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  • Reply to: 4 at-large candidates fire at Chairman Oddo   3 hours 35 min ago

    mudkitty,  I hear what you are saying and greatly fear that you might be right.  However, I keep working to try and change piliticians because I fear even more what might happen if we all become apathetic.

  • Reply to: Ognio, Hearn trade budget criticisms in District 2 forum   3 hours 39 min ago

    jbcriswell, Citizen Bob is correct.  The problem hasn't been with Mr. Lester.  The problem has been with way Mr. Hearn presented Mr. Lester for the Election Board.  He presented Mr. Lester for appointment in a deceptive manner.  To me, that speaks volumes about a person.  If Mr. Hearn would attempt to deceive the public about Mr. Lester being his cousin, what else would he attempt to pass off as something it isn't?  And, Citizen Bob is correct in that former commissioner Hearn did misuse a county purchasing card.  To go a little further, Hearn even wrote his own performance reviews when he was Public Works Director for Fayette County.  As I've said before, all of these incidents just speak to a lot of questionable Hearn characteristics.

  • Reply to: Ognio, Hearn trade budget criticisms in District 2 forum   5 hours 37 min ago
    Citizen Bob

    Per his forum comment, Ognio had no problem with Mr. Lester's performance on the Elections Board (which is why he voted to reappoint Lester). Ognio only had a problem with Hearn's failure to disclose his family relationship with Lester at the time Hearn originally nominated him to the rest of the old commissioners.
    Hearn's improper use of a purchasing card while he was employed by the county was another problem- which Hearn wanted the audience to believe was a "personality conflict" with his boss. 
    Character matters.

  • Reply to: Ognio, Hearn trade budget criticisms in District 2 forum   6 hours 30 min ago

    But Ginga do you remember that Randy Ognio reappointed Lester when his term was up on the elections board. Heard that fact at the GOP debate that Randy voted to keep Lester on the elections board.  Why the fuss about Lester as I have heard nothing but good things about his service on the elections board.Believe a fresh focus on some work on our streets would be welcome as we have a bunch of patches on my street. Has Randy started any new street projects in the past couple of years?  Would be nice to at least tie in Veterans Parkway at SR 92 ? Hate for the Pinewood folks to get stuck in traffic. Heard also at the debate that Randy's claim about balanced budgets may be on shakey ground as Hearn quoted a deficit for one year. I can't remember which year or how much. Be good if Randy could clear that up. Do you like McCarty in the at large race ? Allen seems to be a nice fellow and is always pleasant. Have a good evening.

  • Reply to: From Fayetteville Planning and Zoning Commission, thumbs down on downtown apartments-retail complex   6 hours 54 min ago

    Golf Clap...
    Although the rationale posited is only part of the problem, I like the sentiment. NOW the Fayetteville City Council needs to follow suit and put the kibosh on this crony-capitalist nonsense.

  • Reply to: 4 at-large candidates fire at Chairman Oddo   8 hours 1 min ago

    Horse left barn, Ginger                                          If you are still searching for the perfect politician that has no entanglements like real estate, banking connections or businesses that may profit from his or her actions as an elected official, you are whiffin' in the wind. Everybody has something that might have been questioned 20 years ago, but since it is not 20 years ago - everything is allowed. Nothing is off base - anything goes. Get used to it. Blame Ognio, Oddo or Brown or blame Frady or Smith or Mike Wheat or even Grady Huddelston or Kenny Melear , if you want - your choice. Wait untill the Millennials rule. Not sure I want to live long enough to see that.
                                                                                                   The new reality is tough to take, but as our generation passes into the next - stuff happens. Just hold your nose and vote for Haddix, Hearn, Pace or even Bacallo or vote against them if you want - nothing is going to be any different no matter which you or I do.

  • Reply to: BoE Chair Key calls for 1 mill school tax rate reduction   8 hours 13 min ago
    G35 Dude

    This is nothing but an attempt to pander for votes and may have cost Ms. Key my vote. The teachers seem to be being taken care of to an extent. (I.E. 3% raise) Cafeteria workers, school bus drivers, and janitors are not included in the 3% raise that is coming. The bus drivers etc. worry year to year if Fayette will continue to cover the part of the cost of insurance that Gov. Deal elimenated from the state budget. Ask why Fayette county buses aren't air conditioned in August when the temp's can be in the 90's and temps inside the buses over 100 and you'll be told that we can't afford it even though all the counties that surround us either already have or are in the process of. First grade classes that used to have para-pros now have to share them. Ms. Key you have just convinced me that you are a politician above being a caring school board member.   

