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A snowball’s chance

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There’s a heat dome covering the South. Clear blue skies means another day without rain. The once lush soft green grass has now all turned crunchy brown. There’s no rain in sight. This will go down as the hottest July on record. Could the global warming myth actually not be a myth after all?

One pair of blue jeans

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With a simple click of a mouse, parents can now buy everything needed for their soon-to-be schoolers and have it shipped right to their front door. To say things have changed in the last 50 years of shopping for back to school supplies would be an understatement.

Beach vacation preparations

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The title of this story is not “Our Beach Vacation,” and for good reason. Before one actually can dip their toes in sand, plunge into the ocean, enjoy and relax in the tranquility that only comes from the sound of waves crashing ashore, one must first make certain purchases.

Wanting to be a grownup

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Almost 15 years ago, The English Teacher edited this column for the very first time. She has been my editor ever since. She has stated often that it seems as if I like writing about, and maybe even living in, the past more than the present.

Snowball pool party

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A long, long time ago on a familiar street not so far away it happened. The pool party in Neighbor Thomas’ backyard was to celebrate the end of the school year. And it started a tradition that continues on to this very day.

Mist mountain

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All now lay quiet in the small southern town. It was as if both the town and the mountain had given up fighting, fallen asleep, and were finally at rest trying to heal. Rest they should. Just 12 hours earlier the tranquility the area was famous for had been shattered.


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