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Free Speech for 08-11-10

Can anyone explain why Fayette County would change the PSAT testing date from a Wednesday, Oct. 13 when they offered it to all students during school to a three-day holiday weekend Saturday, Oct. 16? Many students are still unaware of this new testing plan and as students are out on Friday they are taking advantage of the three days off.

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I can’t help but notice how a sizable portion of your editorials are highly critical of the black community. It’s convenient to point out that all those columnists are black, but the fact still stands that those articles (in The Citizen’s case) are fodder for a largely white audience. I have yet to read one article that is critical of the white community. I can’t help but suspect that your newspaper is trying to espouse a point of view and is pandering to white people who have a distorted view of the black community.

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When did the Peachtree City Library reference room become a babysitting service? Children tie up the computers playing games, pounding the keys loudly, talking, eating and drinking snacks, and the parent is nowhere to be seen. Wait, I correct myself. One parent delivered the snacks, and then left. Great use of our tax dollars (sarcasm intended), and so inconsiderate to those who need to use the computers for schoolwork, research, etc. Also, the cyclists on Peachtree Parkway are really putting us all, including themselves, at risk. Most ignore the stop signs at the intersections, don’t stay to the right, and don’t signal. Does a tragedy have to happen for things to change?

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I would like to thank the citizens of Peachtree City who take it upon themselves to mow the grass at the entrances to their subdivisions, and along city-owned property on the streets themselves. Kudos to you, and shame on Peachtree City Public Works. Whatever happened to the vision that was Peachtree City?

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Peachtree City is a great place and it’s known for its golf cart trails. I often drive my golf cart from the northern part of Peachtree City to Walmart, the Avenue, and other shops near the 74/54 intersection. I used to be able to take the trail through the Cedarcroft subdivision, but they have build fences to keep people out. Why is this? I have a map of Cedarcroft Phase 3 and it shows golf cart trails through the subdivision, yet the lady at the model home said that they were all eliminated. I know that I am not the only one upset about this. What makes this subdivision so special that they don’t have to have trails? I will be calling all of the council members and the mayor and I hope others that use these trails will also call.

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I do not need politicians to call me every hour on the hour and tell me for whom I should vote. I am an informed voter with a brain and any politician that calls my home and ask me to vote for their buddy (good ol’ boy system) gets a vote for the opposition. Politicians, wake up: You are the one to be voted against next.

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Lynn Westmoreland, you called me on a Sunday with your endorsements while I was watching the golf tournament. Then you had the audacity to call again during the NASCAR race. Fuggetaboutit — no vote from me for your buddies or for you in the future.

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Attention, parents of Auburn-bound students: There is a shop just off Toomer’s Corner called “Da Gallery” whose name might suggest it is a poster or art shop. Not so! Da Gallery is a full-blown head shop which concentrates on selling drug paraphernalia. It gets away with it by saying the wall-to-wall hookas and hash pipes for sale are meant for smoking tobacco. Right ... So, just a heads up. If you see charges on your student’s debit card from Da Gallery, you can be pretty sure they’re not buying posters. Auburn should be ashamed for allowing this business to locate on their campus border, right next to “famous” Toomer’s Corner, no less. You owe it to yourself to check it out when you take your campus tour. I have a student at Auburn, and I know I was outraged when I found it.

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More Braelinn shopping woes: I would have thought that the owner would have planned something to encourage shoppers to drive their golf carts to shop. The only place you see cart parking spots is in front of the small shops. There is absolutely no parking for any vehicle anywhere near the fronts of Kroger or Kmart. They have marked it “Fire Zone Area.” (I suppose the small shops will never have a fire?) And there are very few places to return your shopping cart at Kroger. I agree with so many that the Braelinn Shopping Center looks nicer. It’s great to have golf cart parking right along the shop fronts. The biggest attractor is Kroger. Where are the parking spots in front of Kroger? Too bad the designers didn’t think of that.

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To the young woman who was speeding down Robinson Road at Peachtree Parkway. You almost killed my family of four on our golf cart by speeding and not even tapping your brakes as you blew through the stop sign. Luckily, I am a backseat driver and screamed as we pulled into the street noticing that you weren’t slowing down as you approached the intersection. You flew by so quickly without touching brakes, so I couldn’t get your license plate number. Please keep your mind on the road; you came inches from changing or ending four lives plus your own.

