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  • Reply to: PTC to vote on mowing lake   36 min 20 sec ago

    Mowing the lake?  A good goat will do that for ya'.

  • Reply to: Two more months of lake dredging still ahead for PTC   37 min 32 sec ago

    Lake dredging end date is set for October 19th.........what year might that be?

  • Reply to: Government ‘charity’: Unwarranted, unsustainable   1 hour 4 min ago

    What do I win?

  • Reply to: Shayne Robinson announces for PTC Council Post 1   1 hour 15 min ago
    Husband and Father of 2

    Ms. Robinson has been in attendence at many council meetings.  She has read letters in these meetings from annonomous sources and always appears to be in step with any of the mayors agendas.  Ms. Robinson, can you explain your relationship?
    Ms. Robinson was also one of the few citizens who spoke in favor of Great Wolf despite all of the negatives shared by the majority at this meeting.  So I ask Ms. Robinson, how would you have voted if you were a council member at that time.
    Ms. Robinson, would you have approved the developer building all those houses behind Centennial before the roadway is built or after?  What is your solution to this mess along Hwy 54 West?

  • Reply to: Government ‘charity’: Unwarranted, unsustainable   1 hour 17 min ago

    the countries you mentioned and the ones you left out like Sweden(best healtcare by far) and Switzerland, Finland  have one thing in common. Wanna take a guess at that?

  • Reply to: Two more months of lake dredging still ahead for PTC   1 hour 21 min ago

    The County drug their feet for 10years plus....

  • Reply to: Livsey's driver charged with influencing a witness   1 hour 22 min ago

    Myself, I think a citation for this would have been a much better way to handle it.  Seems like a complete waste of resources to use this amount of police over 80 bucks worth of food.  A simple ticket and court appearance would have sufficed in my humble opinion.  I mean, you have to write a bad check for over $500 bucks for it to be a felony.  This got way out of hand, and Cal senses that too.  IF you have seen the paper today, you can read his take..

  • Reply to: ‘Entering autos’ epidemic – 10 more thefts in PTC, 5 more in Fayetteville   1 hour 25 min ago

    Is it too much trouble for the PoPo to get the word out in the subdivisions subjected to these scofflaws? 

  • Reply to: Two more months of lake dredging still ahead for PTC   2 hours 53 sec ago

    Who asked for the roadbed and weed removal to Pinecrest boat ramp?  The lake owners group at a city council meeting.  So, please, no one pass the reason for this delay on to the county. 

  • Reply to: ‘Entering autos’ epidemic – 10 more thefts in PTC, 5 more in Fayetteville   2 hours 31 min ago

    Chief Moon, forget wasting PD time on the unlocked vehicles.  Let the stupids learn their lesson the hard way, as my gramps used to say.

  • Reply to: 83-room motel planned for Fayetteville hospital area   2 hours 44 min ago

    My Google map was only off by three quarters of a mile.  Should have used Google earth.  Sorry for the wrong location.  Anyone hear that giant sucking sound from downtown Fayetteville to Pineywood yet?  I do.

  • Reply to: Government ‘charity’: Unwarranted, unsustainable   3 hours 39 min ago

    right to vote VOLUNTARILY. And to make it real clear, the Constitution is silent on welfare, Section 8 housing and unemployment benefits, so just take a hike on that line of thought, grow a pair and let's do something. The country is in shambles and we need to do something to correct that. The layabouts and the welfare queens probably take in more money that the U.S. Navy and that ain't right.

  • Reply to: Municipal races qualifying period set for this week   4 hours 57 sec ago

    Hey Ben and Cal why no mention of the Council race in Fayetteville?

  • Reply to: Government ‘charity’: Unwarranted, unsustainable   4 hours 53 min ago

    Love the idea but it would never pass muster unless the 24th Amendment is repealed

  • Reply to: FreeSpeech for 10-06-10   7 hours 1 min ago

    Lots of stuff there.  

  • Reply to: Livsey's driver charged with influencing a witness   8 hours 58 min ago

    Lesson learned for all food delivery companies.  Never, ever hand over the food before payment.  Keep that sushi and lo mein outside and out of sight till payment is received.  Simple. 

  • Reply to: FreeSpeech for 10-06-10   9 hours 18 min ago

    MOBA USA is expanding and moving from it's Fayetteville location.  They are buidling an office/warehouse (50K sq. ft.) and 2 adult soccer fields and 9 other parcels will be in there for more businesses to come in.  Industrial park with games, looks like.  You can see the plans on the city website under planning comm. and then current projects/developments or below if my link comes through.. I have seen the pine tree tractor trailers coming and going...been a long time since we've seen this type of growth.

