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  • Reply to: Schools to verify residency of all students   2 hours 51 min ago

    That's racist, that's why                                                             8 families at the same address, which shoud be pretty easy for the school system who has all addresses and has publically stated they can cross reference kids in different school, but at the same address. This has already been done according to one ex-administrator who was pretty much ignored 5 years ago before she retired.
                                                                                                     The racist argument is that you are being prejudicial to blacks and hispanics who have a long history of multi-generational households, caring for cousins and grandchildren while their parents are "away", if you know what that means. They also have a strong history of honoring and caring for elders to the point of using their vote to ensure Democrat inspired welfare programs continue. Some of these elders are revered beyond death as their extended family continues using their vote. That last point is just plain silly, the Irish up north voted their dead for decades before blacks and hispanics were drawn into the Democrats.
                                                                                                 This electric bill thing does not seem to be a serious enforcement attempt. We will know for sure if some prosecutions for fraud to the tune of $8,000 per year (the per student cost) are launched. BTW, that $8,000 is a bargain, Atlanta public schools have a $13,000 per student cost. Of course fraud  and graft is expensive, but the Atlanta school sysytem doesn't have people lying and cheating to get into their schools. I'd rather have our problem than theirs.

  • Reply to: Here’s the flaw in ‘one man with a gun’ argument   6 hours 13 min ago
    Stranger than Fiction

    Thank you for supporting my contention!  Empirically derived data is irrelevant to ideologues.  It doesn't necessarily mean they are wrong, but it does indicate that they are not curious enough to validate their beliefs.  Perhaps your lottery ticket will be a winner!

  • Reply to: Here’s the flaw in ‘one man with a gun’ argument   8 hours 11 min ago

    For the Record STF
    100% of the adults I polled, Believe they are better prepared to stop an armed assalant, if they themselves are armed, Likewise 100% of those I polled agreed they are not a Government are better able to determine if their personal life is in danger because of the actions of a deranged democrat. 
    aI then polled the same people and 100% agreed They DO NOT need "permission" to have the tools necessary to defend themselves or their faimly

  • Reply to: Here’s the flaw in ‘one man with a gun’ argument   8 hours 26 min ago
    Stranger than Fiction

    With Privilege Comes Responsibility – These questions deserve empirical answers. During Obama’s presidency, firearm purchases have escalated significantly in response to irrational apprehensions fueled by fear-mongers. However, these purchases appear to be largely current gun owners expanding their arsenals rather than novel ownership proliferation. The safety statistics have not changed with this expansion, but the data could change if people became more responsible. Personality factors certainly are not immutable, but they are stubbornly resistant to change. I predict that “smart” technology will become reality within 10 to 15 years in an attempt to curtail irresponsibility.

  • Reply to: Against ‘pot-stirring,’ for Brewer’s assessment of school system   8 hours 56 min ago

    Christian71, I suggest "the advanced programs we offer our future generation" can, and probably will,  become" diminished for the sake of saving money".  With nearly everything, economically thinking, we will obtain a social point of equilibrium.  Currently, "social progress" brings diversity and quantifiable measures of achievement..  Diversity does not accomodate the "status quo."  Any educational gains will become an individual, or otherwise private, effort.  That's just one issue, of many, "conservatives" face with "progress."

  • Reply to: Here’s the flaw in ‘one man with a gun’ argument   9 hours 34 min ago

    STF, you pose excellent questions.  What if concealed weapon carriers were to increase 10 fold, maybe even 20-50, or 100 fold?  Will the practice become an individual responsibility to society (i.e., DUI)? How will that reflect the risks versus the gains of exercising self and immediate populace security?  
    P.s., I don't know the answer;  it's been more than 45 years since I took statistics.

