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  • Reply to: Starr’s Mill student, 16, takes own life   4 hours 15 min ago
    I didn't notice until editmom pointed it out that the url still shows the original headline. I appreciate that the headline itself was changed, but I have lost respect forever for this paper and the writer who actually thought it was appropriate in the first place. No one in this story is a criminal or deserving of the lack of respect or sensitivity shown.
  • Reply to: Starr’s Mill student, 16, takes own life   7 hours 7 min ago
    MLC, I am surprised at the callousness of your retort to Barb. This story left nothing to interpretation -- that is the terrible issue. This headline and link name are so inflammatory and insensitive that I am disgusted. These kids and his fiamily have had their hearts torn out. Facts can be reported with empathy and sensitivity. -- Lisa Treon
  • Reply to: Starr’s Mill student, 16, takes own life   7 hours 17 min ago
    Change the link name!! My daughter just called me crying after seeng this crap. News is one thing. Sensationalizing the facts is so insensitive and callous that I am shocked and appalled that anyone with a conscience could create a link name such as this one. Shame, shame on you. These kids are torn up at the loss of their friend. I can't even imagine what his mom would feel seeing this so baldly exposed in such a matter-of-fact, insensitive manner. Cal Beverly, you better fix this quick. Sure, report facts but have a little circumspection and empathy. Respect. This is not NYC where sensationalized headlines sell. This is just bad. Bad. -- Lisa Treon, PTC
  • Reply to: Pace offers F’ville a vision of Pinewood Forrest   7 hours 41 min ago
    Robert W. Morgan
    Yep Hisgirl, dude is an insider. For sure. He came here as a former employee of Cooper Lighting and a birthplace in Mississippi. He was recruited to help form Group VI (that's a Roman numeral 6 for you millennials) by Ron Williamson and Tom Cox. Ron knew more than most and got Cox on Planning Commission and Pace on city council and after the sewer scam was done - off they went. Pace is very smart and very connected, has all his teeth and speaks well. He is invincible.
  • Reply to: Fayette property values up 10% in ’15; higher tax bills likely   11 hours 26 min ago
    Thanks Obama!
  • Reply to: Lots of hungry folks at Taste of Fayette   14 hours 31 min ago
    Davids mom
    Thanks to all who cooperated to make this a stellar event in Fayette County! Taste of Fayette is a true 'community' event that EVERYONE enjoys!
  • Reply to: The enemy within   16 hours 26 min ago
    Fred Garvin

    This 'president' that completely pissed away the victory that was achieved in Iraq, has the unmitigated audacity to tell coast guard graduates that climate change is the greatest threat to the US. He has diminished the standing of the US in the eyes of both our allies and our enemies, and takes every opportunity to bash the country that he is paid to serve.

    obama and his actions and speach are the greatest threat to the US.

    At Coast Guard graduation, Obama warns of climate change threat to national security

  • Reply to: Diversity — Where’s the benefit?   16 hours 29 min ago
    Fred Garvin

    FDNY’s Court-Ordered “Diversity” Hire Won’t Fight Fires!

    "While his comrades at the FDNY Engine Co. 257 are headed into a blaze, Johnson stands on the sidelines, watching and making excuses.

    Making excuses – for example – why he’s not the number two man in a three-man crew headed up a long staircase with a heavy firehose to fight a blaze.

    But Michael D. Johnson hasn’t been fired or even disciplined. Because he’s black. And he was a court-ordered “minority hire” to increase “diversity” at the New York Fire Department."

  • Reply to: Starr’s Mill student, 16, takes own life   17 hours 52 min ago
    Davids mom
    May love and respect comfort this family and the students and staff at Starr Mills during this difficult time.
  • Reply to: Starr’s Mill student, 16, takes own life   18 hours 5 min ago
    Thanks for changing the headline anyway. I think I would not put the location of the home though...
  • Reply to: BoE adds 65 new teaching positions to lower class size   18 hours 14 min ago
    Davids mom
    Students will benefit from smaller class size! Fayette County has some of the most talented and dedicated teachers in the state. True, student eagerness to learn and parental and community support is a definite plus - but if Fayette County is to maintain its teacher core, they are going to have to pay a competitive salary. An important attraction to Fayette County is its school system. Smaller class size and a competitive salary schedule will maintain the foundation of our school system - great teachers!
  • Reply to: Booth Middle School robotics team wins Lego U.S. Open   18 hours 24 min ago
    Davids mom
    Congratulations!! This is an example of adults and students thinking outside of the box and going beyond the 'how we've always done it' stifled 19th century thinking. I don't blame parents and some teachers regarding their fear of Common Core Math. Today's 21st Century student must be exposed to this in-depth thinking in order to compete globally. Understanding the basics of 'base 10' will not eliminate the 'simple' way we've always done math - but gives humans a better understanding of 'why' we carry the 'ten ones' to the tens column. Students in Kindergarten are having fun solving for 'x' in a addition or subtraction problem. Spend the money to prepare teachers and parents for the reasonable implementation of this Common Core program. Implementation is not successful without understanding. Non-implementation will keep Georgia in the lower half of the achievement level in our country. Again, congratulation to the parents, teachers, and students for bringing this honor to Georgia!
  • Reply to: Starr’s Mill student, 16, takes own life   21 hours 47 min ago
    Respect MLC? The focus now is off the family and on your callous remark to Barb. She is the one you disrespected.
  • Reply to: FreeSpeech for 10-06-10   1 day 4 hours ago
    PTC Observer