  • Reply to: BoE Chair Key calls for 1 mill school tax rate reduction   9 hours 58 min ago

    Also, do not forget that the school system cut about 300 positions when it cut to the bone and closed schools.  In some ways it does not appear the system has recovered from those cuts AND redistricting especially at the elementary level.  I hope they continue to put more parapros back in the ES level for 1st grade.

  • Reply to: BoE Chair Key calls for 1 mill school tax rate reduction   10 hours 1 min ago

    Neil, great analysis but you are mistaken on one thing....the state does not fund the entire 3%.  The state is not changing the teacher salary schedule either.  The increase that the state is providing for the 3% raise is a reduction of the shortage in funding (austerity).  The local systems are picking up the majority if not all of any increase in salaries.  The state does not fund all of the positions in the system.  The Fayette County school system is paying teachers more than the state teacher salary schedule already...about 15% more.  All the state has done is reduced the cut in funding.

  • Reply to: 4 at-large candidates fire at Chairman Oddo   10 hours 12 min ago

    I remember one of those northern counties (Gwinnett, Cobb, somewhere up there) where the chair of the board was it had some land dealings that he directly profited from in his elected position.  At least till it was brought public.  Hope that is not the case.

  • Reply to: 4 at-large candidates fire at Chairman Oddo   10 hours 48 min ago
    Husband and Father of 2

    Higher density usually results in costlier property.  It makes sense to go along with the ARC plan. 

  • Reply to: 4 at-large candidates fire at Chairman Oddo   11 hours 4 min ago

    Husband, Oddo Bros. LLC apparently owns the property on which the Publix Shopping Center (Summit Point) (Walgreens, McDonalds, etc.) sits in south Fayetteville.  I am still looking for documentation to substantiate that Oddo Bros. LLC also owns the property on which the Kroger Shoppiing Center sits in south Fayetteville.   It seems to me that it would greatly behoove the Oddo Brothers to stay on friendly terms with ARC.  It seems that it would be much to their advantage to have Paul on the Fayetteville Council and Chuck on the Commission.  We should also keep in mind that Paul's wife ran for a seat on the Fayetteville City Council.  I've been told of many other parcels of commercial realestate owned by the family, but it is an arduous job tracking it all down.  There are several companies tied to the Oddo brothers.  There is Oddo 85 Property LLC and of course Oddo CPA's.  And there appear to be development and property management companies linked to the brothers in some fashion.

  • Reply to: County installing automatic hydrant flushers   11 hours 40 min ago

    You've gone and done it now.  Just how in the heck is any doggie gonna do his business with that red thingie in the way?  How are they gonna sniff for the right spot in their 360 degree search if they are gonna hit thier noggin on that red thingie while doing the sniff twirl? Can't we just leave well enough alone?  At the very least, get some of those artsy types to print one of those no doggie diagonal lines logos on the red box thingie so any doggie even thinking about it can have a heads up.  Woof woof.

  • Reply to: BoE Chair Key calls for 1 mill school tax rate reduction   15 hours 34 min ago

    Mr. Sullivan                         well said
    In a nutshell it's over simplistic to assume a 1% reduction in students results in a 1% reduction in costs. One other factor is infrastructure expense which will stay constant unless you can close a school.

  • Reply to: BoE Chair Key calls for 1 mill school tax rate reduction   15 hours 38 min ago

    The 3 % raise is entirely funded by the state if I am not mistaken. Also the BOE has the authority not to pass it alone entirely.

  • Reply to: 4 at-large candidates fire at Chairman Oddo   16 hours 19 min ago
    Husband and Father of 2

    I have never done it but perhaps someone could check family and business land holdings 

  • Reply to: BoE Chair Key calls for 1 mill school tax rate reduction   16 hours 40 min ago

    We all have seen the recent articles reporting the Fayette Schools have less students but are spending more money. In a word that is true. But there are buts in the data.

    Fayette is down 1,573 or -7.2% FTE (full time equivalent) students between 2015-2005. Spending for the same period is up $1,257 or 17.2% in the same period. However when you adjust for inflation spending for the same period is down $252 or -3.4%. That reflects the hard work of our teachers and staff giving great results at a lower net cost.

    When you compare Fayette to the state it is a little more interesting. The total FTE population for Georgia is up almost 200,000 FTEs or 12.8% with spending up 16.7% or .5% less growth than Fayette which is immaterial. Fayette spent almost a $100 less per FTE than state average in 2005 and 2015 which is great given our results.

