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  • Reply to: Fayette GOP squabble goes public in pending vote   52 min 3 sec ago
    Husband and Father of 2

    I guess it can now be said he sits in the waffle chair.
    I liked the whining too.  Sounds like my kids when I tell them they have to go to the dentist.

  • Reply to: Council rethinking Fayetteville’s downtown   57 min 29 sec ago
    Husband and Father of 2

    Exactly Mr. Sullivan.  To be blunt, they have this plan _ _ _ backwards.  Smart infrastructure brings careers.  We don't need any more retail or dining jobs.  We need to bring in companys that people can build careers, not jobs.  
    Instead of FOLLOWING the lastest FAD, we need people on the forefront of new ideas.  Not from some Chamber of Commerce.  Real thinkers.

  • Reply to: Concealed weapon permit: Who’s packing heat here? 1 out of every 6 Fayette adults   1 hour 4 min ago

    Gee, how many FC residents with permits have killed anyone in the last 5 years..

  • Reply to: Concealed weapon permit: Who’s packing heat here? 1 out of every 6 Fayette adults   1 hour 7 min ago

    Having so many people carrying guns makes Fayette County = Just Like Somalia!

    Add the magic of alcohol and a video game mentality and watch the death toll climb!

    Any action by ISIS will pale in comparison when you consider Americans kill 30,000 of their country men every year. "Terrorists" have managed less than 20 killings in the US in 2015. Just wait until they discover the 2nd Amendment applies to them too.

  • Reply to: Fayette GOP squabble goes public in pending vote   1 hour 19 min ago

    Yes precedent has been set
    and it continues to reinforce the lack of leadership coming from the county chairman.  He is weak, he is indecisive, he thinks waffling is a sign of leadership.  I am not talking about getting a consensus from the other commissioners or citizens. If he has not learned his chair duties after 14 months on the job, he is showing he just does not care to lead.  Not to mention his whining about being named to the new county transprotation committee.  He said at the last meeting he does not want to be on that board.  10 more months of this.   

  • Reply to: Council rethinking Fayetteville’s downtown   1 hour 22 min ago

    We have visioning! Yep millenials and having a walkable downtown are the solution to all what ails us. Except. Where are these people going to work? Is a millennial going to work in Buckhead put live in Fayetteville which has less easy access to ATL than PTC. While I agree Fayetteville has lower population in the downtown area, it has a population of closed stores to suggest that it cannot support the retail it does have. How does this plan change that. All good growth comes with JOBS and INFRASTRUCTURE. Those we do not have only buzz words.

  • Reply to: Fayette GOP squabble goes public in pending vote   3 hours 51 min ago
    Husband and Father of 2

    No dog in this fight.  I really don't care who obtains this position.  What bothers me is the indiscriminant method that the chair allows last minute items to be considered.
    Please correct me if I am wrong, but there is a time frame that must be met to submit for consideration before a meeting.  The chair in the past, has kept issues from being discussed because information did not meet the time frame.
    This time, its ok to consider a letter even though it did not meet the deadline?  
    The BOC had a letter from the GOP naming someone.  That should have been sufficient for a rubber stamp approval.
    If the GOP has in house issues, they don't need to air their dirty laundry in public.
    Does this set a precedent that if any county resident has an issue with something, we can send a letter at the last minute and this would  be considered on the dias?

  • Reply to: Ramsey will not seek re-election   3 hours 56 min ago

    No chance for a newbie                                                                         Statewide office requires some serious party support and fundraising and a candidate who has never run for office before has a real uphill battle unless he or she self-funds. Not an option for me.
                                                         I've decided to pass on replacing Barlow and will only get involved if there is no other candidate. And even then, I won't be the candidate, just a cheerleader and contributor. Don't think experience, money or party matters at the county level, all you need is an inept opponent and thanks to the NAACP- district voting. In a district of 25,000 there may be 10,000 registered voters, 20% turnout means all you have to do is convince slightly over 1000 people you are saner than the incumbent. It really helps if the incumbent is a traffic waver during rush hour.    Of course 2016 will be a Presidential election with massive turnout, so there may be enough novice voters out there that think waving at traffic is a normal or even desirable activity, so one never knows, do one?
                                                             Heidi Becker, Virginia Gibbs and Debbie Britt need to step up and run against Brown or Barlow depending upon where they live. Kim Learnard should go after Ramsey's seat or Brown's. There is also an opportunity for Mimi Gentillini, Sandra Jungers and Vickie Turner and other female small business owners in 2016. Hillary may not be around at the end, but she has already stimulated the female vote   (so has Trump in a negative way) so the female turnout will be huge in November - local females would be smart to tap into that at the local level - or in other words, a woman voter there to support Hillary or defeat Trump or to vote for VP Forina or Palin or Warren, will be voting locally too and the local female candidates will benefit from that.
                                                         That's my opinion and even though I'm saying the same thing Madeline Albright did - I'm sayin' it nicer and with more class.

  • Reply to: Concealed weapon permit: Who’s packing heat here? 1 out of every 6 Fayette adults   4 hours 21 min ago
    PTC Observer

    Everyone that packs heat should take a course on their obligations on how to use a weapon in self defense and specifically what the laws are surrounding the use of weapons in self defense.