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To the citizens of Peachtree City, what great things could Peachtree City do with $38,000? Most citizens of Peachtree City probably do not know this, but the architecture firm of Leo Daly has just been hired to carry out an addition (2,400 sq. ft.) and a renovation to one of the city’s fire stations for the fee of $58,000. This job did NOT go out for bids. If it had been bid on, citizens of Peachtree City would have known that the $58,000 fee Daly is charging is about $40,000 MORE than what it normally should be. Another architect, whose firm has done fire stations in Peachtree City, informed me that the general fee for a commercial project these days is about $3 per square foot — on a good day — and sometimes less with competition. He also told me that his total fee, which would include the extra items (i.e., items not in Daly’s $58K fee), would have been less than $20,000. Citizens of Peachtree City, we must wake up and require the Peachtree City Purchasing Department to send architectural services out for bid.

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It’s good to see that all of PTC’s problems have been solved. As seen in The Citizen July 24, the new crusade the mayor has launched himself into: banning gas-powered golf carts. I guess one of the mayor’s neighbors complained to him regarding the noise. I am sure the next council meeting will spend lots of important time on this new project.

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Why can’t the owner of The Detail Store on the corner of Crosstown Road and Hwy. 74 mow the weeds that front his property? The other two business owners on that corner have embraced their location and have enhanced that corner to be attractive. It’s obvious GDOT is not going to do it for him, and he continues to cheapen one of the premier corners for business in the city. Even the closed business up the road, the old Backyard Burgers, are keeping their frontage groomed. Cheap, cheap, cheap.

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The proposed banning of gas golf carts is one of the silliest things our city government has come up with yet. They need to be figuring out ways to encourage people to drive cars less instead of more. With grass two feet high on greenspaces, they are worried about a few gas golf carts. Go figure. There is already a law that is to go into effect this year and next that will require small engines such as golf carts to meet strict emission requirements. Gas golf carts make less noise than most cars. The noise is different than that of a car. Using a decibel meter, I would bet there would be less noise, especially with the air conditioner running. After all these years of having cart paths, there are still only an estimated 5 percent of the carts that are gas powered. That is around 400 total. These carts probably produce fewer emissions in a year than one traffic light change at a major intersection does in one hour. Can anyone think the percentage of gas carts will drastically increase? My gut feeling is that the mayor is reacting to the few people who “chose” to buy a home adjacent to a cart path, and now want to ban everyone from driving next to their home. Do we really want a city government that tells us what type cart to use?

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Come on, PTC Mayor Don, we elected you to be one of us, not above us. As you walk down Flat Creek Trail behind Dover Square, you can’t help but notice the beautiful mature trees recently planted by Peachtree City in a run-off, retention pond area. It sure seems like a waste of our hard-earned taxpayers’ money during these austere times to plant mature trees in a run-off area recently cleared by Peachtree City due to overgrowth. Seems strange till you find out the area is directly behind Mayor Don’s property. Guess he didn’t like the view. You’d think we could spend our hard-earned money on better projects than that, wouldn’t you, Mayor, Council? Someone said it cost the taxpayers tens of thousands of dollars for this project. Look for yourself, it should make our mayor red-faced, with shame, not anger. Go figure.

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Why does the Fayette County DA’s office care more about protecting the guilty that live in their county than enforcing the law and assisting citizens who live outside of Fayette County? A resident of Peachtree City embezzled over $30,000 from my company, based outside of Fayette County. The Fayette County DA’s office spent over 18 months working on this case, investigating, arraigning, and bringing this person to trial. The day before trial was to start, I went to the DA’s office, was greeted by the ADA who had worked the case, along with the DA himself, and as we sat around their conference table, they apologized, but informed me that they had dropped all charges. Yes, they had proof. Yes, they had the cancelled checks. Yes, they even had a confession. But they lacked jurisdiction since your local Peachtree City thief had deposited the checks out of the county. The DA looked me in the eye, promised that they would do “everything possible” to help with other jurisdictions getting the information, making calls to get the ball rolling, doing whatever they could to bring this person to justice and now six months later, they have done nothing, will not return a phone call, will not even return an email to me. DA Ballard, I can not tell you how disappointed I am that you wasted 18 months of your taxpayers’ money, and then lied to me about trying to help bring justice in other courts. All you have done is stonewall the justice system to allow your Peachtree City criminal to continue to live his life without having to officially face his day in court, much less pay back the money he stole from my company. Shame on you. Why are you protecting the criminals and not helping the victims?



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Congratulations Judge Sams on your appointment to the Superior Court. You deserve it and I am sure you will do us proud.

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Our esteemed and transparent mayor having trees planted behind his house for aesthetic purposes. Even Harold, Steve and Bob were nowhere near this arrogant. Maybe next year they'll construct a private bridge across 54 from his house so he can get to work.

It's obvious, the power of being mayor has gone to his head, next he'll be saying he needs more money.

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Your going way over the line into personal insults and false accusations of misconduct in office now and not knowing what your talking about. Maybe you should reveal to the bloggers why your so angry at the City government, and I don't mean the Budget. I won't tell them, you should.

