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  • Reply to: What’s gone wrong with democracy?   6 hours 19 min ago

    Great article. Just simple historical and legal fact that way too many people don't understand or care about.

    Mob rule and tyranny are what the founders wrote the constitution to avoid, but when a simple majority in congress or an out of control president can trample all over our individual rights (e.g. obumblecare and subsequent illegal iterations), mob rule and tyranny are what we have.

  • Reply to: 6 public hearings on Thursday Fayette Commission’s agenda   7 hours 39 sec ago
    Husband and Father of 2

    Hwy 85 = Tara Blvd

    Mr Ognio is on the ball. If the city doesn't watch itself 85 will soon have more vacant shops. Instead of annexing and building new, how bout they get their business development guy to clean up what they've got.

  • Reply to: F’ville soldier stole millions in Saudi Arabia   8 hours 7 min ago

    "sent boxes of U.S. cash back to the states"

    Or did they "steal it back"? Our government "sends boxes of cash OUT of the states", no?

  • Reply to: 6 public hearings on Thursday Fayette Commission’s agenda   17 hours 28 min ago

    Mayor Clifton, I suggest you get yourself up to speed on the goings on within your city limits. You have no idea what that parcel of land next to Pinewood will accommodate for big box stores??? Now that, if I lived there, would scare the beeejesuus out of me. Or are you being led by the developer nose as you go along with what they tell you they want to do?
    College dorms or student housing would be needed within 2 years for a new state college on Veterans Pkwy. for the (not announced yet and hinted at) state film academy.
    1500 students at GMC within 3 years or so, is that what he said?
    Two hotels, not one.
    Three movies to be filmed in 2016.
    You darn well better get that path and tunnel built since there will be gridlock soon on that 2 lane road/parkway/quasibypass. The only way to get anywhere will be on foot, and it will not be by design, it will be by necessity.

    And, again, Randy Ognio is the IQ king tonight. The only one who raised concern of a very real possibility of further blight on the 85 corridor when shops close due to the new retail district coming to Pinewood Forrest. Thanks Randy, you continue to impress me in your less than eloquent (who cares, I don't) but most heartfelt concern for the bigger picture here in this county.

    And Pota, the Pinewood boutique hotel expert? My, my, my.

  • Reply to: 6 public hearings on Thursday Fayette Commission’s agenda   18 hours 38 min ago

    Actually, that McHugh wack job will make sure nothing is left in closed records. Good grief.

  • Reply to: 6 public hearings on Thursday Fayette Commission’s agenda   18 hours 58 min ago
    Husband and Father of 2

    Perhaps that's why they wanted more checks and balances from the administrator, lol.

    You think an open records request before his next election is warranted?

  • Reply to: 6 public hearings on Thursday Fayette Commission’s agenda   19 hours 16 min ago

    Omg I cannotbeleiveyousaidthat. I was going to say he must have submitted his really big expense reports and the money came in......but I saved it for but scare-eeeee!

  • Reply to: 6 public hearings on Thursday Fayette Commission’s agenda   19 hours 39 min ago
    Husband and Father of 2

    Thems his dancing shoes. Probably paid for from all the mileage reimbursements.

  • Reply to: Brown: Dislike the direction of county   19 hours 51 min ago

    West Fayetteville ByPass.

  • Reply to: A simple question   19 hours 53 min ago

    Fox News personality Bill O'Reilly is under a barrage of intense scrutiny following the revelation that he apparently lied about a number of high-profile reporting events in his career. These lies include claiming he witnessed a massacre of nuns in El Salvador, boasting that he saw combat taking place during the Falklands War, and stating that he was present at the suicide of a man sought during the JFK assassination investigation.

  • Reply to: What’s gone wrong with democracy?   19 hours 57 min ago

    The founder loved democracy. But it is partitioned with checks and balances so no one entity becomes too strong.

    It also makes it harder for the government in total to be bought off.

    Seriously this piece is bizarre. What are you advocating for ? Are you advocating for a republic owned by the Kock brothers ? Or is this a reaction to Obama call for mandatory voting.

    Or is it just a play on Democrat Bad, Reptilian good ?

  • Reply to: Fayette DA hires ex-Douglas County DA   20 hours 7 min ago

    I cannot see how this will ever back fire.

  • Reply to: F’ville soldier stole millions in Saudi Arabia   20 hours 7 min ago

    Entrepreneurial skill set.

  • Reply to: 6 public hearings on Thursday Fayette Commission’s agenda   20 hours 9 min ago

    Classic SB attacks. Here's to you and here's to me, If your disagreed, you lack integrity and here's to me.
    It is a SB story as old as time.

