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FreeSpeech for 07-28-10

[What do you really think? Email us your pithy opinions, your short takes on life in Fayette and environs, your gotta-get-it-off-your-chest questions or sound-offs. Emails only to Put Free Speech in your subject line and include your contribution as the body text of your email. No signature required. No phone calls, faxes or snail-mail letters, please. No personal attacks on private persons, but just about any aspect of public life is fair game.]

As a parent in a school system like Fayette that has first stated they don’t have any money, and then all of a sudden they find millions, I am still in shock that they paid my son this summer to retake a math test he already passed in order to just raise their score percentage. Not only did the high school pay for his transportation, his lunch from Chick-fil-A, more teachers to tutor him first, and to give him the test, they are paying for his senior dues. Now how much money is that wasted on kids that already passed a state mandated test? And what about the many many kids who did not pass? Aren’t they important, or do we kick them when they fail and leave them behind?

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Why would anyone think that a recorded phone message, disturbing me in my home, would EVER make me want to vote for them?

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If the Fayetteville police would patrol the handicapped parking spaces behind Piedmont Fayette Hospital, the west entrance, they would be able to write enough tickets for cars not having handicapped stickers to buy all the new cars the city needs.

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Senator Inhofe and Congressman Westmoreland, is it hot enough for you two now to forget about your hoax theory?

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To the taxpayers of PTC (or should I say the 3,500 voters of PTC): The only constant in this city has been the mismanagement by its city manager. He is the person in charge of the run-up of debt and the foolish increases in the city payroll and its diminished performance of the city employees. The mayor and City Council take the brunt of the responsibility for what goes wrong in the city, and yet this council like many Councils before them fails to do what needs to be done. Replace the city manager. Review and replace the non-performing directors on the city payroll. Immediately reduce the the city payroll by 13 percent. Demand and direct all departments to reduce all department budgets. I can’t believe that everyone stood by and watched the teachers who are entrusted with the education of your children take a large pay cut, and saw a large number of layoffs, yet this city management will not even consider a pay cut of its city employees. It’s pretty sick, and believe me most city employees make more money than our school teachers. I am not a school teacher nor do I have a child in school but every day driving through this city I witness the non-productivity exhibited by our truly protected employees. Let’s get with it, City Council; do the hard things. Raising taxes is easy; expecting your employees to do what they are paid for should be your goal.

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One thing that would make the West Fayetteville Bypass a good thing is to put a Varsity at the corner of Hwy. 54 and Huiet Road.

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Regarding the closing of St. Andrews Day School: The preschool has been running like a well-oiled machine. The teachers have always been loving, sweet and nothing but kind towards our children, and the teachers always had a terrific morale with our wonderful director in place. I think it’s time the we as parents, teachers, parishioners and members of the Peachtree City community know exactly what the truth is behind the closing of our school. And the man that knows needs to stop hiding in his office and take accountability for his actions. Our community has been let down thanks to you.

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Why is it that Democrat candidates say I, I, I, and Republican candidates say we, we, we,?

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Braelinn Shopping Center: Where has all the shade gone, long time passing? Whoever redesigned this shopping center was not thinking green, at all. Used to be you could walk in the shade, on a hot summer day, all the way from Kmart to Kroger. But not now. All store fronts will be in direct sunlight, and the electric bills for all tenants will be a lot higher, should they desire to keep their store cool. And all that brick wall that was torn down: What a waste! I always thought that brick was one of the best building materials for walls. And now, the sun will fade all those different store front colors, and the landlord will have to repaint them each year. And coming out of Kroger with a shopping cart that holds a bag of eggs, you’d best hold that bag of eggs in your hand prior to crossing that bumpy section of pavement that resembles, in a way, the “upside-down” look of an egg carton. The only thing in this remodeling construction that makes any sense is the repaving of the parking lot. Landlord, you could have saved a bundle of money by simply lowering the price of a lease.

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Can someone please explain to me why people bring babies to movie theaters? I was with my family over the weekend to enjoy a movie, and because of a baby crying the entire time we couldn’t hear the majority of it. There were plenty of other people making comments, because they couldn’t hear as well. I understand that there might not be a babysitter available, but that really doesn’t give anyone the right to ruin it for everyone else who paid a lot of money to enjoy it. I know a lot of young adults who would love to make some extra money. Next time, leave the babies at home with a babysitter; the baby will appreciate it as well.

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To Tea Party members: Please do not let right-wing conservatives jeopardize the Tea Party movement. There are some of us who have supported the Fair Tax plan and tax reform for many years, but we do not support some of the issues that some are attaching to the movement. We do not believe that God created the world in six days. We do not believe that prayer has been taken out of the public schools. Our children and grandchildren pray everyday at school. We believe that gays have the right to become legal partners, just don’t call it marriage. We believe that a woman should have a choice as to whether she will give birth to an unwanted pregnancy. These issues are irrelevant to tax reform. Please don’t let them ruin it.