Fact is over 20 years ago I got them to stop trying to keep a grass only detention pond because it flooded and was mud pit. Worked great for over 20 years at zero cost to the city. Was fully wooded.

Then mandated Stormwater requirements began being enforced. Over 50 trees were clear cut and the old problems returned, including massive numbers of mosquitoes.

In prior cleared similar ponds the adjoining owners protested as well. Being Mayor didn't stop the clearing.

I did the research and proved not only are wooded dry detention ponds legal by Stormwater standards but are superior. Other cities in GA mandate them and Florida encourages them state wide.

The policy for all dry detention ponds was changed. So the maintenance costs of keeping them grass goes away. That is called saving money in the Budget. As well with PTC being a tree city trees are to be put back in prior cut ponds. That is called being green.

12 trees were planted in the pond by my house. They are the height of those planted along 54, so no where close to tens of thousands of dollars.

Do your own research and math. But I guess each tree is in the $20-30 range. The rest of the pond will grow back naturally.

Now, you tell me if I a milking the taxpayers or saving them a lot of money while adding trees and green back to PTC?

Am I offended? You bet.

<cite><strong>Don Haddix
Peachtree City Mayor</strong></cite>

As I live and breathe, I am thankful for the ability to learn more each day. If you told me it would be about detention ponds, I would have said, excuse me??? But thank you for the information.

Now, with this new knowledge, can a wooded dry detention pond be created out of the eyesore of a dry detention pond next to the cart path next to K Mart's Garden Center at Braelinn?

And why is the landowner of that office park there not required to clean up that mess of weeds and debris?

And, by the way, this Mike King guy has become an embarrassment to himself in his attacks on you on this blog, in my opinion.

Don Haddix's picture

Probably. But it would require review by Stormwater and agreement by the owners, if private property.

On the mess I will have Staff look into it.

<cite><strong>Don Haddix
Peachtree City Mayor</strong></cite>

Mike King's picture

My post concerned your arrogance. To whom are you refering? I learned of this today from a fellow Council member of yours.

But my, aren't we thin skinned? Being so defensive does make me wonder if you stress level is a bit out of control.

Quite unhealthy, as a matter of fact.

Don Haddix's picture

Now another on Council, which has been informed about what happened for months now, suddenly supposedly supports this false claim today. As well you try to switch topics from accusations of misconduct to being about arrogance. Then kick in all the false claims in past posts and it has become quite a list.

Bye. It is obvious your agenda means more to you than facts.

<cite><strong>Don Haddix
Peachtree City Mayor</strong></cite>

Mike King's picture

That Councilmember informed me of the 'planting' late this afternoon after reading today's paper, specifically refering to the above 'Free Speech' article that I had yet to read or even have knowledge of. My characterization of you was arrogance and has not changed.

Any accusation of misconduct did not come from me, everything I've posted has been above my name, a fact even you realize. But then, I'm not on the defensive, you are.

By the way, where can I get fully mature trees planted for $20-$30 per tree?

idk_revisited's picture

Mr. King:

Unfortunately, your credibility based on the posts on this site is deteriorating rapidly in the eyes of several readers. Your best course of action might be to move on.

Mr. Haddix:

While your responses on topics provide good information, you are beginning to appear unprofessional to readers on this blog through fighting with Mr. King. The best way to promote your City is to not get involved in public fights, especially any "personal" beefs someone might have with you.

In the focus of being right, it is my opinion that you are making yourself, and the city you represent, look foolish.

Calm down, gentleman, and quit bringing the "quality" of this site down.

The rest of us reading your crud

I don't know why you practically copied what I wrote to the two gentlemen also yesterday!

I don't want any credit for any of this but it does show that you don't even read what has already been written om a subject!

This sort of thing does more to harm "quality," as you say.

I suppose we are all making too much of this anyway....let them go!

idk_revisited's picture

because I just can't understand most of them....

Cyclist's picture

It's a common problem we all share.

Caution - The Surgeon General has determined that constant blogging is an addiction that can cause a sedentary life style.

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This is starting to remind me of the feud between Mayor Steve Brown and John DuFresne and his B.U.M. t-shirts. BUM stands for Brown Unfit Mayor for you newcomers. While true and even somewhat funny, it got old real quick and it made the whole city seem immature. Let's not have a redo of those days, gentlemen.

Remember Mr. Haddix that you are mayor 24/7 - regardless of whether or not it is or isn't a full-time job. Brown's departure from reality and credibility came when he claimed he was making TV commercials as simply a citizen - not mayor. Please don't follow him down that road. You have too much to do without all the personal stuff.

Instead why don't you and Mr. King get together for cup of something and figure out a way to appoint him to be the head of economic development and figure out how to pay him later. Just get on with something productive. Any luck getting Kim to see the light on that topic? No? Well send Mr. King in to secure her yes vote and then we can get something done instead of stonewalling.

