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  • Reply to: Classes in Obamanomics   1 hour 5 min ago
    Davids mom

    Illegals are not citizens. There are many issues such as immigration reform, voting rights, equal pay, etc., that need to be addressed in our country.. The pathway to citizenship should not include a so-called hidden system of slavery. We have for generations turned a blind eye to illegals as long as we could pay them below minimum wage. Their children have died in our wars, yet some are willing to ignore this contribution and send all back to their home countries - immediately. The citizens of the world are watching as we treat some humans vastly different because of the color of their skin. There are illegals who helped build this Utopia. An immigration policy needs reformation and then followed by all law enforcement in our country. (Had an interesting conversation with an attendant in a restroom in Geogia's capital. She admitted she had entered the country illegally, but was trying to legalize her position.)

  • Reply to: Two men who keep history alive   1 hour 10 min ago
    Davids mom

    for sharing this unique opportunity of being exposed to 'living history'. I hope many take advantage of visiting with these patriots.

  • Reply to: What’s gone wrong with democracy?   1 hour 49 min ago
    Davids mom

    Me too AHG.

  • Reply to: What’s gone wrong with democracy?   2 hours 25 min ago

    NO, not required or needed! Do have some co-pays (low). Also have Dental coverage via Fed Health Benefits Program for self plus one. Next yr, we will have Health also for self plus one!

  • Reply to: Lake cleanup, voting date on PTC Council’s agenda   2 hours 28 min ago
    Husband and Father of 2


    At the conclusion of the present dredging operation, I certainly hope the city and/or the county has contracted a site survey firm to document the current lake depths throughout the lake.

    With this information, everyone will be able to monitor silt in future years.

    Maybe the Lake PT Ass. will raise some money for this survey or even pay for it.

    This information will certainly come in handy in future years. Let's see if commission and council is forward thinking and obtains this data.

  • Reply to: Lake cleanup, voting date on PTC Council’s agenda   9 hours 34 min ago

    Dredge, not just vegetation now
    That is the latest. The Lake PT Ass. is asking the city to pay for more dredge, in areas they wanted the county to do it for them. Check the last meeting minutes of the water comm.
    Not just ISE, the county engineering firm said vegetation was a waste of $$, too. This is pure cronyism, a word that does not begin to describe the financial damage being done to this city. Those practicing it need to be voted out. Listen to the discussion Thursday.
    I need to learn to use reply on here. Duh...

  • Reply to: What’s gone wrong with democracy?   10 hours 27 min ago

    also have to have supplemental with your type coverage or not. Just curious. Glad you are doing fine with your retirement--you deserve it.....

  • Reply to: PTC Council, allow citizens to be heard   12 hours 40 min ago

    Thank you, Mike LaTella, for your heartfelt letter!! You are so right. Every single person who wants to speak has the right to do so, and should be given that opportunity.

  • Reply to: Fayette County arrests report — March 17–23   12 hours 44 min ago
    Fred Garvin

    Good Samaritan grabs his gun and holds bank robber at gunpoint until police arrive

  • Reply to: Lake cleanup, voting date on PTC Council’s agenda   15 hours 29 min ago
    Husband and Father of 2

    I like Mr. Kings idea regarding the savings and better turnout. It seems that this was simple election rhetoric. Otherwise, this would have been voted on earlier and placed before the state legislature. Too little to late.

    Don't know where this money for vegetation removal is coming from. Emergency contingency? Savings from another line item, unexpected windfall from Great Wolf?

    Until council can explain how to pay for this, just say no.

    Not sure why this would be done anyway. ISE in a council meeting said it would simply grow back unless the depth is changed so as not to allow ultraviolet rays to penetrate to the bottom.

  • Reply to: Lake cleanup, voting date on PTC Council’s agenda   16 hours 55 min ago
    PTC Observer

    My mistake

  • Reply to: What’s gone wrong with democracy?   17 hours 23 sec ago

    Not ALL of us over 65 are on Medicare, Part B--as a Federal Annuitant, I carried my FEHB insurance into retirement and do NOT have Medicare, Part B; Doing just fine so far, 14 yrs into retirement!

  • Reply to: Great Wolf Resorts may have a buyer   1 day 13 hours ago

    GW photo of broken pipe in winter:
    Now, hope this photo comes through below. Picture this within feet of your Preston Chase back yard. Where, oh where would all that water go? And look at the SIZE of that tube....EGAD!!! Little kids in the neighborhood would have nightmares looking at that thing through the disturbed buffer. Not only that, these tubes are not insulated or heated from the cold. Read the comment about how cold the run is in the winter.
    NASA has equipment they use such as this. The National Weather Observatories have equipment they use such as this. Would you buy a home with THIS in your back yard?

  • Reply to: Great Wolf Resorts may have a buyer   1 day 13 hours ago
    Robert W. Morgan

    Peachtree Station revisited
    Right you are, shady deals have long legs and they haunt us for years.
    Methinks Ms. Mayor may want to have a hearing and call Steve Black and Alex Thompson to testify on why and how Peachtree Station got approved and how the money flowed.

    Afterwhich she may rethink the wisdom of fluffing PTC CVB and the Great Wolf to the tune of $800k.

    Never thought we would ever see something like this in our family oriented community.
    But I never thought I'd see something like Peachtree Station either. Thanks Alex, Thanks, Steve. Hope you are enjoying your money.

