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  • Reply to: President Obama orders Justice Dept. to ignore U.S. law   1 hour 31 min ago

    I am with you about choices and decisions, but your example of non whites moving here in the 80's is not the same as home grown black folk. There are current immigrants from Africa who succeed as you describe but talking about black Americans they are faced with a whole different set of obstacles, the main one being the color of their skin and their environment. 

  • Reply to: President Obama orders Justice Dept. to ignore U.S. law   2 hours 52 min ago

    To to be honest about this, The Rich get richer,,because the continue to make decisions that made them rich in the first place, (40hr week is just getting started; education, starts the day they grad from College; and they absolutely take FULL responsibility for their decisions ect) and Poor remain poor because they continue to make the decisions that keep them poor (lottery, booze, uneducated. dope, multiple babies (all over the place)
    II's have very little to do with this equation other than to point out just how true this is.  I personally know 4 guys from Panama, Columbia, Southern Mexico, and Honduras, They came here in the 80's and rather than sitting around waiting om handouts they worked, they saved, they planned, an they now each own their own successful business, (between the 4 they employ +100 American Citizens ) now if an Other than White Skin person can come to a "Strange Country" with an entirely different language, and work themselves from nothing (financially) to having homes/property in excess of $1m,,, point is CHOICES and DECISIONS makes a person rich or poor (barring medical catastrophes) 
    One last thing on this, Voting for a Politician that say's he will transform America and change the poor, by advocating taking Money form those that earn it to give to those that refuse to try , will NEVER solve proverty,, Just remember Politicians are the RICH , do you really think they will make a law that relieves them of their wealth? ,,Hello ????

  • Reply to: Giving thanks, but omitting God   7 hours 38 min ago

    "What is Truth" If you do not gard what you feel to be truth, keeping it ever fresh in the environment you find your self in Truth with soon become deluted and compromised. If you were to interview a hundred people in your community only one percent would know about the history of our forefathers and the proclimations that were made.  Truth has become what ever is vogue. Situation ethics and secular humanism has taken over with instant gratification being the priority of this generation. One is lucky to ever give thanks today let alone own up to our faults. Good Luck on bringing back the respect and admiration for our forefathers and the foundations they laid!

  • Reply to: A conversation about race   7 hours 48 min ago

    I have been around and aware of civil injust since the mid 60s. My first experience with segragration was in 1966 while I was serving in the Army at Fort Rucker Ala. It was a rude awaking for a young 19 year old from Washington State.  However, looking back at those civil inequities and measuring the difference with what I am seeing today, concerning racial difference, things are getting worse! It appears to me that the old civil rights leaders, although needfull in the 60s through the late 80s, are now creating civil unrest in order to justify their existance.  They will not let the homogination take place in its natural course. They have indoctrinated a certain sector of black america with the same resentfullness they experienced in their youth. Black Americans have arrived and are doing very well in our homoginized society, there is no need for any exceptionalism and special minority privilage. We should all be on the same playing field making our own controbutions to society, obeying our laws and taking care of our responsibilities without all of these entitlemernts. Black leaders need to stop fueling the fires of raceism everytime some white on black incidence occrus. Let the facts speak for themselves and turn your predjice into construtive cooperation for a better society. Take a look in the mirror and see that you may have turned into the very mentality that you fought to defeat. Reverse discrimination is not going to bring about a better America!

  • Reply to: President Obama orders Justice Dept. to ignore U.S. law   8 hours 17 min ago

    Let me see? What is an illegal immigrant (Someone who is Breaking the Law)! Now just why would congress and the President want to allow illegal immigrants to stay here? That is not rocket sicence, it gives corporate america and small businesses a cheap base of workers. It, again, is all about the rich getting richer and the poor staying under their control. Bottom line, Obama is knuckling under to big and small business being able to exploit these immigrants. A new wave of compromise has swept into our government since Obama was elected,that is, choose the laws they want to enforce and ignore the laws that conflict with their priorities. Wow, and I thought that the Democrats were the people party? Can anything good come out of DC! Is there any elected officials who really have this nation and their communities best interest in mind? 

  • Reply to: A conversation about race   11 hours 20 min ago
    PTC Observer

    Nicely put, there is a course of action that has impact.....civil disobedience en mass. Are people not signing up for Obamacare because of civil disobedience or because it make little economic sense? You be the judge, either way it is DOA.