  • Reply to: Against ‘pot-stirring,’ for Brewer’s assessment of school system   9 hours 40 min ago

    Ms, Byrom,
    As a taxpayer I am a firm advocate for appropriate and deliberate spending but I believe that making comparisons to Coweta County is not a fair comparison.  The measure of spending versus number of students is worth noting but Fayette county continues to rank most of our schools is the top state performance rankings.  Making any comparison between these counties must not be devoid of including that critical standard and the Boards performance should not be held outside of that measure.
    Before anyone else makes the point, let me also point out that this is also one reason that our county is a desirable destination for families seeking the best education for their children.  In the interest of looking at what brings people to our GREAT county...the "quality" of our children's educational opportunities and family values will bring the new and young families!  These are the taxpayers that will help to defray the overall budget we are setting.  The commitment we make to the educators (some of the lowest paid in these parts) and the advanced programs we offer our future generation can't be diminished for the sake of saving money.  I agree we need to be responsible with our spending but let's not throw the baby out with the bath water.

  • Reply to: Here’s the flaw in ‘one man with a gun’ argument   10 hours 3 min ago
    Stranger than Fiction

    Actually, it is the perception of the facts – For example, take the purchaser of a handgun who does not use it for sport (e.g., gun range, etc.). The statistical probability that this purchaser will accrue beneficence from the discharge of that handgun is extremely low. The chances of it being used for suicide, stolen, accidentally or impulsively discharged, mishandled by a child, waved recklessly, etc. far outdistance the likelihood that it will defend the owner from harm.

    A pragmatist will look at this reality and factor it into the decision to purchase a handgun. An ideologue will discount this low probability, convince him/herself that the statistics are not applicable, and “buy the lottery ticket.” I’m not suggesting that it is wrong or illegal, merely that factual arguments carry little weight for ideologues.

  • Reply to: Schools to verify residency of all students   10 hours 20 min ago
    PTC Observer

    I don't get it. If we have open borders and hundred of thousands of illegals go to our public schools, what does it matter for Fayette if a few more come in from other counties? (sarcasim folks). 

  • Reply to: Schools to verify residency of all students   10 hours 27 min ago

    I agree with you.  

  • Reply to: Schools to verify residency of all students   10 hours 48 min ago

    More on 8, What if 8 families used the same address to enter the school of their choice?  What if 8 families used the same address/Post Office to send in absentee ballots for the candidate of their choice? What if?  Is voter registration, local landlords, and school admin prepared to monitor the crafty game of numbers used by unethical well trained bullies?  The People are awakening to all the smooth moves being play on em. . . . . . . .  

  • Reply to: Schools to verify residency of all students   12 hours 27 min ago

    MLC   solution                                                              
    When you discover fraudulent residency throw the book at them. When a few squatters get criminal charges plus a fine plus restitution to the county the price gets high enough to keep em in  Fulton and Clayton.

  • Reply to: Coker wins DA runoff, Ferguson beats Crane for Congress   12 hours 59 min ago

    Mike Crane thought he had it in the bag?  Please provide how you came to that conclusion using factual information and reasoning.  You call Mike Crane also a career politician, please provide your definition of a career politician and then provide the evidence that proves Mike Crane fits the real definition of a career politician.  You also state "he went dirty first", please show where Mike Crane went dirty at all, much less first.  If you can't do any or all of these, don't spread disparaging words that are untrue, unfounded and unmerited.

  • Reply to: No rollback in PTC’s $33.5M budget   13 hours 3 sec ago
    dar thompson

    The more you open your mouth/write the more you prove my point. You are clueless to the facts.  

  • Reply to: Coker wins DA runoff, Ferguson beats Crane for Congress   13 hours 7 min ago

    Whackjob?  Please provide a reasonable explanation as to how you come to that conclusion, and please separate your illogical emotions while developing your answer.

  • Reply to: FreeSpeech for 10-06-10   14 hours 38 min ago

    So is your commentary.  Now I have a question to pose to those who may know.  Will the contributions made by developing the properties after a zoning change pay for the following considerations: creation and maintenance of roads, public safety, utilities (water and sewer) with their respective right of ways, storm water, and all the other stuff that comes with people?  