    In memoriam: Hospital Corpsman Armando Leal and Chaplain Lieutenant Vincent Capodanno KIA, September 4, 1967, they died together and entered heaven together."

    "Greater love has no one than this, that one lay down his life for his friends.” John 15:13

    We will never forget you…….Semper fidelis

  • Reply to: Councilman Imker agrees: ‘This is crazy’   1 day 5 hours ago
    PTC Observer
    Mr. Imker, your letter is right and to the point. Mr. Presberg's letter is political and shrill. The fact is that shoot to kill orders rarely result in the outcome that Mr. Garlock and Mr. Ernst desire. My guess is they were simply frustrated with what they were seeing in Ferguson and Baltimore. In both cases the police were constrained in protecting lives (including their own) and property. Looters should be met with overwhelming force, arrested, charged and if found guilty punished. In both cases these riots and looting stemmed from a lack of leadership. History teaches that governments that shoot citizens nearly always are overthrown by outraged citizens.
  • Reply to: Starr’s Mill student, 16, takes own life   1 day 5 hours ago
    PTC Observer
    My prayers go out to this family on their tragic loss. Too sad for words.
  • Reply to: Pace offers F’ville a vision of Pinewood Forrest   1 day 7 hours ago
    *just wanted to mention that the developer of whom you speak is not an outsider. He has lived in, paid taxes in, run a large business in and provided jobs in..this community for years and years and years.* Just sayin' ...
  • Reply to: Starr’s Mill student, 16, takes own life   1 day 8 hours ago
    Whomever penned the title to this story showed zero respect for the child's family. One part of being a journalist is knowing when to set aside the yellow journalism and display respect to the deceased. How about 'Starr's Mill Student mourned"? Why go for the sensational title? Sure, it caught my attention...just as you intended. But my response was to lose respect for you as a journalist. As a county resident, I don't need to know the details of this tragedy. At all. AT ALL. Read that again. It is none of my business. This is a tragedy and a private family matter. It does not affect me or my life in this county. This is a sad, heart-breaking family matter and it didn't need to be shared.
  • Reply to: BoE adds 65 new teaching positions to lower class size   1 day 9 hours ago
    Students are so much better here so you put up with less money----- Fayette has been using this line for years, I can tell you it won't work much longer. Surrounding counties are giving in some cases a 5% raise to teachers. Fayette has some of the lowest paid teachers in the metro area and it won't keep attracting the best candidates for new positions. I wonder how top heavy the county is on budget % wise our budget is as far as county office personal compared to surrounding counties? That might be an interesting piece of data if someone were able to dig alittle deeper.
  • Reply to: Starr’s Mill student, 16, takes own life   1 day 9 hours ago
    I agree completely. "Dogs lead deputies to body?" Really? Is that really the important part of this story. To refer to a local teenager who has died tragically as a "body" in the headline of the story is incredibly insensitive to the family and to the readers, many of whom probably know the family in a community of this size. What message does that send to the other teenagers who read this story, who also may be struggling? The message we should be sending is that every life is precious. Not that we are just bodies to be found by dogs.
  • Reply to: Rorie named interim PTC city manager   1 day 9 hours ago
    Not qualified is not qualified. he is not qualified. And with the policies he has broken city council should never have considered this. And the way they did it was even more stupid. SMH
  • Reply to: Starr’s Mill student, 16, takes own life   1 day 9 hours ago
  • Reply to: Starr’s Mill student, 16, takes own life   1 day 10 hours ago
    brewster out of respect for the family's loss, I will not comment further.
  • Reply to: Starr’s Mill student, 16, takes own life   1 day 10 hours ago
    It wasn't the facts or the report that is the problem - it was the headline. Too brusque for the subject and sensitivity should have been considered.
  • Reply to: Starr’s Mill student, 16, takes own life   1 day 10 hours ago
    Babs, last I checked reporting facts is what newspapers do. How you interpret what is reported is up to you.

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