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The universal healthcare bill passed by the Democrats in Congress is the worst piece of legislation ever enacted. President Obama says it will reduce the deficit but you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to know he’s blowing smoke. One thing we do know is that his health plan will increase the number of federal employees on our payroll and that’s not good. When it comes to government programs we can also expect Congress to raise payroll taxes on workers and employers soon to cover the Ponzi scheme called Social Security. In the future, the only way we can control our total healthcare costs is to tie that total annual expenditure to a percent of our GDP. We can’t afford the national healthcare plan imposed by the Democrats but we may be able to support a reasonable private system. We need the invisible hand of our free enterprise system working better instead of a central government program. I’m not sure the Republicans really want to establish universal healthcare. But if they do, just give every adult or family a voucher they can use to help buy a health insurance policy that best meets their needs and resources. Add the amount of the voucher to the individual’s or couple’s federal income tax return each year. Workers that now have company health insurance would continue to receive those benefits as a cash payment to their salary each month. They could use that money to buy additional coverage or defray the cost of the government voucher. This voucher system probably won’t be perfect but we can’t afford perfect. But, it most likely would satisfy 90 percent of the public 90 percent of the time.



At least there is one other person on the face of the earth who agrees that the design issues with this remodel are sorely lacking.

Add to the list. Try to wheel your shopping cart out of the K Mart garden center to your car. No can do, without following a mapped out route that will take you on a tour of the parking lot. Maps are given out a the register in the garden center. K Mart should have no problem tracking the lack of sales to this curbing oversight. Considering their overall lack of business, I don't see how they can tolerate this.

I think there was a liriope sale of epic proportions that they took advantage of. If this is how we want to "green up" our shopping centers, you better forget about it. The liriope will be a lovely shade of brown all winter, too. All the trees and evergreen shrubs are gone.

Where are/were the way overtouted Ga. Tech/students during all this?

I guess I'm going to have to go view this design now that they are finished.
Last I heard were a few saying it was too "Hispanic." I suppose the colors!

Research has been done several times about how women, in particular, select a color to paint a room or for a whole scheme.
Ten (10) women were placed into a room and told you select a color that the group could agree on to paint a room. They were supplied nearly all colors and shades from which to select the one color.

ALL the final selections were some shade of beige! However, when the women allowed a well known interior decorator to select the color or scheme they all agreed it was wonderful, no matter what color was selected!

Without the decorator present however, none of them like 90% of the selections. (Braelin).

I really don't know how Arabs sell their goods in a dirty old tent!

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Lets see, Rhode Island repealed sale and excise taxes on yachts purchased in that state. So the honarable Sen. Kerry (D. Mass) decided that that was a good deal and elected to dock his yacht in Rhode Island rather his home state of Massachusetts which saved him almost $500,000 taxes. Only when the press got word of this did the good Senator say that he would pay the Mass tax.

Caution - The Surgeon General has determined that constant blogging is an addiction that can cause a sedentary life style.

is now in what will be his final term in office for the state of Massachusetts. The Scott Brown phenomena has been a long time coming up there and will change the politics forever in Taxachusetts. Having been subjected to living there for 2 years before moving here, there isn't alot left that can sucked out of the taxpayers of that state. With Teddy Kennedy gone now, they are finally wising up to what has been done to their state by the likes of Teddy and Johnny boy.

Don't you really miss those Frappes? Did some time in Ayer, MA myself--twice actually.

Now there's a word we don't hear in Georgia.

Chocolate is the best. And, having black flies and mosquitoes on the side were fun, too. Ft. Devens, maybe?

I miss the scallops, clams and lobstah the most. I was in Braintree. Not by choice. But, at least I was able to get to the Cape and to The Lobster Hut in Plymouth. Best seafood in NE at The Lobster Hut.

Ft Devens it was--Two different times, both for school, before they moved all the Intel Training to Arizona. And actually, I didn't consume frappes--at that time I was more interested in beer and babes!

then you must mean The Golden Banana in Peabody. Ha.

I know not of which you speak. There were plenty of places in and around Ayer to slake one's thirst and meet new acquaintences. Oh, I did sneak over to Lowell once in a while.

Google tells all! Nope, not my style. Like I said, plenty of places in and around Ayer with cold brew and friendly folks.

I am SO happy to hear that! I, of course, never went there, but when there was ever a bachelor party to be had, for some silly reason that place always was discussed by the men. Never could figure it out, but guess some things are just better not questioned by the ladies.