Live free or die!

This Hatfield and McCoy arrangement is what happens on public forums when real names are used! It certainly isn't a place for personal vendettas, nor is the Mayor's home the best place for landscape improvements even close to it!

Maybe both of you can explain in plain English what caused the trees to be planted there and no where else, maybe, and in a recession/ Also, maybe King can respond to what the Mayor said about something King should explain?

Normally I wouldn't expect that to happen maybe, depending on the facts, but it was brought up here and apparently the trees were planted.

By the way I have some free flowing water by my house from the road occasionally in a downpour. Could you divert it for me? I have to pay taxes for that water flowing off my property.What will the Chinese bill be for water flowing off their property? Who pays the water flow bill for old PhotoCircuits? That stuff is poison, I think.

I tried to tell Mr Haddix not to respond individually on here!

You know, what with all this stuff happening (judges and all) and the paper turning into an organ for general soul saving, things may suddenly become very interesting!
All this talk of good restaurants (none here) and BBQ (none good) and beer (none good) and small offices, and TEAS will be drowned out by some real stuff!!

OMG! I think I just asked the same SANY question as you on another post at the same time....I think I need some fresh air....oh wait, there IS no fresh air, it's all hot air, inside and outside!:(

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a rainy night in GeorgiaIt seems like it's rainin' all over the world...

Caution - The Surgeon General has determined that constant blogging is an addiction that can cause a sedentary life style.

Damn Cy, good on ya if you're getting rain--I'm sure not!

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So I take it you're not at home tonight?

Caution - The Surgeon General has determined that constant blogging is an addiction that can cause a sedentary life style.

Indeed I am at home--just went outside to check--all dry, not a hint of rain!

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There is always tomorrow.

Caution - The Surgeon General has determined that constant blogging is an addiction that can cause a sedentary life style.

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This morning an emaciated stray showed up in our backyard. He looks to be at least part pit bull, seems very docile, and has cuts on him. He looks like a skeleton - poor thing. Judging by his paws, he's still a puppy.

We fed him and gave him water, but my husband won't let me keep him. My fear is that if we take him to the shelter, he won't survive. If any of you can take on a stray or know someone who can please email me:

<"The most beautiful things in life cannot be seen or even touched, they must be felt with the heart." - Helen Keller>

Take it to the pound. No loss

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.....Dating in the Dark.

I guess it's a companion show to the to that other waste of airway space - The Bachelorette. You know, that show where people <strong>[{heavily censored}]</strong>.

Please, just give me the Judge Judy Channel. That way I can have 24 hours of her honor proclaiming to someone that "you're an idiot".

I have it on good authority that CHR$ watches Judge Judy. &#9786;

Caution - The Surgeon General has determined that constant blogging is an addiction that can cause a sedentary life style.

I know that the library offers free ESL classes, but what about me? I would like to learn spanish so I know what they are talking about when they "all of the sudden- go from speaking English - to speaking Spanish..
Why aren't we given the "free" choice of learning Spanish? Somebody please tell me.....

I was checking my children's grades on Infinite Campus, and there was an announcement that starting on Monday, the start time for high school would return to 8:40, instead of 8:25. Does anyone know why they made this change?

8:40; 8:25 !

Do they just pick these times out of a hat?
For purposes of families scheduling around school, years ago hour and half hour times were used---easier to remember
8:30 or 9:00 for instance.

8:45 or 8:30 wouldn't be so bad but: 8:40 and 8:25?

Many watches aren't that accurate!

What is the logic, if any?

Well, my pithy FreeSpeech entry last night was wasted ... and I put a lot of thought into it! I don't know how aligning the high school and middle school start times worked for other county schools, but for Starr's Mill and Rising Starr, it was a traffic nightmare. There is one road into the complex and, combined with construction traffic on 74, the delays were unbelievable. Trying to get there early wasn't an option, either, because then you ran into Peeples Elementary traffic!

I wasn't at the meeting, so I don't know their discussion or stated reasoning. I do know that I am happy the heavy traffic problems will be alleviated now, for those mornings when I have no other choice but to drive my child to school.

On FCBOE website, they announce that the start time goes back to 8:40...however, there is no reason given in the actual "press release".

eodnnaenaj1's picture

maybe same stuff differnt day would apply here, who knows how or why decisions are made by the powers that be!!!

They have to move the time back because the buses are late every day. Having middle and high school start 5 minutes apart was a bad idea!

I'd love to hear from FCBOE why they changed the High School start time again. Seems they might not have thought through all the ramifications of starting at 8:25 am.

They discussed it at the FCBOE meeting last night. It was on their Agenda.

eodnnaenaj1's picture

Because a/c's are not working properly or not at all.

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