  • Reply to: A conversation about race   13 hours 48 min ago
    G35 Dude

    Haven't we been talking about race since the 1960's? And still if a white police officer shoots a black thug there will be riots in the streets before the gun barrel stops smoking. No matter how justified the shooting turns out to be, certain people will ransack and destroy before any investigation can be started. You can only have a conversation with someone that is willing to listen. These people don't want a fair shake they want pay back for their perceived injustices.  

  • Reply to: A conversation about race   14 hours 46 min ago

    You have pin pointed the reson TALK is so useless, when one of these scroundrels makes it through to hold political office and they then proceed to violate that Oath (Lie) . At that point all TALK needs to end and ACTION needs to be instituted ,, and before ya dismiss me as not living in the real world, might I remind ya (if necssary) of the Immortal Words of Mr Benjermin Franklin
    "We gave you a Republic,,,IF you can keep it."
    I have not given up hope that as in 1776 a very few dedicated people ended the Superpower Rule of their day,,,once they SHUT UP and got to ACTION ..
    now to be clear,I'm not talking about "storming the castle" (yet) but we CAN at the very least MAKE our County Government behave and remain inside the State and US Constitution (as Written) IF WE ACT and stop this constent TALKING about one day ........
    Ok I'm off my soap box,,
    Hope you and yours enjoy a Happy Thanksgiving

  • Reply to: A conversation about race   18 hours 27 min ago

    Just what value are they?  The oath the POTUS takes upon taking office is meaningful and far
    ranging.  What happens when that oath is not adhered to? Apparently not much, if anything, as evidenced by the last 7 yrs.

  • Reply to: Construction lane closures suspended for holiday   19 hours 1 min ago

    Mike Gaddy
    Thank you again for the excellect Christmas Lights !!! If ya need anything this year,, just let Cleo know;
    she knows how to contact me and I'll be right over !! Good Luck and Have Fun !!!

  • Reply to: A conversation about race   19 hours 7 min ago

    I'm not sure why we need to have a conversation. There are some very simple facts in life and the only ones I see wanting to "talk" about those facts are just trying to either justify their ignoring of those facts or trying to change these facts into ...god knows what..
    Fact, I and NO ONE else is responsible for MY actions (Adult) Parents are responsible for their children
    Fact I exchange a portion of my life (work)to aquire things that I either can't supply for myself or I just want
    Fact, Any acquired property, (real-estate, Money,Clothes, fishing poles, automobiles, ect) are from this exchanging of a portion of my life to get these things, therefore they are MINE, 
    Fact, Anyone that tries to confiscate any of these things using force is in fact acting in a Criminal Manner and Fact, I will defend that which is mine
    Fact I have a DUTY to my fellow countrymen (as I CHOOSE to live here) to pay for certain services Military,Roads, (a list of these 23 items can be found in the US Constitution Article 1 Section 8, anything NOT on this list I have NO DUTY to pay for)
    Fact, as a professed Christian I have more DUTIES that I must (privately) fulfill (seeing to the hungry, protecting kids, and living through example a Christian Life)
    Fact, Using Government to take my property to be used outside of the above mentioned Article and Section of the Constitution no matter how "noble" the cause, IS a crime against MY unalienable rights and will be treated as such.
    SEE? What's there to "talk about"? the "rules" have been established, our Politicians take an oath to uphold these rules (and until someone comes along wanting "special rules" for one group or another there's no reason to talk .. the Conversation is WHY do some believe THEY are special and get more rights/(rule changes) than others?

  • Reply to: ‘Politifact’ NAACP lawsuit instead   20 hours 25 min ago

    Ouatanding article! However, the issue of district voting is pending before the U. S. Supreme Court, and won't be heard before Spring. Don't think a team of wild horses could get our "case" back into lower court before then.

  • Reply to: For Thanksgiving, just call us ‘Thank Tanks’   21 hours 49 min ago
    The Apolitical President

    Dear Benita,
    Thank you for this excellent update on organizations which exist to perserve liberty.
    The attendees of the Atlas Network's Liberty Forum will constantly try to do what is right economically but will be perpetually marginalized until they live in a society where money is free from government interference and their governments are not paralized by the demands placed upon them by their citizens.
    Entrepreneurship has given way to militarianism and welfare economics.  Entrepreneursip succeeds in and economic environement where the market process is free from government interference, similar to money being free from government interference.  This is not the economic condition in American in the early twenty-first century.
    I am thankful for the Georgia Public Policy Foundation.
    Peace, Justice and Truth
    Bill King
    American Presidency:  The Apolitical President
    The fruits of entrepreneurship

  • Reply to: A conversation about race   23 hours 15 min ago
    The Apolitical President