My Red Sox are having a tough year, but at least the Braves look like they'll give Bobby Cox a good sendoff! My sports fantasy is to have the Red Sox and Braves in the World Series right here at Turner Field. Or, some day soon, have the NE Patriots and Tom Brady in a Super Bowl at the Georgia Dome with Matt Ryan and the Falcons. A girl can only dream.

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talk. Yur in da south CHR$ would say.

Caution - The Surgeon General has determined that constant blogging is an addiction that can cause a sedentary life style.

I didn't say who I wanted to WIN the Series or Bowl, now did I?:) Oh, and thanks, you probably just unleashed the monster again with those 3 little letters...Heaven help us now.

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you mean little ole me? Anyways, how goes the Comcrap battle?

Caution - The Surgeon General has determined that constant blogging is an addiction that can cause a sedentary life style.

the CHR$ you mentioned. Sometimes if we are quiet, "he" stays quiet.

Comcrap came. I was told 8-11am visit. At 10:45AM, the female dispatcher called to say someone wouldn't get here till after 1pm, and we exchanged UNpleasantries on the phone, they sent an "independent contractor" (definition: only knows a few things, has a cell phone that he talks into the whole time he's here, and has no bennies). He arrived at about 12:30PM (that cost Comcrap a $20. credit on my next bill, since they didn't honor the timeframe promised).

It took him over an hour to get one DVA hooked up to the first TV. Of course, he blamed it on the cust. svc. reps. over on Dividend Dr. for not putting the serial # info. in the computer correctly when I went and picked them up. Now, instead of pressing "power" on their remote to turn the TV on/off we get to press mute, then power. We also use another electrical outlet.

Then, the second tv. A beautiful 25" RCA wood console floor model TV-the first made with a remote-back in the 80's, my uncle, an Italian from Boston who was the mktg. director for the largest distributor of RCA products in NE-gave it to my grandparents and then to my mother and now to me-it just won't die-I love it). Anyway, that hookup went better. Although, with the VCR, I can no longer watch anything on a different channel than what is being taped at that time. I now have not one, not two, but 3 freekin' remotes for this set up. I need the original to turn the set on/off, one for the VCR and the third to change channels. And, we use another electrical outlet. But, wait, there's more!

After that almost 2 hour visit(he informed me HE has Direct TV at home, ha ha,Comcrap), approx. an hour and a half later, my HI SPEED Comcrap internet went out. I called the 404-comcrap # and got a machine that said these words to me, "Oh, I'm sorry, it looks like we might have missed your scheduled appointment, please hold for a comcrap cust. acct. exec....." THEY HAVE A MACHINE THAT SAYS THIS!!! DOES THAT TELL US HOW MANY TIMES THEY HAVE MISSED THE APPT. TIME, MAKING IT NECESSARY TO MAKE UP A RECORDING LIKE THIS???? At twenty bucks a pop credit, mind you, if you call billing afterwards and report it.

Then, after I listen to that inane message, I got put on that comcrap music hold forever. Three times thru that evening and no one ever picked up.

The next morning (Tues.), I was finally got thru to Phillipino women who were dumber than dirt. Twice. They argued that they were sending me a refresh signal and everything was fine. Words that I don't normally utter came out of my mouth and it was finally agreed they would send a tech out, but not till Thurs. AM (today). So, I called the Gov. and every elected official I know and guess what, a white shirt in the office in Atlanta called me back. The first words he said to me were, "My name is blah blah and I'm going to be your best friend from Comcrap." My first words back to him were that I HAVE no best friends or ANY friends at Comcrap and I wanted my $#(&^% internet service back. He then said he was sending a "special tech"(I put my boots on, then) to help me, and he was on his way over. That was Tues. around 4PM. Mr. Special showed up at around 5PM with his laptop and was Mr. Rico Suavee. I guess he gets paid extra for that. He found I was dropping the signal for over a week, constantly, and was the only one in our area doing that. So, he just scampered up into the 200 degree attic and found that an amplifier had been installed wrong last year for the new TV we added then, and it should have had a splitter installed before the amplifier, as amplifiers are good for TV's, but bad for internet. So, he added a splitter, and, presto, internet back online. Of course, he couldn't explain why it had taken a year for it to affect the computer. They always have answers, just can never answer "why" on anything.

So, I now have 5 remotes for 2 of my tv's, my internet works, a $20. credit, plus another $1.98 credit for loss of internet service for over 24 hours. And no fee for the service calls that wasted about 4-5 hours over 2 days.

Oh, and Mr. Special told me they had just been told that day that rates are going up, cuz the feds are gonna up the taxes. And, he told me Comcrap is going to get the AT&T U-Verse and Direct TV systems, where you can record a show on one TV on your DVR and watch it on any TV you have in the house. All for an additional fee, of course.

