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Holiday rules and mishaps

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With Thanksgiving behind us, now is a perfect time to take a look at what went right and what went wrong with the holiday festivities last week so the same mistakes will not happen when the family once again gathered together, this time around the Christmas tree.

Little holiday mood helpers

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Have you already lost that holiday cheer this year? Was hosting Thanksgiving just too much work? Are you beat down to the point that you’re just thankful all the family has gone so you can clean up the mess left behind? Tired of all the commercialization surrounding this time of the year?

Will you remember me?

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It’s an interesting question. Will anyone remember me when I’m gone? Now, don’t worry, I’m not going anywhere — at least not yet. Just had a physical and Doc says I should still be around writing stories for years to come.

Finding your voice

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Have you ever been in a conversation with your significant other and you can’t get a word in edgewise? They are talking so fast, you just want them to take a breath in order to give you a chance to speak.

The Ghost of Flamingo Street

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Dear Reader, beware. A Hallmark story this is not. Everyone doesn’t stay warm and safe in his or her bed at night. There is no storybook happy ending. No exaggeration of the facts or poetic license has been used — not with this story. The facts found herein are indisputable and true.

Behind the scenes

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It really wasn’t a threat. It was more like a promise. “If you act up, start whining, or otherwise irritate me, you’ll stay at the zoo and shovel elephant poo. We’ll pick you up in the morning.” The “we” being The Wife and me.

A bedtime story

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The bedtime routine had been well planned by yours truly. Guaranteed not to fail. Round up kids, quick bathroom stop, then kids in bedroom, read story, lights out, and kids go to sleep. Well planned, guaranteed, and simple. Then stillness of quiet would once again descend upon our house.

A lifetime ago yesterday

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A lifetime ago just yesterday, I got a haircut. It changed my outlook on life. Odd that something so simple and routine could do such a thing, but this was no ordinary trim. For you see, this time in the barber chair was another person sitting with me.

Swamp water soup

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“So what’s for dinner?” It was the battle cry Mom fielded about a thousand times every day. And Mom Math was the same back on Flamingo Street as it is now. Ask a question 10 times and moms will say it has been asked a thousand.


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