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    Thanks....You, too, PTC O....Thanks. 

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    Stranger than Fiction

    The best way to honor our valiant men and women in uniform is to desist from religious and civil wars on foreign soil.  Let Muslims fight with other Muslims.  Let Russia and Ukraine duke in out.  Quit antagonizing China about their man-made islands.  We don't have to police the world.  We owe it to the 57,000 who died in Vietnam to "just say no" when it comes to solving other country's problems.

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    Sunset at the lake
    Wow, throw a few gazillion gallons of water in the lake and you have at last count 21 golf carts parkef to watch that orange orb settle over Joel Cowans treetops and another 11 assorted adults with unknown beverages in solo cups hanging on the new rail at the far side of the new dock along the Way and guess it must officially be summertime in the City.

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    Doggie question
    anyone know if there is a doggie in PTC that has NOT walked it's owner(s) this weekend? Woof.
     I am sure any concern over the sinkholes developing along the grassy areas of the causeway at Battery Park is an overreaction to the natural phenomena of the ducks burrowing tunnels as payback for the millions of cubic tons of granite rocks thrown down over their nesting areas along waters edge. Or is that rip rap paddy whack, take a ducky's home....the same, my guess.  

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    Meaning bless her move                                                                           I'm on board with that. Peachy can go get back to her Yankee roots and leave us be. No loss, no problem. 
                                                                                      Of course she's correct that we are a weird and very  odd slice of society. I happen to like that. I'm not a leach from Coweta using our cart paths for free, I am not a parasite from Clayton sneaking my kids into schools for which taxes are not paid, I am certainly not a thug from Riverdale coming here with a gun robbing people in the Pavillion parking lot and I am most defintely not a politician that somehow can ignore all of the above and pretend everything is so fine. 
                                                                                      I think there is a reason that a gun shop and target range is coming to pTC. i know I will hone my emerging gun skills there and that hubby and I will certainly be ready for any itnrusion. Hope you do the same.

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    Bless your heart. 

  • Reply to: Get ready to jam – Roller derby is coming to Fayetteville   21 hours 20 min ago

    This town is just too weird for words.  If I could afford NJ/NYC I would go back in a heartbeat, among regular people.

  • Reply to: Shall this republic stand?   1 day 29 min ago

    Here's my questions for you, who gets to decide who the domestic enemies are?  Have you ever heard of the Posse Comitatus act? Most of the Vets I know expect no gratitude, they do expect a certain amount of respect, yet sadly don't receive it. YOUR military and Obama's Military, and Hilary's military, and Bernie's military are all the same and the definition of domestic enemies is open to interpretation. If you're really concerned about YOUR militaries oath and the constitution, I see that you have at least two options, get elected to office or join the military, that is if you aren't too tired.

  • Reply to: Get ready to jam – Roller derby is coming to Fayetteville   1 day 2 hours ago

    Really  "Delta Trophy Wives" and "Soccer Moms"  I am not a delta pilot or a pilot wife and not not a soccer mom. Talk about labeling people in to groups.  If it happens with them you are doing it with others. Look at your self.

  • Reply to: Shall this republic stand?   1 day 3 hours ago

    David Epps, SIR ( and I need YOU to understand what I am about to type is more QUESTION than statement, yet my poor communication skills may cause a different appearance. While I admire those that serve, and I Thank those that do, I'm tired of the open (expected) gratitude a uniform commands, I have read American History, I understand the Whiskey Rebellion, I understand (very well) the Trail of Tears, I am aware of the Bonus Army,, I've studied Kent State, Ruby Ridge,Waco, and the current Invasion. I KNOW the 2nd Amendment states clearly SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED yet I read active duty, on leave Marines in NYC are charged with a "Felony" for daring to Keep and bear arms, I've read that reporters have been jailed for reporting, I've seen Citizens Jailed, and or Fined, and or FORCED  to surrender their Religious Rights,,,, I guess at this point my question is, WHEN will MY military Honor their oath to protect the Constitution from DOMESTIC enemies ?

  • Reply to: Shall this republic stand?   1 day 10 hours ago

    If everyone was of the same opinion as Pastor Epps maybe America would be doomed. Luckily most of us have more faith in the average American than he does. Stopping the lecturing about his concept of patriotism would help.

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