  • Reply to: Council rethinking Fayetteville’s downtown   5 hours 13 min ago
    Husband and Father of 2

    I'm not sure I understand this mellenial fad.  I find some conflicting information on this plan and the report issued recently.
    Other than the mellenials that grew up locally, where else are they going to come from?  Where are all the businesses that will provide careers for these mellenials?
    Based on the property costs, how much will it cost to rent or purchase a mellenial home?
    Seems like there are a lot of communities jumping on this mellenial and mixed use fad and politicians and city planners using this to pad their resumes.

  • Reply to: Shots fired in Wednesday night parking lot robbery at Kedron Village retail center   5 hours 45 min ago

    LOL too true ,,that was just plain funny,,good one

  • Reply to: Shots fired in Wednesday night parking lot robbery at Kedron Village retail center   6 hours 32 min ago

    racist testing there JJ.  Prepare for the law suits on civil rights violations if the method of checking for mental illness is the same across the cultural divide. Them bangers and the like been raised in a different world so they require different evaluations. The definition of a nut is different in the hood.

  • Reply to: Ramsey will not seek re-election   6 hours 35 min ago

    We will be seeing Lynn run for Governor, matt will be "appointed" to johnny isakson's seat he's quite sick with Parkinsons. Johnny will resign AFTER it's too late for anyone to qualify and run, he'll resign, Matt will get appointed ,,and Lynn will get the nod for Governor (Look at Lynn's voting record and the BILLIONS he's brought back to South Ga Farmers (Ag still the #1 business in Ga)

  • Reply to: Shots fired in Wednesday night parking lot robbery at Kedron Village retail center   6 hours 43 min ago

    Ok deal, mandatory mentally Ill Checks and Training, ,,,Just as soon as you show me every member of the Bloods Crips and MS13 have signed up I'll sign up and pay for Your training as well. 
    Ya see Aruelius, there in lies the problem, Adam Lanza Dylan Roof Timothy McVeigh and that cop in Chicago that shot that kid 16 times, WILL with or without your "new laws" still be armed; & still present a threat to our safety, your new laws will ONLY hinder GOOD PEOPLE from being able to defend themselves , So what's the answer? Arm yourself seek training (more than once) learn to be aware of your surroundings and when ya get called for Jury Duty GO and when ya find the peson charged guilty INSIST on LONG jail time if a weapon was involved

  • Reply to: Coweta Pets of the Week   16 hours 18 min ago

    I appreciate you placing this link on line. Precious!   What a great gift for these animals and pet lovers!  Wish Fayette County would list their pets also to encourage adoptions. 

  • Reply to: Ramsey will not seek re-election   16 hours 32 min ago

    I am not sure I understand your spelling.

  • Reply to: Rep. Fludd rebuts Brown’s ‘rant’   16 hours 34 min ago

    The old question the other guy's integrity ploy.  A long tried and true modus operandi for the commish. Going back as far as memory cares to serve.
    Not to be confused with anything that resebles leadership.

  • Reply to: Rep. Fludd is manipulating district vote settlement   16 hours 38 min ago

    is how it struck me. Bizarre over extension with delusions of graneur.

  • Reply to: Ramsey will not seek re-election   17 hours 19 min ago

    mudcat I can see you feeling him out on here.
    I mean only on here and nowhere else if you get my drift.  You just wanna know if he is going to run so that if you decide to run you will have a clear field if he doesn't.  (what a sentence) 
    I think you would do well up there in the ATL doing to bidding of the locals here...and every other fine citizen of the peach state.  How 'bout it?  A doorknob could run against Barflow and win. 

  • Reply to: PTC man arrested on entering auto charges   17 hours 26 min ago

    36 and released from prison
    I  guess I should have figured out that there are few who start their life of crime at age 36.  Just found the going too tough and the weather too cold to want to stay out when he can get 3 meals and a warm one in jail.  Career slug.  We will be paying his room and board till Obama comes to take him in at his next community organizer project home.  Of course, those funds will be money we pay out, too.  Thanks for the update.  Gonna be wicked cold (old NE saying) out there tonight going from unlocked vehicle to unlocked vehicle for the loser down at Holly Grove area. 

  • Reply to: Ramsey will not seek re-election   17 hours 47 min ago

    Really? Just what did he do that was really good? Any significant legislation. All I saw him do was serve as Crooked Deal's House Floor Representative.  

  • Reply to: Ramsey will not seek re-election   17 hours 58 min ago

    Maybe the whiz                                                               of Planterra Ridge. Hate to lose our most effective district rep on county commission ever (ok, so he was the only one) but he will serve us well up at the state. First question to ask is does he know how to introduce a bill to allow our nifty little city to recoup cart path maintenance costs through a higher registration fee?
                                                                             I too liked Ramsey. He was not and still is not an egomaniac. 

  • Reply to: PTC man arrested on entering auto charges   18 hours 30 min ago

    He is in jail without bond. He was on parole and just released from prison in December, so with a new felony charge there is no bond. He is not the same one from the PD facebook page from last night as Nicholas Cooper was locked up in the early morning hours of Sunday morning and has been there ever since. 

  • Reply to: Ramsey will not seek re-election   18 hours 39 min ago

    The BIG question is: Who will replace him? Personally, I thought Ramsey did a really good job.

  • Reply to: PTC man arrested on entering auto charges   18 hours 52 min ago

    Wynnmeade Parkway?                                                              what street address? I need to go look for book bag and gym bag that went missing from my car at World Gym - yes it was unlocked, but no more.
                                                                                               Seriously, how do I get to look through his stuff since some of it may be my stuff? Should that not be fair? Why is he allowed to iive in Wynnmeade anyway? Don't we have laws about crooks living in the hood?

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