  • Reply to: Classes in Obamanomics   1 day 15 hours ago
    The Apolitical President

    Dear Bonnie,

    You are well on your way to defining yourself and you are most certainly headed in the right direction. Your three reasons for opposing the executive's economic policies are well reasoned and defend American citizens right to justice according to the common, natural laws ruling individuals.

    For a profound look at the controversy between American government's shift from defending and protecting natural law to its protection and defense of government itself through legislation and unjust judicial review, please read the essay by Lysander Spooner which he entitles as a letter to President Grover Cleveland upon his inauguration.

    Peace, Justice and Truth


    American Presidency: The Apolitical President

    (for a Misesian candidate)

    P.S. This is must reading, about eighty pages. As an incentive to you, I will buy you and your family lunch if you wish to discuss it because I will be so happy and impressed that you care about creating a just peace for your progeny.

  • Reply to: Classes in Obamanomics   1 day 15 hours ago

    So.....are you saying illegals can not participate in this little utopia?

  • Reply to: What’s gone wrong with democracy?   1 day 16 hours ago

    security and I am sure you are carrying BlCr/BlSh as a supplimentary to Medicare as I am as a senior over 65. Those receiving Medicare have been fortunate enough to not have been touched by Obamacare--that is until they start stripping away Medicare benefits. My daughter and son-in-law have ended up with a 300% increase in their healt insurance---so go figure.

  • Reply to: Great Wolf Resorts may have a buyer   1 day 16 hours ago

    So, they say there will be a half million visitor nights when they are at full capacity. If you can believe this, and I can't, what will that do to our traffic in Peachtree City? It is a mess now and it would be impossible under those conditions. As for 400 huhdred new jobs--what cleaning rooms and toilets? Running the great slide--oh, slides don't need operators.

    Hope our elected officials have the you know what to tell them they can keep their plans or take them elsewhere where they would be better suited. Unless someone has a vested interest in this fiasco, there would be no reason for any of our officials to see this as a win-win situation. WE DON'T WANT IT-WE DON'T NEED IT!

  • Reply to: Great Wolf Resorts may have a buyer   1 day 19 hours ago

    Great wolf in sheep's clothing.

    Know what is going on here? This is money games, investment games, gambling with other people's money games, all to get the few on the top of the heap to pile on to their multimillion dollar salaries and compensation/bonus packages.

    The renovation cost will be written off on Apollo's books in the sale. Centerbridge will up the room rates and other fees the customer pays on these properties. Then, in 3-5 years, Centerbridge will put the whole company back on the market and sell for what will be their stated profit. Or, they will say they cannot make a profit here, so they will take their name off the PTC property and then what is the next step with a closed down water park/hotel complex?

    Great Wolf has not made a profit since 2008. This is a financial shell game.

    Know what PTC gets? The same as what has been going on over at Peachtree Station/The Fairways/Harmony Village for the last 20 years. Every few years, new management, new ownership and empty promises. Never kept promises. Minimum upkeep, minimum maintenance, and no upgrades.

    Anyone who has stayed at or worked at this Dolce knows the walls are paper thin. You can listen to next door conversations through the wall. And this is adult conversation, mostly, as a conference center. Add a kiddie component and the noise levels will be escalated with ongoing complaint by guests. Here is the formula...unhappy guests, no repeat business, recipe for failure.

    This city does not need, nor should it approve a Great Wolf.

  • Reply to: What’s gone wrong with democracy?   1 day 22 hours ago
    Davids mom

    Cruz shut down our government in his attempt to repeal Obamacare. And now he announces that he has enrolled in Obamacare - because it is a mandate!! I'm enrolled in Anthem-Blue Cross - not Obamacare. I know someone will clarify my misunderstanding of Cruz's action. Thanks.

  • Reply to: Classes in Obamanomics   1 day 22 hours ago
    Davids mom

    "I have always held the firm belief that one of the cornerstones of our nation was our freedom to make choices that would determine our own destiny. However, when a governmental entity becomes so large that it is able to insulate itself from accountability and seeks primarily to perpetuate itself and exercise more power over the lives of citizens, it has become too big."

    What are your suggestions for making our government more accountable? What do we need to do to reduce the size of government without deminishing the services that government provides?

    Thanks for sharing your opinion.

  • Reply to: Classes in Obamanomics   1 day 22 hours ago
    Davids mom

    "Experience hath shewn, that even under the best forms of government those entrusted with power have, in time, and by slow operations, perverted it into tyranny." - T. Jefferson

    We seem to be entrusting our government to those who have big bucks to attempt to buy our vote and allegiance. Educated/informed citizens are not a mob. Today's technology has helped transparency in government. Those who only watch Fox or CNN (conservative or progressive opinions) are not keeping well informed. It is important to become aware of all stands regarding an issue. ( and where possible observe our representatives in government in action!!! -that may be scary rather than enlightening)

  • Reply to: Classes in Obamanomics   1 day 23 hours ago
    PTC Observer

    "Experience hath shewn, that even under the best forms of government those entrusted with power have, in time, and by slow operations, perverted it into tyranny." - T. Jefferson

    Democracy (majority rules) defined: five wolves and a lamb voting what the lamb will have for dinner.

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