    While more money may or may not be the answer, the bottom line our spending appears in line with state average even with a decrease in population.

    The other interesting thing to know is that in 2005 Fayette Schools operated with 50.4 % local funds v. 41.4 % state wide in 2015, Fayette has dropped to 48.4% while the average is 40.2%. Maybe we should be asking candidates for state office about this?

  • Reply to: 4 at-large candidates fire at Chairman Oddo   16 hours 46 min ago

    Yeah, he's a "nice guy" but nice just doesn't get it when folks are having to drink dirty water.  He's a "nice guy" but what about spending $1.3 million to relocate utilities just to get along with the GDOT and dump more traffic into Fayette County?  All things considered, It makes me wonder if Oddo has a "hidden agenda."

  • Reply to: Ognio, Hearn trade budget criticisms in District 2 forum   17 hours 3 min ago

    When it comes to Mr. Hearn, we all need to keep in mind that he is far too willing to promote family.  Example:  Mr. Hearn advised a former BOC to appoint someone he knew "from church" to the Board of Elections.  The majority of those Board members voted to appoint former Commissioner Hearn's nominee, and we later found out that the appointee was/is Hearn's cousin.  We need to remember that we discovered that Hearn's cousin (Elections Board appointee) also was and still is a member of the Fayetteville Downtown Development Authority.  If those two things aren't enough, we need to remember that the Elections Board appointee, Fayetteville Downtown Development Authority, and landowner of a huge parcel on Veteran's Parkway/West Fayetteville Bypsss are one and the same.  He is Lee Hearn's cousin.  Remember, now, Hearn always said that the West Fayetteville Bypass was his "baby."  Mr. Hearn loves building roads!  He was a member of the BOC that took SPLOST money (Road, Street and Bridge purposes) and built the Bypass/Parkway when repairs on existing roads were neglected.  He helped build a developers' road when storm drains under existing roadways were collapsing.  And, yes, some of those roadways have collapsed.  So, what do we have here?  Hearn wants to focus on roads with an aside to bridges.  He's already spent the "Road, Street, and Bridge Purposes" money (SPLOST) on one road.  Randy Ognio, on the other hand, is focusing on a priority list that starts with the Sheriff's Dept. (safety) and a mandated upgrade of our 911 center (safety).  If I could vote, but can't due to the NAACP Lawsuit and district voting, I would cast my vote for "safety" (Randy Ognio).

  • Reply to: Spillway funds get green light   17 hours 10 min ago

    BI contracts.  Bet "the city" had a good chuckle when they heard from you. Totally to shift any burden of shoddy work and negligence off the city, and onto a company that will fold as fast as a deck o cards when sued.  Hire 'em cheap and untrained, put 'em out there. At least you get the premise.  The next round is in the works. 

  • Reply to: Spillway funds get green light   17 hours 15 min ago

    Hey NUK, like I said, coming out of the cracks.  Back at ya. 

  • Reply to: 4 at-large candidates fire at Chairman Oddo   17 hours 24 min ago
    Husband and Father of 2

    He's a nice guy, don't get me wrong.  He was ok as a commissioner.  He should never have been placed in the chair position.  He's not a leader or a solid communicator, and most of all as chair, he doesn't seem to have the best interest in the majority of citizens.  

  • Reply to: 4 at-large candidates fire at Chairman Oddo   17 hours 46 min ago

    I agree with Husband.  It was quite obvious that McCarty, Clifton, Haddix and McHugh were all running for the at-large commission seat because they did not agree with the results of some very important issues facing our county that Oddo either didn't want to handle, couldn't handle,  just plain didn't care, found it easier to "go along to get along," or had some hidden agenda.  

  • Reply to: Rosa Parks program June 3   17 hours 55 min ago
    Stranger than Fiction

    Brewster, You're Right on the Money
    Rosa Parks did the job admirably.

  • Reply to: ARC says 44% Fayette jobs growth by 2040   18 hours 6 min ago
    Husband and Father of 2

    I always knew Bar low was a bad choice and the last 3.5 years has fullfilled that prophecy.  Kind of disappointed with Oddo.  I thought he would have been better.  He says sweet kindergarten things like following the golden rule, but he has been weak.
    Both got help last election from Mr. Brown and both enjoyed how he got them elected.  Not so much now since they changed into Democrats and failed to live up to thier promises. (see this weeks editorial).  Its a disgrace that Mr. Oddo didnt post the ARC guy coming to town in any method other than the agenda on a meeting time that was changed to normal working hours, so most could not attend.
    I think Bar low has given up.  He is certainly one and done.

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