  • Reply to: What do you do with a lake of weeds? PTC wants help   9 hours 27 min ago

    100% agree mlc

  • Reply to: What do you do with a lake of weeds? PTC wants help   9 hours 32 min ago

    Stormwater bill money for lake weed mowing is one of two options being considered tomorrow night by council.  Is that really what our stormwater bill payments are to be used for?  Listen to the new description of Lake Peachtree.  It is now going to be called a stormwater runoff area, not a lake.  How convenient. So, we are now robbing Peter to pay Paul to do this for the 36 lakeowners. 
    The other option is to use $50,000. of our cash reserve money to mow weeds in the lake bed.  The company that is sole sourced for this (no bids, please, let's not get bids) says they might have to come back a second time to mow again.  When would that be, after the lake if full of water?  If so, how do you mow underwater?  If not, why do it twice and not just once? And, how much will that additional mowing cost....another fifty grand again? 
    About a $1300. tax benefit to the 36 (give or take) lakefront property owners.  All for weeds that will die back naturally over the next year or two.  Take the county up on the carp placement (10K worth they are willing to replenish-thank you), let them start doing their munching as they have in the past when the lake was drawn down. 
    Keep the 50K for a real stormwater issue, of which we have many, many unfunded right now, or for an actual emergency expenditure.  If anyone says they are "saving" us 180K, that is a political joke.  There was never, ever any vote taken nor decision made to use 180K on weeds.  Let the contractor finish the 64K cu. yd. silt removal and close the dam dam and let the lake fill again.  Replace the fishing dock that has been bought and paid for for 2 years now back in Battery Park and just be done with this massive wet mess. 

  • Reply to: FreeSpeech for 10-06-10   9 hours 38 min ago

    What's going on across from the Soccer fields? They clear cut every tree from the ATC Tracon to the storage unit building?

  • Reply to: Livsey's driver charged with influencing a witness   9 hours 39 min ago

    The po po did the right thing no matter what gets thrown around here. Fact is the food was stolen the second they opened it and began to eat it.
    Was it him? Or was it the acts of the caregivers? It really don't matter, the law was broken. 
    Caregivers get a bad rap, mostly due to taking advantage of someone. Dang- did that happen here? 
    Sorry it was an ex military gentleman who had to take the blunt of it all, but it's his own doing.
    great job guys

  • Reply to: In Gen. Livsey arrest Fayetteville cops, eyewitness accounts differ   9 hours 59 min ago

    Read the law!
    did not pay for requested service "food delivery"
    offered expired method of payment when could not pay cash
    had ladies in home take food from driver " theft"
    So do you really think our peace officers in this town are out to rough up an elderly gentleman? NO, the bottom line is that if they would have given the driver back the food ordered and then made sure they had a way of making payment, they could have called back, reordered and a delivery driver would have brought them their food back. 
    Does 3 people really eat 60.00 worth of takeout food?  
    Lets get real here - Cops were doing their job. After the first bite was eaten, consider it theft because the payment was not rendered.
    as far as bruises, well we all know gravity and life takes a toll on our outer epidermis layer and NO, sorry but I am on the cops side here folks. 

  • Reply to: Government ‘charity’: Unwarranted, unsustainable   10 hours 6 min ago

    but you are correct - that horse has been let out of the barn. Probably the proponents of a poll tax wanted to make it hard for uneducated people to vote so we wouldn't get a President who is in full global warming panic mode because he sees snow melting in Alaska  - well, duh, it is summertime.
    Better than tying the right to vote to paying taxes - do it by having the food stamp recepients, the Section 8 housing people and those on welfare and even extended unemployment VOLUNTARILY give up their right to vote during the time they are receiving government benefits. If you receive a government gift every month (a handout, not a hand up) something significant - say above $1,000 per month, you don't get to vote that year. I promise you, everybody will happily sign the "I won't vote" form. That way the bleeding hearts can't whine about someone having their rights taken away because they voluntarily gave them up for cash. Shows what is important to them.
    Of course that just means you can't vote using your own name. Plenty of opportunities to vote using someone else's name, so it is just a superficial thing that keeps honest people honest, although voter fraud should be a felony and carry a minimum 5 year prison sentence. Good community service assignment for Lois Lerner when she finally gets punished - ferret out voter fraudsters, especially the ones who don't have a photo ID. Make her do that for 6 years. 

  • Reply to: Government ‘charity’: Unwarranted, unsustainable   11 hours 7 min ago

    I agree that if you don't pay taxes you should not vote, but that will never fly. The 24th Amendment was passed by LBJ that prevented poll taxes
    "The 24th Amendment Ended the Poll Tax
    January 23, 1964
    Imagine that you are finally old enough to vote in your first election. But, do you have enough money? Money, to vote? Not long ago, citizens in some states had to pay a fee to vote in a national election. This fee was called a poll tax. On January 23, 1964, the United States ratified the 24th Amendment to the Constitution, prohibiting any poll tax in elections for federal officials."
    Lyndon Johnson noted that: "There can be no one too poor to vote." Thanks to the 24th Amendment, the right of all U.S. citizens to freely cast their votes has been secured.
    This leads to our current problems as a the old Roman satiracal poet Juneval stated that the people will vote for Bread and Circuses.

  • Reply to: Government ‘charity’: Unwarranted, unsustainable   11 hours 48 min ago

    enough money for room, board, recreation, doctors, etc., so it is a much better deal than that. Also a better deal than being homeless. And certainly a better deal for the taxpayers who will still be footing some of the bill, but nowhere near as much as today.
    Like he said, work camps is not the correct way to package this and market it. Let the happy talk people who name things deliberately to deceive handle it. You know - baby/fetus killing is called being Pro-choice, Illegal aliens are undocumented workers or if they have kids - dreamers. Get our best and brightest on naming these,"work camps" something else and we can move on.
    And by the way, no need to be a citizen either - if you work those 4 hours a day and don't steal or kill someone - you are in. Naturally all these people would be Democrat voters, so maybe the new deal is if you take government money or housing, you can't vote.

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