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Ga. General Assembly convenes

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On Jan. 12, 2015 the Georgia General Assembly convened for the first day of the 2015 legislative session. It is always an exciting day at the Capitol to see your legislative colleagues that you have not seen much, if at all, in the months since the last day of the prior legislative session. It is also a great day because it is always attended by legislators’ friends and families. Read More»

Legislative update: Promoting businesses

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The 2014 legislative session has gotten off to a very fast start, and the first bills are reaching the chamber for a vote of the House of Representatives.

In recent years the General Assembly has dedicated significant time and effort on creating a legal and regulatory environment favorable to business expansion and job growth. Continuing our focus on protecting small businesses, Rep. Bruce Williamson sponsored HB 809. Read More»

Week 1 report from the General Assembly

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On Monday, Jan. 13, the state legislature convened for day one of the 2014 session.

As always occurs the first week of the session, Georgia’s representatives, senators, state constitutional officers and members of the Georgia Court of Appeals and Georgia Supreme Court gathered in the House Chamber to hear Governor Deal deliver the State of the State Address.

Gov. Deal delivered a very positive and forward-looking speech and took the opportunity to underline many of the positive things happening right now in our state. Read More»

Sine die, 2013

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Thursday night, March 28, just before midnight, the gavel came down and brought the 2013 legislative session of the Georgia General Assembly to a close.

As always, the challenges were many, but it turned out to be a very productive session. I wanted to write a column and mention a couple of the more high profile items that were adopted this year and will write a subsequent column with a list of many of the bills that passed that did not receive as much media coverage.

I hope this will be helpful as residents seek information on what the General Assembly worked on during this session. Read More»

A review of bills passed in busy legislative session

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Last Thursday as the clock struck midnight the General Assembly concluded its 40th and final day of the 2012 legislative session. It was a busy session and I believe our continued focus on jobs and the state economy led to some important measures being sent to the Governor’s desk in the final days of the session.

I thought I would quickly summarize a few of the measures that received final passage in the last week of the session.

FY 2013 Budget Act, HB 742
Read More»

Reasons for tax reform bill and ‘Chase’s Law’

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On Monday, March 19th, we returned to the Gold Dome to begin our 34th legislative day of the 2012 session.

As the end of session draws near, we worked long hours this week to ensure the passage of several important pieces of legislation, including a measure aimed at providing needed tax relief to Georgians and reforming some antiquated provisions in our tax code. Read More»

‘Crossover Day’ was eventful at the state Capitol’

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Wednesday, March 8th, marked the 30th legislative day of the 2012 session.

Known as “Crossover Day,” this critical point in the session marks the last chance for most bills to pass the legislative chamber where they are introduced.

This is because by the end of Crossover Day, all legislation passed by the House must “cross-over” to the Senate, and vice versa.

As a result, any House bill that has not passed the House by the end of Crossover Day will have little chance of becoming law this year. Read More»

Jobs announcement great news for Georgia’s economy

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The Georgia General Assembly convened on Tuesday, Feb. 21 for day 22 of the 2012 session after learning some exciting news for the future of Georgia’s economy.

On Friday, Feb. 17, Governor Deal announced that Caterpillar Inc. will bring over 1,400 jobs to Georgia with the construction of a new manufacturing plant in Athens.

In addition to these jobs at the new plant, Caterpillar’s suppliers and increased retail sales are expected to create another 2,800 jobs. Perhaps the best part of this news was that the jobs were actually coming back on-shore from Japan. Read More»

Georgia House of Representatives, Week 1

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The Georgia General Assembly convened on Jan. 9, 2012 for the first day of the 2012 legislative session. As I have done in years past, it is my intention to write periodic update columns while the legislature is in session in the weeks ahead to help ensure the citizens of Fayette County are up to date on the important issues that are pending before the General Assembly.

Before I turn to 2012 I did want to provide an update on the recently concluded redistricting process, which dominated much of 2011. Read More»

Local officials aren’t talking enough about economy

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State government to maintain focus on jobs and the economy and so must Fayette County.

With the Georgia General Assembly less than two months away from convening for the 2012 session, it is the time of year when there is much discussion about possible legislative agenda items.

As has been the case the past several years, one of our primary focuses will be on building upon efforts to create an environment in Georgia that is conducive to job creation and economic recovery. Read More»

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