    Dear Bonnie,
    There is more that is needed than to merely brings differing sides together and have them listen to each other.  At best, this might produce compromise where each side may get something for themself which they seek to possess. 
    This is so especially if, as you suggest, "I don't think we need better arguments."
    You can argue this, but what we need is better ideas.  We need to be able to come together for the purpose of reasoning a better argument, or a new argument, instead of just listening to wrong ideas in a less hostile environment.  This applies to most human discord, not merely race relations.
    Perceived injustices cannot be resolved by collectively requiring government to establish a committee to listen to the arguments about injustice.  When dealing with human nature one side usually has to win while the other side must lose.  This is not justice.  Justice is right reasoning applied to conflict resolution.
    American government is controlled by Men of Money who find their bogeyman for citizens to condemn to be either warfare or welfare proponents.  These both exist for the common purpose of creating government debt which is provided by banking and financial inflation.
    When we begin to free money from government's influence and free government from the paralyzing effect of chronic citizen dependence upon it, we will be able to reason during otherwise unproductive listening sessions as to why humanity cannot use its faculties to the fullest and create solutions where no one is harmed and where justice triumphs.
    If we cannot be reasonable in order to reach solutions based upon right reasoning, we doom ourselves to be serfs to the Men of Money and the wars and the welfare they existentially require. 
    Thank you for promoting civil discussion and dialogue.  You are a saint!
    Peace, Justice and Truth
    Bill King
    American Presidency:  The Apolitical President

  • Reply to: Fayette County arrests report — Nov. 1-16   23 hours 39 min ago

    Theft in Georgia.

    Looked it up and here are bloated legal minds just adding to the word THEFT...

  • Reply to: Fayette County arrests report — Nov. 1-16   23 hours 44 min ago

    You caught that one!  LOL Guess suspended would be the end of the line for Chuckie. Too bad, so sad.

  • Reply to: Tag issue revealed for Dec. renewals   1 day 38 min ago

    I know this:  In the 29 yrs I have lived here, I have NEVER been in the Fayette County Tag Office and left unhappy or without the help I went there for--NEVER!ce and

  • Reply to: Fayette County arrests report — Nov. 1-16   1 day 2 hours ago

    that would be Charles Williams 0958

  • Reply to: Tag issue revealed for Dec. renewals   1 day 2 hours ago

    hate to bust your bubble but the only way a Tax ends is AFTER the war over taxes is won
    All these "simple tax plans" you're hearing come out of would be presidents mouths is only useful to
    Lighter Than Air Pilots. No way no how does K street allow this, Ya know King George kept promising better taxes and systems ,,He finally kept his word ,,well kinda  I should say WE kept it for him in 1787
    (my personal wish would be for a far more superior educated (factually and not by government) populace, If that was the case ,,Taxes would be the Last complaint a citizen would have ..
    Anyway,, wishing you and yours a  Happy Turkey Day . 

  • Reply to: Tag issue revealed for Dec. renewals   1 day 10 hours ago

    The issue is that there is a problem with "World Marketing" NOW!  This company was owned by Brother W Buffett, up until several months ago.  It was purchased by a group of investors in Wis.  Recently their downfall began, causing the problem with their services.  Such as mail outs of automobile renewals for GA & others.  They also were stationed in TX and ILL and ?.  They have about 300-400 unhappy employees at present and this company is in bankruptcy.  Seems perfect timing though for Brother W Buffett. . . . . . . .?  We can only hope this is a sign from divine forces that taxes on private transportation should  cease . . . . . .      

  • Reply to: Fayette County arrests report — Nov. 1-16   1 day 11 hours ago

    Kolby L. Smith, born in 1987, of Oakland Terrace, Decatur, for theft of lost or mislaid property.

    Ok, I give up stealing is stealing,,but what's this stealing of lost of misplaced property?
    Guy forgets where he parked and someone else stole his car??

  • Reply to: Fayette County arrests report — Nov. 1-16   1 day 13 hours ago

    Okay, Oldies it is1958
    I'm going with 1952

  • Reply to: Fayette County arrests report — Nov. 1-16   1 day 13 hours ago

    How's about Oldest 
    I'm going with 1958

  • Reply to: Fayette County arrests report — Nov. 1-16   1 day 13 hours ago

    JJ A TIE
    JJ  3 from  '91
    mlc 3 from '82
    Go figure!
    I am pleasantly flummoxed.  What now?

  • Reply to: Tag issue revealed for Dec. renewals   1 day 14 hours ago

    This is not a new husbands renewal in July arrived a week before his birthday.

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