  • Reply to: FreeSpeech for 10-06-10   14 hours 57 min ago
    Husband and Father of 2

    You know Jesse, that by setting precedents in changing zoning he helps the family in the future when they decide to sell.  Perhaps he needs to recluse himself from residential zoning changes.
    If the roads arent there, where are they going to come from?  This splost?  The developer?  The taxpayers?   Tonights meeting sounds like its going to be a doozy

  • Reply to: FreeSpeech for 10-06-10   15 hours 6 min ago

    I called Randy today (7/28/16) and voiced my concern with the Chicken Law, during the conversation it was made known to me a thing Mr Surrenderer said to Randy,, now please understand this is third hand and if ya have concerns about this ya should talk to Randy he himself, (and I told him I WAS GOING TO TYPE THIS IN THIS ENVIRONMENT
    There was a conversation about ZONING Randy mentioned there was a petition of over 200 Voters in opposition of the change I was told Chuck responded, "200 who cares, they zoning change is for the better of the county" , It was then pointed out that we don't have the roads for the increase, to which ODDO replied "Build the development and the roads will come" ...fair enough I get that last statement ,,, BUT when 200 + Voters are told to sit down shut up and THEIR concerns pale in comparison to OUT OF COUNTY DEVELOPERS happens especially by Mr Surenderer ......HELLO ??? How can that development be good for us???????

  • Reply to: SPLOST vote to be delayed to next March?   15 hours 31 min ago
    Husband and Father of 2

    Who's the pupetmaster?

  • Reply to: SPLOST vote to be delayed to next March?   15 hours 54 min ago

    Husband, I don't think we will get even a half truth tonight.  Passive aggressive to the nth degree!!

  • Reply to: No rollback in PTC’s $33.5M budget   15 hours 58 min ago
    Husband and Father of 2

    This summarizes the planning commissions concerns.

  • Reply to: Here’s the flaw in ‘one man with a gun’ argument   16 hours 26 min ago

    Ok here's a FACT, When a criminal/terrorist seeks to kill mass numbers of people ONLY those WITH GUNS are called, to STOP the "bad guys" with Guns,, Police, Swat, the American left loved KBG, DO NOT show up with Flowers and Touchy Feeley Slogans, they show up WITH GUNS ...PERIOD END OF STORY ,,
    History tells us CLEARLY those with the weapons be they the first Rock tied to a stick or the one with the first Atomic bomb ,,,, RULE the others not so no well equipped ,,,,F A C T

  • Reply to: No rollback in PTC’s $33.5M budget   16 hours 43 min ago

    Dar summarized it                                                    The answer is 48,000 sq. ft. of retail. Plus 36 more residential units like the townehomes, that Dar did not mention, but should. He could also put second floor residential over the retail if that made sense. All the chart does is show how large the largest space can be under the current zoning and the maximum sizes for the secondary spaces. Why this was not brought up at the first meeting is a mystery.
                                                                         So, 48,000 feet of retail and 36 more townehomes which appears to be on the second or third row from the highway is the price we pay for kow towing to a few neighbors over a project they don't like or understand. Sounds like their opposition will get us some real nifty stuff like Dollar Store and Vape shops.
                                                                    Read Dar's post above. Can't imagine why the mayor would recuse herself, nor can I imagine her voting against it since it is just an obvious asset to the area and is something that will benefit all involved. The neighbors are being silly because they have no knowledge of how market values work. Proof of this is that some of them bought those townehomes, others are prisioners to the high school traffic and all bought before they knew for sure what was going to be built in their backyard. At least they are not as clueless as the Planterra people who claimed not to know about the airport or industrial park, which was already there - a huge mistake. Anyhow, they came out ok with a brand new lake to their west which will remain pristine until Coweta approves something questionable on their side of the lake - like a water skiing school. Maybe that dope who water skis every day on Lake Peachtree will transfer over there.
                                                       Man, this heat makes me cranky. Can't believe I said all those nasty things.
    Good luck at the meeting Dar. The lofts are a great project and Peachtree City should be proud to have them here.

  • Reply to: No rollback in PTC’s $33.5M budget   16 hours 53 min ago
    Husband and Father of 2

    I watched the video and must have missed the part where the mayor bowed out.  Did you happen to have an agreement with the real estate firm she works for?

  • Reply to: No rollback in PTC’s $33.5M budget   17 hours 3 min ago

    Arguing with Steve Brown is useless.  I hope this project is approved in some form.  Try and work it out.

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