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  • Reply to: Dirty tricks, then and now   26 min 54 sec ago

    The GoP plan for the presidential canpaign ?  
    Vladmir Putin and his KGB hacking squad. 
    Julian Asssange - hated him with the Snowden leaks,  now he is just a bro,  wanted for sex with children
    Trump -  he wants to date your girls,  but just once,  on his elevator.      Letcherous. 
    Three rings to rules as one. Like the good the bad and the ugly.     But none of them are any good. 

  • Reply to: Hospital authority meets Oct. 26   46 min 7 sec ago

    Yep, I say it's time.  County would have to approve, though.  I just thought the top deck would be a logical spot.  They could make a few extra bucks if Marvel needs to rent it, too.  Just a stab in the dark here, nothing more.  Wait, since the hospital is in the city now, what approvals, if any, would be needed other than the chicken guy and the naacp mayor?  Anyone know?  I have no idea.

  • Reply to: Pinewood Forrest projects unveiled   1 hour 15 min ago

    Over 20 pages and less than 45 hours to go.  Thanks for the heads up.  

  • Reply to: Hospital authority meets Oct. 26   1 hour 43 min ago

    Heli Pad
    They keep building buildings closer and closer to the pad, there gets a point where it is just TOO Close either for direct safety reasons or wind turbulence by the Building safety reasons,

  • Reply to: Pinewood Forrest projects unveiled   1 hour 46 min ago
    Husband and Father of 2

    It's posted now.  It's a done deal.  High density, parking garages, mini ATL, but no jobs for locals.

  • Reply to: Hospital authority meets Oct. 26   2 hours 25 min ago

    MLC & "Stab"
    Well anyone who has been there knows that some sort of parking solution would certainly be good;  Helis have been landing "somewhere' there for a long time--why all of a sudden the need for a "new' landing pad"?

  • Reply to: Hospital authority meets Oct. 26   2 hours 39 min ago

    Let me take a stab.  A 10 story high parking garage which will be contracted out.  Oh, and a helipad on the roof.

  • Reply to: Pinewood Forrest projects unveiled   3 hours 6 min ago

    Found It-Public Hearing Fayetteville
    Thursday night, 27th, 6PM, a Public Hearing on the Council Agenda:  Consider Agenda Of Pinewood Amended Developemnt Agreement: Presented By Collaborative Firm Consultant Jahnee Prince
    Not one word of what this is, no detail provided in the online agenda.....one page with this as the ONLY item on the Council meeting.  If RED FLAGS are not up and screaming to everyone who gives a crap about what is being agreed upon then too bad, so sad.  Why is the Development Agreement NOT ON THE CITY WEBSITE?  WHERE IS IT?  CIty governments do this so that no citizens have a chance to read and review and have their concerns heard.  Public hearing, my butt. 

  • Reply to: A new kind of city arises on Fayetteville’s west side   8 hours 54 min ago

    dar I was not there-MacDuff, SR 54, 54/74 intersection, monies that can be had thru GDOT Qick Response Projects, the city and county Transportation committees. 
    I tried to listen in on video (livestream).  See my comments above about the sound.  Livestream is always given as the whipping boy for fault of video/audio problems.  Including management who refuse to speak into a mike.  And state employees who refuse to speak into a mike.  Including atttendees who refuse to speak into a mike.  Livestream forces those who speak to stand 10 feet back from the podium/mike and talk softly.  Livestream forces audio that goes from blaring to inaudible in the course of minutes. 
    Livestream is the same system the county BOC uses and funny, so strange their system works fine.  Heck, they even remind each other to speak into the mike.  Fancy that.  So high tech. 

  • Reply to: A new kind of city arises on Fayetteville’s west side   9 hours 38 min ago
    dar thompson

    My apologies for any misunderstanding...I agree with you on all of your points. Unfortunately, local government just says NO to everything without knowing the facts as to why it should be NO. I want all the information, both good and bad on any decision so I have a true understanding of the benefit(s) verses all the negatives. We should always do "what is best for the city and our citizens" as a whole...PERIOD. That should be the only cause that drives every decision...is it good for our city and our citizens or is it a negative for our city and citizens. However, you need to acquire all the information and understand every consequence good and bad. I will give you an example; people think I'm against the "aquatic center", I am not. A city council member told me that the pool was a benefit to our citizens...the numbers and the facts indicate otherwise (only 2% of PTC citizens use the pool 4 or more times a month). My argument has always been, if you are going to do an aquatice center, do it right...make it awesome. We have an aquatic center that is inferior beyond comprehension. That's my argument...If it's worth doing, it's worth doing right. 

  • Reply to: FreeSpeech for 10-06-10   10 hours 8 min ago

    I am sure it was little blond buffy a 2009 Graduate of SM or Mac..oh wait it couldn't  probably be the drop out of Riverdale or North Clayton..waiting for the lovely pix say hello cameras at wafflehouse

  • Reply to: A new kind of city arises on Fayetteville’s west side   10 hours 10 min ago
    dar thompson

    MLC-So what was said regarding roads, etc?