  • Reply to: Classes in Obamanomics   20 hours 21 min ago
    Fred Garvin

    Wealth isn't distributed. It's earned. That's what the bedwetting libtards have yet to learn.

  • Reply to: FreeSpeech for 10-06-10   21 hours 28 min ago

    As a child living in Spain, we learned a very helpful word that I feel you are looking for in this case. Caca...just to help you fill in the blank. I am so proud I was able to remember and use that word over 50 years later....thanks!

  • Reply to: Classes in Obamanomics   21 hours 28 min ago

    I would like to throw something out there and see just what the opinion of fellow bloggers may be:

    We have two young men, Joe and Jack. Both are from average homes, a father, mother and younger sister. Both fathers work at blue collar jobs, both moms are stay at home moms.

    Joe applies himself, attends school regularly, studies toward getting a scholarship for college. He is interested in engineering. Joe participates in sports at school but also has an after school job earning extra money. He hopes to buy a car so he can get a better job farther away from home.

    Jack attends the same school, but sees no reason to apply himself. He barely passes his classes, particpates in no school activities and prefer to hang out with his buddies after school.

    Graduation day John is awarded a four year scholarship to a decent college. Jack barely graduates. John goes off to college, applies himself once again and works at a part-time job to help with expenses.

    Jack gets a job through a friend of his father's, helping out at a garage. After several weeks he is let go; he was often late, sometimes did not even bother to come in and showed no interest in his job. Dad's friend had to let him go. He then got a McJob, going from one fast food place to another.He becomes a father, the couple livies with one set of parents then another. Finally Jack decides he can make more by getting food stamps and other benefits from the government than a low paying job. His children get PeachCare, or whatever the free health care is called, he and his wife go to the emergency room for any medical needs. Now there are 3 children and they are in government subsidized housing.

    Joe finishes college, gets a job with an engineering firm, starting at the bottom. He doesn't mind because he knows he will move up the ladder and he does, by hard work, offering suggestions and putting in the time. He marries his high school sweetheart who has her teaching degree and is working at a local elementary school. They wait to have a child so they can save for a good down payment on a home. They aren't wealthy but they are doing okay and have insurance and other benefits from their jobs.

    Now, the question---should Joe have to help take care of Jack who has no job, no education, no future but has a girlfriend/wife and several children.? Should Joe be obligated to do the 'humane" thing,? What should Jack's obligation be/have been? Does Joe have to become his brother's (Jack) keeper when Jack did nothing for himself?

  • Reply to: 6 public hearings on Thursday Fayette Commission’s agenda   21 hours 51 min ago

    Barlow has a new suit shoes!

  • Reply to: FreeSpeech for 10-06-10   22 hours 40 min ago

    Really??? Why is he now charged by the Army?

    What a bunch of _______ coming from this administration.

  • Reply to: First craft beer festival is Saturday in Fayetteville   23 hours 8 min ago

    Actually you could a year ago....;

    Don't know where you were living a year ago, but you could buy alcoholic drinks out of restaurants on Sunday in Fayette County and in PTC for many years. Couldn't buy it in the store "to-go" but, in restaurants, sure.

  • Reply to: Classes in Obamanomics   23 hours 23 min ago

    Now I'm curious; what about those who are not here legally. Are they going to participated in this little utopia you have described?

  • Reply to: 6 public hearings on Thursday Fayette Commission’s agenda   1 day 1 hour ago
    Husband and Father of 2

    I don't agree with everything he does either, but he is the best leader of the 5.

    The problem was that three thought the present chair could do a better job. If you have been to meetings or watched on the net, you can see its a lack of preparedness. You couple that with being outworked, and yes, you will have a problem.

    Lets look at the last few weeks. Mr. Brown brought the HB issue up regarding transportation and now he is following up with new proposals due to the willy washy meetings procedures along with limiting spending limits. What has anyone else brought to the table? We may not like some of the methods, but one has to admit, he outworks all the others.

  • Reply to: First craft beer festival is Saturday in Fayetteville   1 day 4 hours ago

    Forty five bucks...or even twenty bucks. How many beers do you have to drink to break even?
    Thanks for correction on price....I think.
    A year ago, couldn't even buy a drink on Sunday anywhere in this county. Now, come on over and get that BAL up, while on county land, before you get in your vehicle and drive home. Sweet.

  • Reply to: Racism today in America   1 day 4 hours ago
    Earl E Bird

    I thought Fayette County was a bastion of white supremacy? That's what the NAACP says? And you not so long ago agreed. LMAO

  • Reply to: 6 public hearings on Thursday Fayette Commission’s agenda   1 day 4 hours ago

    Anyone who thought SB was going quietly into that good night after loosing the Chairman vote, is nutz. Like him or not, he craves attention.

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