Finally, when I called them yesterday to get the credits, their recording STILL had me scheduled for a service call, aren't you glad you asked how my Comcrap crap came out??

I'm going to go take a happy pill and take a nap, now. Wake me up when the world is a better place, OK?

I've had good luck with the Gals on Dividend being helpful, etc. I'm a little confused as to why you need so many remotes. That said, I haven't used a VCR in years. :)

I couldn't go back to that slow DSL if I had to.

I don't believe the what the contractor said...I've never had a problem over at Dividend, even though I've only been over there a couple of times. Like most they send out to the house, they don't have a clue what they are doing. They are being told what to do on the cell phone the whole time they are here. Then, to cover up their lack of training, they blame the next most convenient source of my irritation.

For $10-12 a month till I die, I'll tolerate (just barely) the multi-remotes till the VCR is totally obsolete, which, I'm sure will happen very shortly.

Are you stuck in a contract. If you don't like Comcast why not just switch to something else. My parents have Dish network, for the second time. It's much better then it used to be. I switched from Comcast to AT&T. I think it's pretty good.

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you needed to vent. Now breath in deep and repeat after me. Comcrap is good, Comcrap is good. Now don't you feel a little better?

My last problem with the cable game was when my next door neighbor had their cable installed. The stupid contractor came and laid in a new line for them but the process he cut my service cable. So I got on the phone and called the "nice" lady. After exchanging pleasantries, I told her what happened and she stopped me in mid-sentence and said how do you know he cut your cable. So I told her because I have two fresh cut ends of my cable sticking out of the ground. "Well, she said, we have to send someone to investigate because if I cut the cable they were going to charge me for the visit." You BITCH I thought. Anyways I wanted my cable service restore immediately and was told there was a line and I'm at the back. But I can't complain too much, they had it fixed in two days rather than the quote three. I sure hope someone form Comcrap is reading this!!!

Caution - The Surgeon General has determined that constant blogging is an addiction that can cause a sedentary life style.

Dish TV are also reading this.

I sure hope you didn't pay for the fix. And got your money back for the service outage.

As small as some of these credits are that they give back, I'm convinced the only way to get thru to these megamonsters is thru their profits. I'm sure there are millions out there who have service interruptions and never ask for the credits. Multiply that by 2 bucks a day, and they might just see what we see.

Hey Cy, Goil and I are having a cultural exchange--whassamatter-you can't cope with that? Anyway, don't you have a wrench to turn or something?

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I took a cold shower this morning because of the water heater was not doing its designed fucntion - heating water. The boss took a cold shower also..............boy I'm in trouble now.

Caution - The Surgeon General has determined that constant blogging is an addiction that can cause a sedentary life style.

I can recommend a reliable, really good local plumber!

Ya'know Cy, think I would have done the same thing, as long as it was all legal. No need to give Mass a big chunk of that Heinz pot of gold!

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and no relief until after August 10. Take it easy out there as it will be close to 100° with heat indexes about 5° to 10° warmer.

Caution - The Surgeon General has determined that constant blogging is an addiction that can cause a sedentary life style.

We are in Georgia...not at the beach.

Although, I may be at the beach later this month. :)

Gonna fix that by spending a week in Montana next month! Love those non-stop flts to/fm BZN!

I'm sure Bozeman will be nice too. Totally different climate for sure.


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There are real mountains out west. Not those little bump-in-the-road hills that many here refer to as mountains.

Caution - The Surgeon General has determined that constant blogging is an addiction that can cause a sedentary life style.


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I share the same hatred for those jokers who let their kids run wild at Taco Mac or Carrabbas on a Saturday night when people are trying to enjoy their meals. Chic Fil-A has a playground, take them there.

Just grab the kid, tell them that "santa is not real, it's your mommy".......problem solved. That's what I do. ;)

I looked into Dish at one time. Their programming is very kid friendly, of which I don't need.

I considered Direct TV, but they have been given an "F" for cust. svc. by the BBB. I want the option of getting MLB and NFL live broadcast games, and Dish, last I checked doesn't offer that. Comcast does, for a fee.

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I'm going to have dinner <a href="

What a story.

Caution - The Surgeon General has determined that constant blogging is an addiction that can cause a sedentary life style.

WOW. I would love to know the whole story behind this. Why was this done, your Son having to retake the test? There are Students in Fayette County, who have struggled with passing grades, EOCT, GHSGT, over and over.
Thank you for posting this, as I will be checking into why such measures were given and made available to a student who didn't need to be tested again.
Feel free to contact me, as I will have questions, looking for answers.

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