  • Reply to: FreeSpeech for 10-06-10   10 hours 28 min ago

    Smothered and Covered,,And ROBBED
    No word yet on the TWO robberies at Two Fayette County Waffle House's,, Now just remember when ya do finally read about these two Armed Robberies....BLM

  • Reply to: Reid, Maxwell debate respect, affordable housing, aging population   10 hours 32 min ago

    Best places to live in Georgia..guess what not affordable..
    The median incomes of the majority of these cities is around 80K..hmmm wonder why they are the best places to lve??

  • Reply to: Woman found dead in McDonald's parking lot in Fayetteville   10 hours 42 min ago

    Other papier has her id'd. My guess, heroin.  It's here.  It's everywhere.  One look at her facebook page tells the whole sorry story.  Follow the money.  Where do the addicts get the money.  Where. 

  • Reply to: A new kind of city arises on Fayetteville’s west side   10 hours 44 min ago

    Suggest you both listen to comments at last Thursday's Council meeting by the GDOT rep and by Jon Rorie.  You will learn a thing or two about work going on between state, county and city on our roads and monies to fund roads.  That is, if you can hear what is said. 
    The microphone has infected cooties and staff and invited speakers are terrified of speaking into it.  They avoid it like the plague.  The IT guy who sits about 4 feet away has no time to get off his ass and tell them to speak into the mike or check that it is actually working properly as he is a governent employee who spends his time playing Candy Crush on facebook with the others who are sitting behind the speakers.
    This mayor and counci have spent hundreds of thousands on IT improvements but cannot figure out how to mike a meeting room properly.  Not that anyone cares or really listens.  It is only tax dollars at work.  Not like it is your money being wasted. 

  • Reply to: A new kind of city arises on Fayetteville’s west side   10 hours 54 min ago

    Missing the point, Dar                                               In fact it was your point as well, I think. No question that PTC and Fayette County is not being proactive and yes it a chronic condidtion. But, as you mentioned, DOT is being proactive with the 3 lanes and how much of a leap from that proactivity to actual activity where DOT says "we will just build this road ourselves"?
                                            They would do this just to help the east/west traffic on 54 after MacDuff makes it worse instead of better like some predict. DOT can swoop in and condem the land, build a bridge and road and they will not accomodate the lake, the park and certainly not care a thing about the Mormon land. A road to move traffic - that's all. Bad result, but you can't expect DOT to ignore such an obvious solution the next time they have some funding.
                                        The annexation of the lake and Mormon land takes city and county governments (yes, Coweta too) working together and yes - being proactive. Its probably a 5-year project just for plans and approvals. Don't see that happening with the current lineup. And I don't see a bunch of pro-TDK extension people running for office and getting elected. What I do see is DOT not having the patience to wait for local government to propose something and just come in and do something to move traffic east/west. DOT can do that with a basic by-pass type road, we willl not like the results.

  • Reply to: Woman found dead in McDonald's parking lot in Fayetteville   12 hours 2 min ago

    Any Follow up?

  • Reply to: A new kind of city arises on Fayetteville’s west side   13 hours 34 min ago
    dar thompson

    MUDCAT- First of all the road does not effect the park. That is also Fayette County land, not PTC. Most importantly if this were ever to occur you would annex in all of lake McIntosch and the land that the Mormons own, now PTC owns much more land and the entire lake, and controls exactly how it gets built out. PTC, for once would be proactive and create added value instead consisitantly doing nothing or reverting backwards. I don't believe the trafic will be near as complicated or conjested as you preceive it to be. There are way too many options and the facts indicate that people will drive around and avoid school districts. Understand that about 60% to 70% of the vehicles out of Cowetta will still travel Hwy 54. The traffic density would be no-where close to hwy 54. Also take into account, traffice wise,  hwy 54 pases within a stones throw of two large schools and if you take a left on 74 after the conjestion on 54 you pass with 1/8 th of a mile of two other elementary schools. Again, to confirm, I'm not agaisnt it, and I'm not for it, but I would wnat to know everything there is to know about that whole region and issue so I could act accordling. These people in government do not understand that concept, nor do they have a clue. That is why you don't have a MacDuff road completed in 2008 (now its 2017) and it is why you have a flippin gas station instead of a nice retail center on hwy 54 west. It's because they bury their head in the sand, and they bury their head in the sand because they just simply do not understand how the world works and local history will show you they create nothing and continue to put out one fire after the next.

  • Reply to: Reid, Maxwell debate respect, affordable housing, aging population   15 hours 36 min ago

    SC Trip
    Folks are we seriously gonna complain that our BOC isn't in Fayette Co? That's like people Complaining when Obama's not in the White House, or when Congress isn't in Session . Instead what we NEED to be doing is Changing the Locks over at the Annex........

