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Why can't we be friends?

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I am going to write this column and most people probably will look at me funny afterwards but I have noticed something wrong with our society and I don’t like it. I have three best friends, two of them are guys. Read More»

The Differences We have in Common

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I am a geek. I am emotional. I can be obsessive, over-protective, and even clingy. At one time or another I feel like I am a nuisance to everybody. I watch Doctor Who religiously (along with other Sci-Fi shows) and tend to relate it to everything, which really annoys a lot of people. I guess what I am saying is that I am not your stereotypical teenager. That covers my personality. To complicate things, when I was 6 years old, I was diagnosed with ADHD and later with Aspherger Syndrome. So my question to everybody is, who cares? Read More»

School is in session!

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School starts this week in Fayette County. That means that all of the kids who have been moved around to new schools are probably pretty nervous right about now.
I have to say, going to a new school is not something that I have never done before. In fact, I have been to several. Many of my classmates however, have not. They have been in the same schools for their whole life. It is scary for them.

However, I know one thing for sure! If something old never ends, nothing new will ever get started. It will be different, and maybe scary, but we can do it! Read More»

The tears of a Tiger Cub

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I’ve been called the “voice of the students.” I have tried to live up to that. It has been an honor to write for The Citizen and my community.

But I didn’t realize that honor could come at such a painful price. Today I don’t represent the “voice” of the students. I represent the tears of the Fayette Tiger Cubs.

Friday was the last day for Fayette Middle School. It is closed and gone for good. I stayed in homeroom most of the day with my classmates. We went out for a picnic ... team 7b. Read More»

Farewell, for good, to Grady Avenue, FMS

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[Editor’s note: Fayette Middle School is being closed for budget reasons. The school’s last day is May 24.]

In the words of Ms. Laurie Gividen, Friday night was “EPIC!”

The night started with a performance from the championship step team Dynasty. Next was an emotional piano duet of Vickie Anderson and Jeff Durham.

Ms. Anderson, who teaches eighth grade at Fayette Middle School, encouraged all of the students to be willing to step out of their comfort zone as she was doing that night and move forward in life. Read More»

New York City for a Southern girl

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I am so sleep deprived right now I can barely think. In the last five days, I have been to the Empire State Building, Ground Zero, Times Square, Dallas BBQ, HB Burger, Central Park, Statin Island, Manhattan Island, China Town, the Guggenheim Museum, Grand Central Station, Ripley Grier Studios Broadway Workshop, and on a New York City tour.

I watched “Phantom of the Opera” at the Majestic Theater. I was on “Good Morning America” with the rest of the FMS Fine Arts people.

I even sang at the Apollo and was named Apollo Ambassador Billy Mitchell’s honorable youngest daughter. Read More»

Final 30 days at FMS

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On Monday, April 15, there will be only 30 days of school left for Fayette County until next year and forever for Fayette Middle School. Luckily, we have a ton of stuff packed into those 30 days.

Before anything else, we have to finish the CRCT (Boooo!).

For me, in comparison to the rest of the year, the biggest events are happening in chorus. First we are going to have “Gospel on the Green” April 24. It is a FCHS event at the amphitheater and will include performances from many famous gospel singers including one with whom FMS chorus will perform. Read More»

Bennett’s Mill sign: ‘Welcome, Fayette Middle’

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“FMS + BMMS = SUCCESS ... Welcome Fayette Middle.”

On Thursday the 14th, the FMS Cubs volleyball team won a game against the Bennett’s Mill Broncos volleyball team. The game was played at Bennett’s Mill Middle School.

After the game, the Lady Cubs were presented with posters for the school and goodie bags were given to the coaches. Read More»

After closures votes, some important words and letters

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[Editor’s note: The Fayette County Board of Education voted Monday night to close four schools. Among them was Fayette Middle School. FMS seventh-grader Samantha Frazier attended the meeting.]

Four schools: FMS, FIS, Tyrone, and Brooks.

Four letters: H-O-P-E.

Four words: Fayette County is STRONG.

Four people who helped to make our county better: Mrs. Marion Key, Dr. Bob Todd, Mr. Leonard Presberg, and Mr. Barry Marchman. Read More»

After the meeting, some thoughts on getting through

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People change. Things change. Twenty years from now, when my kids go off to school, I’m gonna think back to Fayette Middle.

When my kids come home and need help with their homework, I’m going to use what those brilliant people taught me. My life is better since I moved to Fayetteville.

What I need to say to the citizens of Fayetteville is that if we buckle down and prepare for the oncoming storm, we will survive. There will be some damage but if we are all careful and look out for each other we can clean up good. Read More»

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