
    "From South Carolina Dr. Woodward headed west to the falls of the Chattahoochee, near Coweta, center of the Creek Nation. Woodward's job was to lure the Indians away from the Spanish missionaries, who were fearful of an outright English attack. The attack came in 1680, led by Woodward, whose ranks were swollen by the Indians whom he had work with for 10 years. The Spanish withdraw to Sapelo Island and by 1684 the Spanish were gone from the coast of Georgia."
    It certainly appears you've copied his work without citing it and passed it off as your own.  Perhaps there are other names for this but it's generally called "plagiarism."

  • Reply to: Headstones desecrated at PTC cemetery   16 hours 49 min ago

    Nothing sacred anymore JJ - that is the root cause of the ills of todays society.  Well, maybe there is one thing left that is universally sacred - our personal space.

  • Reply to: Headstones desecrated at PTC cemetery   17 hours 23 min ago

    Turns out the Injuns were right again,,Stay the heck off Sacred Grounds,......................................................
    Reminds me about the Rich man that told his wife he wanted to be buried with all of his money, he died and she put an old shoe box with all of his money in the casket, The Wife's friend was aghast "I can't believe you buried all of that money, are you nuts?" The wife quietly replied, No, I transferred all of his cash to my account and then wrote him a check,,,,,,

  • Reply to: Headstones desecrated at PTC cemetery   23 hours 4 min ago

    At least we do not seem to be having the problem I have been reading about in other areas of the country, where burial vaults and caskets are being dug up in hopes of finding jewelry such as wedding rings, bracelets, necklaces, etc. And I have read of several situations recently where dozens of markers have been overturned and smashed by misguided teens simply as a prank. On another note, I still recall my high school physics teacher, who was cleaning out around a tombstone during an organized cemetery cleanup and it turned over on him and he was crushed to death.  He was buried in that same cemetery several days later.

  • Reply to: Sheriff, challenger differ on rules for issuing gun permits, use of no-knock warrants   1 day 1 hour ago
    Citizen Bob


  • Reply to: Sheriff, challenger differ on rules for issuing gun permits, use of no-knock warrants   1 day 1 hour ago
    Citizen Bob

    Wasn't he the only one of 56 state senators who opposed the governor's bill that would result in some schools being managed out of the governor's office instead of by their local school boards? And also opposed the governor by supporting the religious freedom bill?

  • Reply to: Commission ponders stop to politicking at meetings   1 day 2 hours ago
    Husband and Father of 2

    The only place this was posted was in the meeting agenda.  It could have been posted on the front page of the county website, or better yet, he could have contacted the press to let people know.   There were ulterior motives to have this on a revised meeting day and time.  He didn't want to serve the people.  He served his own interests.

  • Reply to: FreeSpeech for 10-06-10   1 day 2 hours ago

    Zebulon Forum
    Tonight (5/2/2016) The Chamber and Farm Bureau put on a GOP and Democrat Forum, 6 GOP candidates showed up and 2 democrats,, A question was asked about "As as Congressman what do you see as your responsibility with Constituent Services, The Lady Democrat was given her turn to answer, Which was,,"What is a Constituent" ,, Now obviously this Democrat will be Voting for Hillary,,need we have ANY OTHER proof about Hillary Voters? Then there's Mike Crane that didn't want the Forum to allow Attendee's to ask questions and he absolutely didn't want the other Candidates to be able to direct questions or comments about current candidates (Basically he did want to have to answer HIS "Blow them Away" stance of Killing Cops) Wow Mike's turning out to be as Transparent as Obama

  • Reply to: Commission ponders stop to politicking at meetings   1 day 3 hours ago

    Yes, Husband, I can say "two faced."  I can also say hypocritical and betrayal.  Here in my old age, I've learned that when something seems too good to be true, it usually is.  You know "fool me once, shame on you.  Fool me twice shame on me!

  • Reply to: Commission ponders stop to politicking at meetings   1 day 3 hours ago

    Husband, I didn't attend last week's commission meeting but I did watch it and wondered WHY? there was an ARC rep speaking.  Now I know that he was invited by Chairman Oddo.  NO WONDER!  It was all just too sweet.  The ARC is a "planning" group.  They are there to help with any problems different counties might be experiencing.  As if, the all knowing, all seeing ARC has all the answers for all problems.  Of course, the ARC rep named off transportation problems and problems due to the record number of senior citizens.  I need to publicly thank former Commissioner and current Candidate Allen McCarty for making it possible to view the commission meetings through the internet.  If it had not been for Allen McCarty, I wouldn't have been able to view the commission meetings.  THANK YOU, MR. MCCARTY.  

  • Reply to: PTC man dies in motorcycle accident   1 day 3 hours ago

    Doug T.....
    No doubt as she has to live with this and seek legal counsel.  The Newnan paper offers more details regarding this terrible crash.  The Coweta DA has to make a decision soon.  Everytime we get behind the wheel we subject ourselves to this risk.  It's scary when you think about it.           


  • Reply to: PTC man dies in motorcycle accident   1 day 4 hours ago

    Not only tragic for the David Harris's  family, but also for Mildred Amey.  

  • Reply to: Fayette is off the map for big job makers   1 day 4 hours ago

    Hey Jose, are you smoking?  How do your comments relate to the article?  

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