  • Reply to: A new kind of city arises on Fayetteville’s west side   16 hours 49 min ago

    One shaky "fact" Dar                                            The city or county still owns a small strip of land that they refused to give to Mitchell for his hare-brained hotel/cottage project and they stopped him cold. They also believe as do some in the county that this strip of land also prevents a TDK extension - forever. Of course that ignores emminent domain and the very real possibility that 3 people on a future council or commission can do or undo almost anything - including that. You all elect Ms. Reid next week and see what a Brown/Reid/Rousseau Democrat cabal is capable of - maybe even reviving TDK extension. I'm sure the Visioning folks will like it.
                                                                        I know that's not the kind of facts you were talking about, but it does show why some in public office feel comfortable with their head in the sand on this issue, which probably won't ever go away. When DOT builds that road, that nice park on Lake Mac will be diminished and become an amenity for Cowetians. Crosstown will become unbearable; a rotary will be a must at Pkwy/Crosstown, Oak Grove Elementary will have to relocate its entrance and all those people along Robinson and Ebeneezer on those big estate lots will think they are living next to a new outer perimeter highway.There is room to 4-lane each of those roads as well. 
                                                                        But when all that happens all the current city council and county commissioners will be retired (although Brown will probably be in Washington) and completely blameless. Or, they can take some heat now for being proactive by explaing all this to the folks who think change isn't possible. They are easy to identify - they would still be fighting the NAACP if up to them. You are correct Dar, the last 3 mayors (and maybe the current one) are not leaders who think or act proactively.

  • Reply to: Reid, Maxwell debate respect, affordable housing, aging population   20 hours 43 min ago
    Husband and Father of 2

    This was a twitter feed from the former non resident co chair.  It's a water tower in the shape of s peach (which the kids call a butt).  It's on I85, just a half hr north of Greenville. Tourist trap with outlet stores.

  • Reply to: A new kind of city arises on Fayetteville’s west side   22 hours 21 min ago
    dar thompson

    Doug Tucker- Thank you for the kind words. Although I do not attend the majority of the meetings I do my best to attend the meetings that will, or can, have a major impact on our city and our citizens. Our city government is run by "Facebook" and the handful of people who show up at meetings and complain. This is one reason we have a gas station instead of a high-end retail center on West Hwy 54. I wnat to be clear and verify my position on a subject you mentioned...the TDK road extension. I am not against it, nor am I for it. However, I am in favor of knowing all the facts as to why we should not complete TDK, just as much as I am in favor of obtaining all the facts why we should build TDK. I don't have the information, nor do I not have the answer. However, here is the difference between me and the last 16 years of Mayor's and Council's that make the same blanket statement of we don't want those people from Cowetta over here. They can't tell you any facts about why it should or should not be built because they don't have any facts. They are under the impresion that PTC is a "Bubble"...news falsh...PTC is not a "Bubble. Doug, here is the real point, for the past 16 years we have totally been a reactive government, we do not take control of our own destiny. Let us just look into the future; Hwy 74 North has 2 lanes each direction....when the DOT wided south 74 they installed 3 lanes. Any person with half a brain, an ounce of vision, and any sense of understanding would have to ask why...why did the DOT add 3 lanes on each side of 74 when it's only 2 lanes on the north side? Do they know something? Because the state is planning for the future and when the traffic on Hwy 54 gets beyond intolerable the state will come in and build a highway to connect TDK and when they do this we will have NO SAY SO and once again become reactive to our situation and hve no control to what takes place. In business, in government, you cannot stick your head in the sand. If TDK gets built withoout PTC control you will have the worst cluster on your hands this city has ever seen. Instead, we have people who simply ignore the facts, that will not do any homework or research to have an understanding any and all alternatives, they will just ignore it and when it happens, it will only be another case of I told you so. It will be another case of a gas station instead of a awesome development. You can't expect someone to do Algebra when they are in 3rd grade math. TDK extension my be the worst idea ever but I want to know why it's the worst idea ever.        

  • Reply to: FreeSpeech for 10-06-10   22 hours 47 min ago

    Kinda off color humor, (well, I don't have to repeat it but I will)  but it kinda goes with the Trump/Hillary theme the media is curseing us with right now. 
    The Senoia Coffee & Cafe have posted this in honor of Abraham from TWD last night.  "Come by and ask for the "NUTS" latte (a delicious blend of almond, praline and hazelnut), that's all were going to say about that."   Now THAT is funny, imho
    Rob Gronk Gronkowski said this after the game Sunday.  He now has 68 touchdown receptions as a NE Patriot.  The current team record is 68.  When asked if he was excited to possibly break the all time record for the team next week, he said, "One more and I got 69 touchdowns.  If you know what I mean.."  And he started to chuckle,  "Only you know what I mean, baby!"
    Finally, Trumpster on the porn star accusation the other day.  "He grabbed me and he grabbed me on the arm. 'Oh, I'm sure she 's never been grabbed before."

  • Reply to: Reid, Maxwell debate respect, affordable housing, aging population   23 hours 5 min ago

    I have never been to SC except when I moved here.  I just looked up what you are talking abutt.  about.  Did they go there?  I am following that chamber twitter feed on the home page here and saw nothing about that.  Why would the y go there?  Heck, why would they go to S.C.?

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